Tag Heuer Launches 06 Yao Ming Limited Edition Watch

A watch that adhering to the quality of TAG Heuer’s professional sports watches, inheriting the spirit of TAG Heuer’s innovation and sports pioneering spirit, and gives endless charm to sports, has become the perfect choice for lovers!
Following the official announcement of TAG Heuer in 2004 with the world basketball star Yao Ming, TAG Heuer and its further cooperation in 2006 launched a brand new limited edition of Yao Ming worldwide.
Yao Ming’s modesty and enthusiasm, his outstanding talent in the field of basketball, and his indomitable spirit on the court, not only won him the love of basketball fans in the United States and the world, but also ‘pursue success, surpass himself, and excellent quality’ with Tag Heuer. The spirit of the brand fits perfectly.
Choice: Yao Ming said: ‘I have always loved TAG Heuer watches, because we all continue to innovate and never stop pursuing absolute perfection. Every shot may determine victory or defeat, and every second is a crucial moment Therefore, every minute must be accurate and no tolerance is allowed. This is my attitude towards basketball and the reason why TAG Heuer succeeds in watchmaking. ‘
Superior: TAG Heuer Yao Ming limited edition watch is designed and launched on the basis of the best-selling models in the TAG Heuer Aqua (AQUARACER) series. This watch is engraved with the number ’11’ at 11 o’clock. The dial also has Yao Ming’s red and white signature in both Chinese and English, and a red basketball logo. Its special design meaning is: No. 11 is Yao Ming’s number for the Houston Rockets, red is not only the Houston Rockets’ representative color, but also a symbol of China. In addition, the back of the watch is also engraved with a basketball pattern, Yao Ming’s nickname ‘little giant’ and a global limited number. All the details of the design reflect the uniqueness of this watch, and it will surely be appreciated by collectors and Yao Ming’s favorite. The retail price of this model is RMB 11,000, and the limited edition is 1,100.

Cooperation: Since 1860, TAG Heuer has always been a model of well-known sports watches and stopwatches, and is currently the fourth largest luxury brand in the global watch market. This Swiss watchmaking legend stems from its active involvement in the sports world, creating the most accurate chronographs and sports watches ever made. From the Olympic Games in the 1920s to the new role of the legendary Indy 500 racing car, TAG Heuer unremittingly pursues innovation and excellence-the pinnacle of performance, the pinnacle of prestige, and constantly pursues higher goals. F1 2005 Team Runner-up McLaren Mercedes Team and its competitors Juan Pablo Montoya and Kimi Raïkkönen, the world’s number one golfer Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods) The collaboration with these dazzling stars reflects this timeless pursuit. In close collaboration with tennis star Maria Sharapova and Hollywood superstars Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman, TAG Heuer stands for ‘Sports and charm’.
Mr. Jean-Christophe Babin, Global President of TAG Heuer, LVMH Group, also believes that ‘Yao Ming outside the stadium showed the public the other side of being an outstanding basketball player. Is a sports star with an international style. Yao Ming is constantly challenging himself, surpassing the limits, … full of wisdom, passion and personal charm, in honor of his impressive achievements and celebrating his becoming an ambassador for TAG Heuer, 2006 TAG Heuer specially launched Yao limited edition watches. This is the first time Yao Ming has participated in watch design, and it also shows TAG Heuer’s attention to the Chinese market. ‘