Vital Spring Light-radar

The passing of the Spring Festival holiday not only means that you must back to reality, but ‘the plan of the year lies in spring’, how to seize the best time and do something has become a lot of people to Highlights on the do list. Many people like to wear colorful sports watches in the spring. On the one hand, they can be “lit” for the whole body. On the other hand, the spring climate is very suitable for outdoor sports, and the sports watches are strong, practical and easy to wear. And the characteristics of care make them one of the watches most loved by men. Spring is here, we will not hold it, we will immediately recommend the most colorful sports watch for you, let it become a vital spring light leaking from your wrist.
Entry player & mdash; & mdash; partial coloring
If you want to try to change the color, simply coloring a part of the watch is the best stepping stone!
色彩 For color-sensitive men, it is easiest to choose a bright-colored sports watch as a perfect savior. The distribution of colors may not be limited, it may be the dial, the strap, or the case. Royal blue, bright yellow, positive red & hellip; these colors are not restricted by gender, and have become the most active color choice for sports watches. If you are just a brand new ‘tryer’ in this field, you may wish to start with a simple coloring of a certain part of the watch. If you dare to wear Love Show, there are also large area straps for you to play!
DIAL eye-catching dial
If you haven’t been able to convince yourself to accept the large-scale ‘remake’, the dial is definitely a good start!
FFerrari Granturismo Chronograph

Reference price: please contact the dealer
Ld & ldquo; Car and excellent watch & rdquo ;, watches related to sports cars are made by sports car brands themselves, naturally more convincing. This Ferrari chronograph watch, the brand’s main use of red on the entire dial makes people rush to the brain, and the use of sports car materials on the watch and the similar concept of the dashboard and dial, let it see Get up even more!
Radar (Rado) founding dual chronograph mechanical watch

Reference price: RMB60,600
The world’s first hard-wearing watch with a tungsten-titanium case and sapphire crystal. The irregular case shape is very eye-catching, and the dial is vibrant blue with a vibrant blue color. It is also a sports watch certified by the Observatory.
STRAP Dazzling Strap
Do not underestimate this seemingly unimportant accessory. When the strap is brightly colored, you have already begun to shine in the crowd!
TTissot G-Moto chronograph mechanical watch

Here comes 来, the bright yellow is indeed too dazzling, so the variety of sports equipment made with it, the effect on the stimulation of motor nerves is absolutely no less than red. Tissot, which has deep roots in motorcycle sports, is impressive every time the G-Moto watch is launched. In addition to the sense of line, the use of bright colors has also become one of its characteristics, which is very suitable for young wearers. Whether it’s shape or price.
Omega Ploprof 1200 meters coaxial diving watch

600The 600-meter seahorse diving watch born in 1970 is called ‘Ploprof’, which is the abbreviation of French ‘professional divers’ plongeurs professionnels. Last year, the brand reinterpreted this classic series with a new style. The Ploprof 1200-meter coaxial diving watch is equipped with the Omega 8500 coaxial movement. All functions are professional diving services. Its strap is made of a very eye-catching orange-red. Suitable for sports, on the other hand under the dark water, it really is to help others discover your ‘life-saving straw’.
If you still feel the area is too big to accept & hellip; & hellip; then buy it, as long as you can still buy it!

Rolex Submariner 50th Anniversary Edition Watch
众多 Among the many flagship series, the Submariner is definitely a series that the brand loves and expresses its mini love. This 50th anniversary ‘Green Water Ghost’ is now estimated to have disappeared between the watch rows. If you want to find it, you can only wait in the second-hand market and the auction site, so don’t miss the opportunity. And if you are just starting to try a color watch, you don’t have to worry too much about your ability to accept it. It is only made of eye-catching green on the outer ring of the case. It is not only lightly loaded, but also highly recognizable.