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Incredible! In 20 Minutes, Sold Nearly 100 Million. Omega Ultraman Limited Edition Speedmaster Is Robbed!

This afternoon, watch fans who follow the official Omega WeChat must have received the same ‘Speedy Tuesday | New Speedmaster’ Ultraman Limited Edition Watch Open Online Booking ‘. That’s right, watch brand Omega is actually with Japanese ‘Ultraman’! Initial version of Speedmaster @Omega In 1957, Omega launched the Speedmaster series, which is the first OMEGA chronograph equipped with a speed measuring outer ring, instead of engraving the speed scale on the dial, this design is for the convenience of racing drivers. The Speedmaster entered space in 1962 and was officially tested and certified by NASA in 1963, becoming a NASA space watch. Orange Red Second Hand Speedmaster @Omega In 1968, the Omega Speedmaster Speedmaster series introduced a special style. The central chronograph seconds hand is painted in a striking orange-red color instead of the regular white. This design facilitates fast and accurate reading of timing data in harsh environments, and this design should have been made for racers at the time. In the same period, there is an orange-red second hand + orange-red scale version of the Speedmaster. @Moonwatch Only On July 10, 1966, the universe hero Ultraman first appeared, and came to earth for peace. Ultraman is a key character in the Japanese Ultramarine production company ‘Ultraman’ series. It is one of the most famous masterpieces of the ‘Giant Monster’ type of drama. The Speedmaster @Omega, which appeared in the Ultraman TV series in 1971, and the unique orange chronograph second hand on this Speedmaster, caught the attention of the original team of the fourth ‘Jack Ultraman’ of the Ultraman series. The bright orange color perfectly matched the uniform of the monster commando, so the main creative team bought this watch as a prop. In the 1971 Japanese science fiction TV series ‘Ultraman’s Return’, Omega appeared on this supercar for the first time. Ultraman team members who wear Rolex watches at the same time @Tiimezone Of course, at that time, it was just the Ultraman camera crew who bought it for themselves, not the official cooperation with the Omega official. It is equivalent to scorching heat and getting a touch of light. And at the time, in addition to Omega’s orange-red second hand Speedmaster as a prop, Rolex also appeared in the same period. Rolex Daytona originally wanted to achieve space, and became famous in the field of racing; Omega Speedmaster, originally wanted to do something in the field of racing, did not expect to be selected by NASA NASA in space. The original intention and the final success of the classic models of the two brands seem to have been exchanged. Speedmaster: ‘I absolutely don’t know, as a racing speedometer, how did I choose to go to the moon. So Comrade NASA spoke to me and said,’ The country is all decided, you go to the moon! ‘ It reappeared again. The special orange-red second hand version of the Speedmaster that was originally made for the racer was angered because it was the same color as the uniform of the Altman Monster Commando! The size of the Ultraman version of the Speedmaster @Moonwatch OnlyThis After the watch became red, some fakes appeared, and the difference between this and the ordinary version was only the second hand. The counterfeiters themselves used other contemporary superpower watches to replace the fake orange-red second hand. But then The Omega Museum found through research that this ‘Ultraman’ version of the Speedmaster is still different from other Speedmasters. His second hands are individually customized. The size of this batch of second hands is very different from the ordinary version. If To be true, you can still see the true and false, but it is more difficult. On July 10, 1966, the universe hero Ultraman first appeared. On the same day 52 years later, Omega Intends to announce the launch of the new Speedmaster ‘Ultraman’ limited edition watch to commemorate the story of ‘Inadvertently Inserting Willows and Willows’. The new ‘Ultraman’ chronograph seconds hand completely retains the 1967 prototype The design: the same orange-red tone, the same size specifications. At the same time, the new watch also uses a black-orange-red alumina bezel, which echoes the orange-red chronograph second hand. The classic small dial design of the new watch is also eye-catching. Illuminated. Because Ultraman can only change into superhero mode for only 3 minutes, the watch is located at 3 o’clock, the first 3 minutes of the minute dial is decorated with orange red, and the small second dial at 9 o’clock can be seen To Ultraman’s outline. What is even more surprising is that you can see the image of Ultraman with the help of the strap change tool. Similar to the Ultraman transformer Beta magic wand, one end of the strap change tool is equipped with a UV lamp. When the ultraviolet light shines on the small second dial at 9 o’clock, a clearer image of Ultraman will appear. The Omega Speedmaster 42mm ‘Ultraman’ watch is only issued in 2012, with a special hexagon Watch box to pay tribute to monsters Do n’t attack the team’s hexagonal table. Such a superb configuration, of course, the sales situation is also very exaggerated. This time Omega launched the Ultraman Limited Edition Supermaster only sold online, the domestic public price of 47700 yuan. 20 minutes for public sale In 2012, it was booked by watch fans all over the world … Of course, there may be some skeptical table friends who will question whether this event was written and directed by Omega? Actually not! Fratello Watches watch website was founded in 2012, and the founder of the website, Robert Jan Broer, launched an online event called ‘Speedy Tuesday’. Every Tuesday, watch fans will share their favorite Speedmaster watches. 2017 In the 5th anniversary of the establishment of the Fratello Watches watch website, Omega did an event with it, engraving the special edition Supercar of the Alaska Plan III project in 1978. At that time, it was priced at 43600 yuan, the same limited edition of 2012, was robbed by watch fans around the world in a short time, and now it is 60,000 yuan + in the secondary market! This year, the ‘Speedy Tuesday’ event was launched again. With the previous success stories, it is impossible without fire! Super bully, fry it!

Challenge Yourself And Persevere For Your Music Dream

Recently, a domestic singing program has received widespread attention since it was launched. It is an unprecedented challenge for both the show itself and the singers. Since the start of the second season, it has become a popular topic, and the singer’s performance has also made great breakthroughs to challenge different music styles.
  In the first two episodes, Zhou Bichang successfully challenged the rock song ‘Trouble’ and the adapted Latin dance song ‘Green Apple Paradise’, and constantly challenged his unfamiliar style of music. Penbi said that he hoped to give himself more challenges in such a master In the atmosphere of passing tricks, it is a matter of surprise and freshness to challenge yourself and break through yourself. Regardless of the outcome, I will persevere for my music dream.

  From the perspective of later clothing matching, it also confirmed Zhou Bichang’s determination to change and reveal. The black style is mainly based on the strong style before the change, and the choice of hair accessories is more in line with the style of the song. The choices from necklaces to bracelets and watches match her own unique personality. The watch selected by Zhou Bichang comes from Swiss century-old family watch brand CarlF. Bucherer. The PATHOS model is designed for confident and elegant women. Working with Zhou Bichang can be regarded as one-sided .

  The 18K rose gold interwoven hollow case of the PATHOS watch accentuates the top diamonds, just like Zhou Bichang’s consistent true personality, low-key and elegant. The rose gold scale and the Roman numerals are slightly dazzling; the crown is also decorated with a weave pattern, and the able and steady aura and Zhou Bichang’s psychology have been able to reflect each other. From the restless episodes in the previous issues to the more calm in the later period, the magnificent aesthetics from 125 years of Bucherer and Zhou Bichang voiced together. Win or lose, face the challenge yourself.
  Be free, follow the flow, show your true self, and be the winner!

Bettich Queen watch technical specifications
Model: 00.10551.07.25.31
Movement: CFB1969 self-winding movement, diameter 17.5 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 25 stone, power reserve 38 hours
Function: date, hour, minute, second
Case: Set with 38 FCTWvvs diamonds (0.5 carat)
Link: stainless steel with 18K rose gold, stainless steel folding clasp
Other models:
00.10520.08.26.21: Stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet 00.10550.07.25.21: Stainless steel with 18K rose gold
00.10551.08.25.31: Stainless steel set with 38 FCTWvvs diamonds (0.5 carat)