Understanding The Meaning Of Time, Calm In Your Heart – Tianwangbiao’s New Advertising Block Weimei Premiere

People, in the years and experience, brewing character.
   Wine and tea are also spread in their respective art circles.
   So how do you taste and interpret time? How to get along with it? Have you felt the culture and connotation of ‘Time · Pin’?

   ‘Understanding the meaning of time, you can really calm down.’
   The distant artistic conception and deep connotation will present a broad and deep time philosophy and calm gentleman culture.

   For a long time, Tianwang Watch has always been advocating a calm time culture, transmitting positive and noble spirits, and sharing a philosophy full of time art.
   In 2018, Tianwang watch will perform a new sublimation interpretation of the time culture, launch a brand new brand advertising blockbuster, and share with everyone the appreciation and understanding of ‘time · product’.

   Time does not stagnate because of anything. It always flows through the ages. It requires us to grasp its rhythm and rhythm with a calm and calm attitude, learn to live in harmony with it, and grasp its true meaning.
   But when you take control of time, it will also carefully examine you. We endlessly ask for time to give more, but time also requires us to show our quality and value. We must also have elegant qualities, tolerant personality, and be thankful for the true, kind, and beautiful heart that treats the world.
   Only in this way can we become a gentleman with real time taste, time style, and time quality. The new advertising film of Tian Wang Biao brings you to understand the ‘time and quality’, and to interpret the ‘meaning of time’ in an all-round way, and appreciate the charm of calm gentleman culture.
Let’s take a look first: (Full version of the new advertising blockbuster of Tianwang Watch)