Tiger Heuer And Martin Garris Celebrate The 100th Indy 500 Car Race

As the official timing of the Indianapolis 500-mile race, TAGHeuer gathers VIPs from overseas and the United States to watch the famous 500-mile racing track and witness the victory of the newcomer Alexander Rossi. .

   Although racing enthusiasts attend the Indy500 car race to watch their favorite driver races, they also have the opportunity to see the TAGHeuer brand ambassador Martin Garris in the background. He filled the audience with 400,000 spectators. Dedicated a wonderful performance. TAGHeuer’s President and CEO of North America, Kilian Muller, presents a special version of the TAGHeuerFORMULA1 (F1 series) Indy500 to Garris to commemorate the performance of the DJ, while highlighting the brand’s continued support for motorsport .

   The TAGHeuer (FORMULA1 (F1 series) Indy500 Special Edition watch is created to commemorate the 100th edition of the iconic Indy500 car race. The F1 series aims to promote the long history of TAGHeuer as a luxury sports brand. Technology and Swiss chronometry have created this high-performance watch. The Indy500 Special Edition watch features a stainless steel fixed bezel, engraved with black numerals and red printed ‘Indy500’ lettering. Its stainless steel case back is also engraved with ‘Indy500’ lettering Decoration, while the dial uses embossed black plaid, decorated with two red stripes, symbolizing the flag indicating the winner of the car race .