Single Men And Women 2′ Three Men, Two Women And Four Relationships Who Bvlgari Bvlgari Diamond Wedding Ring Is In The End?

Romantic romance that lasts for centuries, diamond is the most solid material in nature, its light is unparalleled, and it is the most precious and most coveted gem in the world. Diamond ring! Do you still remember the romantic scene where the leading actress Zhang Shenran (Gu Tianle) of ‘Single Men and Women’ proposed to the actress Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan)? The elegant BVLGARI diamond wedding ring is placed vertically in a thick dictionary and becomes a beautiful heart shape under the interlacing of lights and shadows. The highlighter highlights the sentence “wouldyoumarryme?” This situation does not make a lot of ladies full of love longing for What about falling in love with this ‘earth man’?

  In the latest ‘Single Men and Women 2’ directed by Du Qifeng, he uses extremely detailed realistic shooting techniques to depict the emotional entanglement of the three main characters. They met again under the delicate opportunity, once again fell into entanglement, and extended to three men, two women and four relationships. Among them, the precious diamond ring sponsored by the top Italian jewellery brand BVLGARI Bulgari continues to play an indispensable role in the play, in addition to once again dealing with the relationship between Zhang Shenran and Cheng Zixin and the ‘Martian man’ Fang Qihong (Wu Yanzu) He also intervened in his relationship with Yang Yan (Yang Qianzhen) and Cheng Zijian (Zhou Yumin).

  Key plots include Zhang Shenran holding BVLGARI Bulgari’s Spiga ring and BVLGARI Bulgari’s Marryme platinum wedding ring to choose from. Spiga’s design means ‘ear of wheat’ symbolizing richness and commitment, while another Marryme represents eternal happiness happy. Although I don’t know which one he chose last, as the audience ladies, I believe that no matter which diamond ring received by Zhang Shenran from Gu Tianle, he will also readily agree to his proposal. In addition, Cheng Zijian’s Spiga ring, which he jumped into the sea, represents his full of romantic sentiment and his love for love. And he also used this ring when he proposed to Yang Yan. The dazzling diamond deeply preserved the eternal promise of love.

  Want to know who will pair with whom in the end? Who will be the heroine of a touching romantic love story? Who would promise to be a happy heroine with this BVLGARI diamond wedding ring? Please remember to watch ‘Single Men and Women 2’.
  ‘Single Man and Woman 2’

  When the ‘Earth Man’ Zhang Shenran (Gu Tianle ornaments) failed to propose to Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan ornaments) and did not ‘Mars Man’ Fang Qihong (Wu Yanzu ornaments), Zhang Shenran chose to leave chicly and return to the love scene, and Cheng Zixin and Fang Qihong were happy Local life … This is the end of the fairy tale in the first episode of ‘Single Men and Women’. In the real world, the story is not yet complete. The emotional entanglement of the three people meets again under delicate circumstances, and once again falls into entanglement.

  After leaving Cheng Zixin, Zhang Shenran met the ‘female god’ Yang Yang (Yang Qianzhen) who was working in the building opposite, and the two quickly began a relationship. The two have similar personalities, and Yang Min adopted an attitude of opening one eye and closing one eye on the man’s fancy behavior. Until he met the ‘French man’ Cheng Zijian (Zhou Yumin), his romantic infatuation made Yang Yi be impressed. Shen Ran is afraid that the ‘lost love tragedy’ will repeat itself, and she wants to set a life quickly. God’s will to get people, Zixin has always admired the stock gods shouting on the stock market, has long been applying for a company, and has become a subordinate. Cheng Zixin appeared again in front of Shen Ran, causing chaos in his side. Because the seemingly open-minded Shen Ran, in fact, the love is not shallow, this wound has not healed for many years … More unexpectedly, Fang Qihong actually promised his fiancee at this moment to let her choose again.
  Zi Ran was heartbroken, bitter, and so on Shen Ran, Shen Ran was unforgettable Zi Xin, Zi Xin was about to marry Qi Hong. Five men and women, four relationships, who is your favorite?