When Time Meets The City, Really I Meet Myself

Gorgeous and wanton Los Angeles, I transformed into the most free self.

——Ma Sichun

Los Angeles in May was bright and brilliant. The grand party of the Panthère de Cartier Cartier Cheetah watch held by French temple-level brand Cartier here lights up the charming night of this angel city. Cartier Global CEO Mr. Cyrille Vigneron, together with Cartier brand friend and well-known director Ms. Sofia Coppola, invited more than 500 celebrities from all walks of life to come and witness the modern look of Panthère de Cartier Cheetah Watch. Young actor Ma Sichun, who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress not long ago, also discovered herself in the bright night sky of Los Angeles.

The Panthère de Cartier watch is both a delicate watch and a gorgeous jewelry accessory. Its smooth and gorgeous design, timeless and unique shape, soft and comfortable touch, all highlight the graceful style of Ms. Cheetah.

After the party, Ma Sichun immediately plunged into the free sky of Los Angeles with Panthère de Cartier Cartier Cheetah Watch, and explored the enthusiasm and independence hidden in the switch of time and space: she was in the first glow of Santa Monica Cha Beach is chasing the light of dawn, and on the road to the graffiti of Hollywood, the magical fantasy world outlined by DreamWorks, she finds inner calmness and coziness in the wind and the sky, and waves free dance steps in the bright night sky … In the sunrise and sunset, in the wind and light, the Panthère de Cartier watch was placed lightly on her wrist, recording her unrestrained and unrestrained. Every aspect of freshness, charm, calmness, fearlessness and graceful style is Ma Sichun’s most authentic one.

 When the hands point to zero, Panthère de Cartier’s Cartier Cheetah Watch and Ma Sichun come to an end in the 24-hour period in the City of Angels. However, Ma Sichun’s wonderful journey of discovering a new self has just begun. As a representative of modern women in the urban jungle, Ma Sichun and Cartier will jointly present a micro-movie-‘Phantom of the Leopard Pose’, showing another side of her that you do not know. On June 9, stay tuned.