The Preliminary List Of The First Blancpain Dreamland Literature Awards For The Blancpain Youth Program

After more than two months of review by the jury members, the preliminary list of the 2018 Blancpain · Dreamland Literature Awards has been born. The list of 13 selected works is as follows:

2018 Blancpain & Dreamland Literature Awards Preliminary Selection List (sorted by the first stroke of the writer)

Big Horse ‘A Guide to Writing Not-selling Novels’

Shuang Xuetao’s ‘Flying Home’

Diptera ‘Rooster Prince’

Wang Zhanhei’s ‘An Empty Cannon’

Wen Zhen’s 柒

Ren Xiaowen, ‘Good Song Song Is Not Useful’

Li Jingrui’s ‘North Avenue’

A Yi Wake Me Up at 9 AM

Zhang Yueran, ‘I’m Coming by the Fire’

Shen Dacheng ‘People who repeatedly think’

Zheng Zhi’s ‘Swallow’

Zhou Jianing’s ‘Basic Beauty’

Zhao Song’s Book of Building Blocks

 The Blancpain Dreamland Literature Award is sponsored by Blancpain, the most innovative and dynamic Swiss brand among the top contemporary watches, and Dreamland, the most influential publishing brand in China, to discover and encourage outstanding young Chinese writers to promote both literature Chinese contemporary literature with sex and readability, sincerely look forward to the future hope of refining the word as a craftsman. The first five jury members were: Yan Lianke, Jin Yucheng, Tang Nuo, Xu Zidong, Gao Xiaosong. Only authors under 45 years of age who write in Chinese and have published simplified Chinese works in mainland China can participate.

 The first Blancpain and Dreamland Literature Awards was launched in Beijing on March 24 this year and began to collect applications. As of May 31, a total of nearly one hundred outstanding novels from publishing houses and authors have been submitted for evaluation. There are various types of works, showing the rich face of young writers.

 The first ‘Burberry’ Dreamland Literature Award ‘Final Selection List’ (5 members) will be selected by the jury members and announced on September 1. The final winner (1) will be announced at the awards ceremony on September 20.