Tuning The Precise Dialogue With The Soul Of The Watch

Watch adjustment is a major issue for watchmakers to test the watchmaking process, and for owners, it is an emotional communication process with love watches. Due to the large number of movement parts and the complicated structure, the adjustment is full of uncertainty, but it is also this uncertainty that makes the unique appeal of mechanical watches.

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The rigorous pursuit of a watchmaker
Mechanical watches are always full of precision and charm, but you must know that the time of the watch is not necessarily accurate. Perhaps until now, many consumers still lack this common sense. Usually the error of the mechanical watch is within +/- 30 seconds / day, and the error of the quartz watch is within +/- 0.5 seconds / day. This is because there are many parts in the movement, and because of structural or material restrictions, there is a problem of insufficient precision between each other, so watch adjustment has always been unavoidable, especially the fine adjustment after assembly is very cumbersome. It is said that the adjustment time of a mechanical watch often accounts for more than half of the entire mechanical movement assembly time.
In fact, from the start of pocket watches, adjusting a watch is called ‘talking to the soul’. The watchmakers worked hard on it. Traditional watch adjustment is done with the help of a hairspring, which is the soul of a movement that controls the balance wheel. Just as the human soul weighs only 21 grams, the hairspring is also the lightest and most important of all the moving parts in the movement. In order to adjust the length of the elastic position of the balance spring, most of the movements are equipped with a ‘fast and slow needle’. By moving the fast and slow needles, the length of the vibration part of the hairspring can be simply controlled to adjust the time.
功 Practical homework for wearers
普通 For ordinary wearers, how to ensure the accuracy of the time after getting a carved watch is the actual study. In the part that you can control, the smoothness of the adjustment is very important. It directly reflects whether the gears of the watch are tightly engaged. The better the watch is, the smoother it feels when it is adjusted. Yu Wei, general manager of Beijing Shangpin Family Watch Consignment Station, told reporters that fluency has a direct impact on the sale and price of the second watch. Dryness is unacceptable. A watch with a twisted crown and hand pain, even if it is very good in other aspects, will affect sales.

Anonymous watches are really high-precision instruments. You do n’t need to read the manual when you adjust them, but it will definitely scare you after reading them. It turns out that you may not really adjust the time except for the electronic watch that does not need to be adjusted. Even if the universal ‘first let the second hand go to 12 o’clock to pull out the crown, the second hand is still at this time, turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the position of the hour hand and minute, when each hand and standard time (using TV Or the radio as a reference), when the same, push the crown back to the original position; ‘Calendar, day of the week, moon phase functions, can not be operated between 21:00 PM-3:00AM’ and other rules, will also allow beginners Sigh ‘difficult to serve’.

Of course, most people don’t care about this error. ‘I think that the inaccuracy of the mechanical watch is normal (except for the tourbillon). In fact, I value the function, craftsmanship, culture and brand story of the watch more. How many people who watch the watch now watch the time?’ Beijing Ming Lu Shuyi, vice president of Runchuang Technology Co., Ltd. and watch enthusiast, said.

Faced with the advice of adjusting at the same time every day, most watch lovers laughed at it. After all, clocks are fun, not trouble, and you ca n’t set the alarm by mobile phone alone for the protection of the movement and the accuracy of the adjustment. Remind yourself to wind the watch. After all, adjusting time is more of an excuse to play with love watches.