This Moment Is Born In Summer Tissot Watches Awaken Summer For Thousands Of Women With Time

In the hot summer, the frog drum cicadas, the enthusiasm of the summer changed from light to strong, the hot tenderness spread from the hot sun to the skirts and wrists of the girls. In this summer season, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot uses a variety of women’s watches to portray the ever-changing charm of summer women: the smart and intellectual Carson Zhen Wu series watches ignite the summer passion; with a soft and romantic heart The series of Rainbow Rose watches tells the quiet heart; with the sporty cool speed running series of watches, it declares an independent attitude, and various timepieces show the eclectic and self-contained summer power of modern women.

Tissot Carson Zhen Women’s Watch

Charm My Lights Up Summer
  Fading away the slackness of spring and igniting the enthusiasm and vitality of summer, urban women are active in every block of the city with fresh dress. Carson Zhen watches add bright colors to the wrists of urban women and embrace summer life with confidence and vitality.

Tissot global image spokesperson Liu Yifei wears Carson Zhen watch

  The Tissot Carson I watch draws inspiration from the vitality of the city. The simple, white energy can naturally neutralize the sweltering atmosphere of summer, and the summer passion is ignited with a click on the wrist. Women’s watches are soft and elegant, with a delicate design of 30 mm diameter. The diamond hour markers use eight natural Weselton diamonds, which are undoubtedly a highlight for summer wear. Low-key emphasis and confidence.

Tissot Carson Zhen Women’s Watch

Brilliant colors bloom
  The canvas of summer unfolds slowly, and the artist’s palette seems to be overturned at this moment: sweet and sour green plums, white litchi, bright red bayberry … wherever you look, there is a warm and splendid breath of life, which is exactly Tissot Xinyuan series of rainbow roses are full of splendor, each petal is blooming with other rich colors.

Tissot Xinyuan Rainbow Rainbow Watch
  The Tissot Xinyuan series uses rainbow roses between the elegant and exquisite dials to describe the colorful mood of the summer season. The hollow roses gradually transform into dreamy colors at any time, showing the multifaceted charm of women. As the interpretation of the Tissot family emblem: ‘The fragrance and power are with me, my gorgeous color will never be hidden’, the mother-of-pearl dial and the gorgeous rainbow rose complement each other, and they are simple and simple. Heart.

Tissot Xinyuan Rainbow Rainbow Watch

Spontaneous cool vitality burst
  Open-air music festivals, seaside surfing, forest camping … these words that symbolize the release of nature and vitality, seem logical in the hot summer. Together with all the cool girls, the new Tissot Su Chi watch series will sweat sweat in nature, enjoy the excitement of dopamine brought by sports, and witness the burst of energy contained in the body.
  The new Tissot Su Chi series adopts a woven strap, and the light and casual material is not restricted when worn. The scratch-resistant sapphire glass mirrors are comfortable for summer outdoor occasions, enjoy the moment of exercise without burden, and match with the neutral wind to easily perform casual style. The four different color-matching straps of classic vintage have their own characteristics, coolness, and inadvertently proclaiming their independent and fashionable attitude.

Tissot Speeding Braided Strap
Technical Parameters:

Tissot Carson Zhen Women’s Watch Reference Price: RMB 5,850
-Made in Switzerland
-Automatic movement, 44-hour power reserve
-Rose gold PVD-coated steel case with polished details
-Sapphire glass and transparent case back with anti-glare coating
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 5 bar
-Stainless steel strap with standard buckle
-8 natural Westelton diamonds, 0.04 carat
-Size: 30mm * 30mm

Tissot Xinyuan Series Rainbow Rose Reference Price: RMB 5,350-5,850
-Made in Switzerland
-ETA mechanical power 80-hour movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
-316L stainless steel case
-Transparent back cover
-Mother-of-pearl dial
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 3 bar
-Table diameter: 35mm * 35mm

Tissot Speeder reference price RMB 2,700
-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz chronograph movement
-316L stainless steel case with PVD coating
-Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
-Rugged 316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp and buttons
-Table diameter: 45mm * 45mm