Parmigiani Tonda 1950 Ultrathin Flying Tourbillon Watch Romantic Gift

Parmigiani, a world-renowned Swiss fine watchmaking brand, was founded in 1996 in the heart of Waldtravel, Switzerland. The soul of the brand lies in its expertise in antique watch / mechanical restoration and its completely independent manufacturing capabilities. The brand focuses on independent production capacity and pursues the superbness, creativity and quality of watchmaking. Today, Parmigiani has grown into one of the very few top Swiss watch brands that are completely independently manufactured today.
The passion of love may flash in an instant. The years of love among lovers are the long manifestation of love. There is a kind of tacit understanding. Love is always in the heart. Romance is perishable, but when love becomes a habit, and when care becomes a nature, you will be a lifetime attachment. It is another year of white Valentine’s Day. Only time is the best tool to measure love. Parmigiani sincerely recommends the Tonda 1950 ultra-thin flying tourbillon series watch for romantic strikes, paying tribute to long-lasting true love with precise time.

Tonda 1950 ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch
Unique charm and infinite romance
The Tonda 1950 ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch is the first ‘ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch’ of the Tonda 1950 series. It is equipped with the world’s thinnest micro-automatic tourbillon automatic flying tourbillon movement designed by Parmigiani. Only 3.4 mm. This masterpiece of technology has taken up to two years of research and development. Every link from design to production has gathered the painstaking efforts of designers, engineers and watchmakers to make this slim masterpiece full of agile vitality. Like the man who finally met after a thousand sails, while exclaiming, everything was worth it.
Nothing can reveal the mystery of the watch’s mechanical devices more than the tourbillon. The tourbillon device of the Tonda 1950 ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch is located to the left of the center, and its unique shape is full of sunshine. The tourbillon device dances like a heart in front of your eyes, creating a charming and dreamlike visual experience, recreating the first encounter with your sweetheart. The decoration on the movement’s bridge adopts a series of twill lines composed of a series of Geneva ripples. Its shape is similar to waves and exudes pure elegance. The gray mother-of-pearl model uses the same flat and smooth cone as the original Tonda 1950. The standard, a perpetual classic, implies that true love lasts forever.

Tonda 1950 ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch
Superb craftsmanship
The Tonda 1950 ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch uses the world’s lightest (0.225 g) titanium tourbillon frame independently developed. It will not lose torque during the rotating movement, and the constant-speed rotation characteristic distributes the effect of gravity evenly throughout the rotating process. This eliminates interference with the mechanical device, while improving the operating efficiency of the tourbillon, further enhances the timing accuracy of the watch.
The overall aesthetic positioning of the watch is based on the concept of ‘7:08’, in order to pay tribute to the founder of the brand, Michel Parmigiani, who was born at this time. The direction of the tourbillon can be determined by an angular mark at 7:08, which is located on the outer edge of the second scale and is highlighted by a red inlay. The TONDA 1950 TOURBILLON ultra-thin flying tourbillon watch is available in a variety of dial styles: grey mother-of-pearl, white or black jade, off-white, and deep blue (Geneva ripple decoration). The white gold bezel of the women’s watch is set with diamonds to complement the brilliant luster of mother-of-pearl. The crown is set with a cabochon ruby. Under the reflection of light, it is more brilliant. Just as people immersed in love, illuminate each other’s lives.