Core’ Companionship, Thank You Tas Swiss Mido Thanksgiving Watch Recommended

You are not alone on your way to dreams,
It may be a concern from parents, a chat with a close friend, or a hug from a partner,
It has become a little bit of starlight that accompanies you closely along the way.
Every love should be well kept, and every encounter is worth remembering.
On Thanksgiving, express your most sincere and warm emotions without reservation!
A hug, a smile, and a watch are the expressions that most use ‘core’,
The TAs who are always with you,
Keep in mind the tenderness.
Thankful for San Chunhui: Gentle and Intellectual
   Mother should be the first person we think of on Thanksgiving. There is no bit of detail at all, she takes care of every time, since she gave us life, she has accompanied our growth and life day after day. Mother’s love is like the warm sunshine in the spring, gentle and delicate, soft and firm, giving us unlimited strength. Years will leave a mark on her face, but what will never change in our hearts is her gentle smile. Swiss Mido Bruna series colorful mother-of-pearl watches use white mother-of-pearl and full-polished 316L stainless steel, perfectly blending softness and rigidity, as delicate and strong as the mother loves us.

   This watch is inspired by the Royal Albert Hall in London, England. Thanks to the smooth and rounded outline of the concert hall, it has a simple but atmospheric shape. Leaf-shaped hands and Roman numerals add a lot of classic design charm to it. Equipped with Mido Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement, it can store up to 80 hours of kinetic energy. Whether it is daily work or leisure occasions, the gentle temperament of mothers after years of sedimentation can be vividly displayed with the unique charm of mature women exuded between hands.
Thanks for those powerful hands: calm and impatient

   Father is our eternal hero in our eyes. He is omnipotent and never complains. Whenever he encounters a difficult thing, he will help us resolve it. As a kid, he taught us to ride a bicycle. When he grows up, he is the opener of our lives. My father’s love is as steady as the mountain, as vast as the sea. Whenever we have his solid shoulders, we feel at ease. The Swiss Mido Commander Series Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Men’s Watch has a blue dial as deep as the sea, and a strong and robust 316L stainless steel strap.

   The Swiss Mido Commander Series Observatory Certified Long Kinetic Men’s Watch showcases the delicate structure of the French Eiffel Tower on the wrist. The calm blue dial and 316L stainless steel strap interpret the depth and firmness of a father. Equipped with Caliber 80 Observatory-certified fully automatic mechanical movement, it can store up to 80 hours of kinetic energy. The white Super-LumiNova® hour and minute hands are guaranteed to become a navigator through the dark at night, showing the extraordinary demeanor of his father.
Thanks for that firm embrace: brave and quiet
   How fortunate was the little princess who walked alone on the road of growth and encountered a ‘he’ who could share the hardships and tolerate all his willfulness and petty temperament. Thick shoulders, warm arms, become a haven for you at every lonely moment, and become a hot light in winter. He will be a brave knight fighting the evil dragon alone, and a quiet prince with glass shoes. In the days together, he will give you a unique sense of security. At a special moment on Thanksgiving, let the Swiss Mido Commander series silicon hairspring long kinetic astronomical observatory certified men’s watch express the gratitude that you are ashamed to say, and engraved the love that never expires on your wrist.

   This watch is equipped with Caliber 80 silicon gossamer-certified fully automatic mechanical movement, which can store up to 80 hours of kinetic energy. Its ‘silicon hairspring’ material, in addition to enhancing the anti-magnetic and shock-proof characteristics, can provide longer-term accuracy than ordinary hairsprings, bringing extraordinary and stable performance. Anthracite grey satin-polished sunburst dial set against a delicate, satin-polished stainless steel case, like a starry night sky, has a quiet but warm power. The ingenious satin-polished Milanese woven strap makes this watch elegant and refined in its robustness.
Gratitude and deep friendship: warmth follows
   The world is so big, there will always be an irreplaceable friend. Even if you span several time zones, after many years, they will always maintain the same frequency as you. The stars we counted together, the heavy rain we waited for, and the nights where we exchanged our minds, all turned into beautiful sunsets at the bottom of our hearts, like a treasure sinking into the ocean floor. Inspired by the minimalist shape of Milan’s neoclassical architecture Emmanuel II’s arcade, the Berenceli series silicon hairspring long kinetic watch has a light and warm design as a gift for your close friend who has accompanied you through the long years Just right.

   The off-white dial, echoes the satin-polished 316L stainless steel case and 18K gold bezel, and the 316L stainless steel strap radiates a bright and radiant luster like the winter sun. At the same time, this watch is equipped with Caliber 80 silicon hairspring observatory certified fully automatic mechanical movement, which can store up to 80 hours of kinetic energy, guarding every precious bit of you and TA. The Berenceli series silicon gossamer long kinetic watch perfectly unifies the simple and light design lines with the warm golden elements, and slowly transfers the irreplaceable warmth from the wrist.


Certina Ds-8 Xingyue Series Moon Phase Chronograph Warm Evergreen Complete Moon Phase Information

The new Certina DS-8 Xingyue series moon phase chronograph uses a PVD-plated rose gold case, and the warm colors show the elegance of the watch. Like its unique front model, the new model is also equipped with a high-precision PrecidriveTM movement and uses a unique timing device layout. The new black dial adds a touch of unique elegance and sharp contrast to the new watch, creating a gorgeous beauty with a rose gold case and an elegant crocodile leather strap.
  Inspired by the mysterious color of the moon and the quiet and timeless precision, the Certina DS-8 moon phase chronograph has been favored by watch lovers for decades. The newly launched DS-8 watch is ingenious in the layout of the chronograph. Certina designers have matched this with a contrasting black dial for a refined and elegant effect. Inside the watch is a high-precision PrecidriveTM movement.

   The precision frosted black sun dial is equipped with an easy-to-read date window at 4 o’clock. The slender hour and minute hands and large-size multi-faceted hour markers are PVD-coated with rose gold, and modified with luminous materials to show the atmosphere. Guarantees excellent legibility in a variety of lighting conditions. All chronographs are cleverly laid out. A window in the 60-minute counter displays 12-hour timing information, while the 60-second timing information is displayed through the central long second hand. In this way, the complete moon phase information, including the monthly transport cycle and average cycle time, can be displayed in a dedicated time dial at 10 o’clock.
   The warm tone of the PVD rose gold-plated case contrasts with the black background of the dial, and complements the various components, matching bezels, crowns and buttons that are also made of PVD rose gold. The stylish 42mm size makes the DS-8 moon phase chronograph very decent whether it is worn during the day or night, but considering the design of the black textured leather strap and the two-button folding buckle, if it is matched with a premium business suit , Especially show grace.
   Also as indicated by the ‘DS’ letters engraved on the crown tip, Certina’s DS-8 moon phase chronograph is built with the famous double insurance concept. Sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare treatment on both sides for clear readability. The DS-8 moon phase chronograph is water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters), and the back of the case has the historic CERTINA turtle mark, further highlighting the watch’s high reliability and long life.
Technical data
Movement: Swiss-made ETA G10.962 BH PRD Precidrive ™ quartz movement, 12-hour, 60-minute, 60-second chronograph function, moon phase and average cycle time indicator, hour, minute, small seconds, date
Case: polished 316L stainless steel, frosted lugs, PVD rose gold plating, diameter 42 mm
Dial: Black, precision matte sunburst, luminous PVD rose gold-plated hands and hour markers
Water resistance: Water resistance up to 10 bar (100 meters)
Mirror: Sapphire crystal glass, anti-glare treatment on both sides
Crown: Letter ‘DS’ on top of crown (double insurance)
Strap: Black alligator leather strap, two-button butterfly buckle
Features: DS (double insurance), with turtle logo printed on the back cover
Reference number: C033.450.36.051.00
Retail price to be determined


Tiger Heuer And Martin Garris Celebrate The 100th Indy 500 Car Race

As the official timing of the Indianapolis 500-mile race, TAGHeuer gathers VIPs from overseas and the United States to watch the famous 500-mile racing track and witness the victory of the newcomer Alexander Rossi. .

   Although racing enthusiasts attend the Indy500 car race to watch their favorite driver races, they also have the opportunity to see the TAGHeuer brand ambassador Martin Garris in the background. He filled the audience with 400,000 spectators. Dedicated a wonderful performance. TAGHeuer’s President and CEO of North America, Kilian Muller, presents a special version of the TAGHeuerFORMULA1 (F1 series) Indy500 to Garris to commemorate the performance of the DJ, while highlighting the brand’s continued support for motorsport .

   The TAGHeuer (FORMULA1 (F1 series) Indy500 Special Edition watch is created to commemorate the 100th edition of the iconic Indy500 car race. The F1 series aims to promote the long history of TAGHeuer as a luxury sports brand. Technology and Swiss chronometry have created this high-performance watch. The Indy500 Special Edition watch features a stainless steel fixed bezel, engraved with black numerals and red printed ‘Indy500’ lettering. Its stainless steel case back is also engraved with ‘Indy500’ lettering Decoration, while the dial uses embossed black plaid, decorated with two red stripes, symbolizing the flag indicating the winner of the car race .


Dazzling Jaeger-lecoultre Real-time Dating Series Day/Night Display Wonderful Audio Watch

Since the launch of the Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series in 2012, it has attracted much attention from the women’s market. This is a series designed for the women’s market. In the past, most brands were not specially designed for women. Establishing a separate series, in recent years, such a move has become a general trend. This year’s dating series has some very colorful watches, which are very beautiful. This time, one of them is a day / night display with a purple tone.

  Mysterious Audio is a more special style in the Jaeger-LeCoultre dating series, and it is also a very romantic watch, because Jaeger-LeCoultre set up a mechanism for it, through the crown on the case, you can set the appointment time in advance, when At that moment, the watch will beep, reminding the appointment time. There is no doubt how important it is to be punctual when dating, so Jaeger-LeCoultre’s wonderful audio timepiece provides an excellent time reminder for such a scene.

   This watch is very impressive. It is its purple dial. In the perspective of men, purple is often associated with such words as purple gas, but in the eyes of women, purple is the first to remind people Yes, it is violet, this kind of affectionate flower.

   Another different design is that most women’s watches, including dating watches, have bezel-set diamonds, or full diamonds, or hour-markers, but this watch’s bezel, lugs and middle table The bottom of the shell is set with diamonds, not full diamonds. The lines and aesthetics carved by the diamonds are more intriguing and beautiful.
  For more updates on 2017 SIHH Jaeger-LeCoultre, stay tuned for the Watch House 2017 Geneva Watchmaking Salon Live Feature:


Seiko Watches Timing The 2015 Beijing Iaaf World Athletics Championships

From August 22nd to 30th, the 2015 Beijing IAAF World Track and Field Championships will officially kick off at the National Stadium, and Seiko watches will be the official timekeeper of the event. Since Rome in 1987, Seiko has been the official timekeeper for the 14th World Track and Field Championships. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the cooperation between Seiko and the IAAF. In the process of close cooperation, Seiko has developed a number of cutting-edge technological achievements for the IAAF.
   This year is no exception. Seiko will introduce a completely new design of track display boards, wind display boards and lap counters for the Beijing IAAF World Athletics Championships. LED technology will also be used to display the results of the races. Referees have easier access to this information.
Seiko display board next to the track

   Not only that, Seiko plans to combine these new display devices with the display panels of field events introduced at the 2013 Moscow IAAF World Athletics Championships to build a complete stadium information display network. By then, no matter where the audience is seated, they can enjoy the concurrent competitions. This improvement will greatly improve the audience’s viewing experience.


F.P.Journe Tokyo Boutique-5th Anniversary Event

This new anniversary watch Octa Perpétuelle is a luxurious perpetual calendar. The Anniversary Edition is limited to ninety-nine, and is specially crafted for the fifth anniversary of the birth of the first Tokyo store in the global F.P.Journe global store network.

The event’s opening speech was addressed by His Excellency Mr. Paul Fivat, Swiss Ambassador to Japan. Next, François-Paul Journe presented the new Octa Perpetuelle, a small replica of the flower clock of Geneva’s English Garden at World Première.

In 2001, FPJourne launched the OCTA series, which is a series of self-winding mechanical watches. The models of this series are equipped with a powerful five-day (120 hours) energy storage function. The styles all use the same case thickness, whether it is a complicated function or not. OCTA’s eighth watch, Octa Perpétuelle, is a self-winding calibre with the F.P. Journe-Invenit et Fecit logo, which enriches this series.

The new model, which was launched that night, used a perpetual calendar movement and was coveted by many collectors. The praise of the guests when the watch was unveiled proved that this watch is full of innovative genius, combining Swiss watchmaker’s innovative technology in one.
Source: F.P. Journe


Visual Crit! Tasting Athens Watch Manager Series Hollow X Watch

For Athenian watch, exploration is not only a way, but also a driving force for progress. At the Geneva International Watch Fair earlier this year, the Athens Watch Manager series launched a new skeleton X watch. Equipped with the brand’s new self-made movement, the technology is more bold, and the delicate charm of the watch is highlighted through the most challenging hollow design of the fine watchmaking industry. The inner beauty of the watch shines in front of everyone. Hollow X watch, no need to imagine, what you see is what you get. (Watch number: 3715-260 / CARB)

   Overall watch real shot:

   The Hollow X watch is available in four satin finishes, and this matte carbon-gold composite Hollow X watch is one of the most stunning. The aerospace-grade carbon anion material used in the watch is a new ultralight and environmentally friendly material, which is mostly used in the manufacture of the latest generation aircraft fuselage and wings. The carbocation material is made from the scrap of aviation parts, so it will reduce the environmental impact by 40% compared with other carbon composite materials.
   Watch details real shot:

   The case of the Hollow X watch has been redesigned with a diameter of 43 mm, in line with current fashion trends. The stacked geometric architecture is extremely modern in design. The X-shape formed by the four time marks 1, 5, 7, and 11 resides in a rectangular frame, and the rectangle is located in a circular bezel. Shape in shape, order in disorder, soft in rigid.

   The dial frame is made of rose gold, and the hands and indexes are coated with a luminous coating to ensure clear time at night.

Tourbillon device at 6 o’clock

   The color of the case of this skeleton X watch is very unique. It is a carbon-gold composite material made of carbon fibers and gold particles. After a complex process such as high temperature and high pressure, this shimmering case is made. The wearer can enjoy the black lines and gold fine lines interlacing and flowing. Stunning effect.

   The crown design is also ingenious and chic, similar to the rudder shape, with the classic anchor logo of the Athens watch engraved on it.

   The watch is equipped with the brand’s homemade UN-371 manual winding movement. The bold hollow design allows you to see at a glance the super-large and ultra-lightweight silicon balance wheel, nickel weights, and self-adjusting micro-chips in the movement. The power reserve can reach 96 hours, and the remaining power can be read through the window on the barrel through the case back.

   With a grained calfskin strap, it matches the watch’s marbled case for a premium look.

   This Athens watch manager series hollow X watch let us see the brilliant spark of three-dimensional solid and mechanical skills. Whether it is a complicated design or a powerful and ‘transparent’ movement technology, Athens Watch has once again proved to the world that they have an unshakable position in the watch industry. The official price of this carbon gold matte skeleton X watch is 168,000 RMB. If you are looking for such a watch, you may want to wear it in a physical store.


Glasuti Announces Original Senator Chronometer Watch

‘chronometer’ stands for extremely accurate watches. In the past, the accuracy of time was absolutely necessary in the field of navigation and aviation. Also today, an impartial and independent body uses the same standard measurement procedures to test whether a watch meets the accuracy requirements of the year. A watch is eligible to be called a ‘chronometer’ only if it is certified by an authorized body. Needless to say, all of Glashütte’s hand-finished movements meet these strict criteria: and the Senator Chronometer is the first watch to have this official certification.

   The Senator Chronometer is equipped with Glashütte’s redesigned caliber 58.-01, which ensures that the minute and second hands are precisely synchronized. A new stop-second / reset mechanism makes it easy for the wearer to adjust the time: pull the crown to stop the time, the second hand jumps back and maintains the initial position, and the minute hand moves to the next minute mark. When you turn the crown to adjust the time, the minute hand does move in accordance with the minute scale: this mechanism ensures that the minute hand and second hand are in the correct position.
18K Rose Gold Style Senator Chronometer

   The classic dial of the Senator Chronometer is a reminiscence of the characteristics of a pocket watch. The small seconds ring and power reserve display on the silver dial are located at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock, respectively. Glashütte’s unique large calendar window is located at 3 o’clock. The designer of the watch factory has made a special correction this time, so that the date dial can be instantly switched at midnight. The new movement is equipped with a day and night display, which makes it easier to adjust the date: from 6 am to 6 pm, the small circle at the center of the power reserve display and the face plate is white, and from 6 pm to 6 am the next morning, it is black .

18K White Gold Senator Chronometer

   The polished blue minute hand and pear-shaped hour hand are more prominent on the silver faceplate, emphasizing the attention to detail. Of course, these hands are modified by hand. The embossed railway pattern surrounds this watch in harmony, and the Roman numerals add a classic touch. The seemingly simple face plate is completed through a painstaking procedure. Glashütte uses an outstanding traditional method: l’ argenture grainée, a silver-plating technique that makes the face plate delicate and frosty.

   In this set of procedures, water, soft limestone and wood sand are first mixed. Then the mixture is sandblasted by a machine using a machine. Then, the paste containing silver powder is mixed with water and carefully coated by hand. Covered with sandblasted surface, the last pure and charming face plate appears in front of the eyes, this delicate and special treatment is very moving.

   The Senator Chronometer incorporates a modified cal. 58-01 movement, which features Glashütte watchmaking: three-quarter splint, gold-plated base, and hand-carved balance wheel pallet.

   The anti-glare sapphire crystal case back sees the carefully modified movement Cal.58-01, featuring Glashütte watchmaking features: a three-quarter splint, a gold-plated base, and a hand-carved balance plate. Special mention is the newly developed transmission gear that controls the power reserve display. This elegant piece can run for 45 hours. The simple and touching Senator Chronometer is available in 18K rose gold and white gold, and is perfectly matched with a black Louisiana crocodile leather strap and folding buckle to enhance safety and comfort.


International Portofino Automatic Watch 2010 Special Edition

In the early 1980s, the atmosphere of the whole world was full of leisure and elegance, and the first Portofino watch was inspired by the simple and classic pocket watch design. It came out in 1984 and conceptually directly reflects the situation of the time. And such a casual style has continued from that time to the present, creating a rare and unique style under IWC, and rarely changed conceptually. So Portofino does not have a very magnificent story like the other series of IWC, or the starting point has a strong functional orientation. Portofino, from origin to development, is very casual.
独特 This uniquely designed watch also contains the biggest feature of the Portofino series: the back of the case is engraved with a special portofino port pattern. Portofino is a pleasant fishing village on the Ligurian coast of Italy. The town built by the seaport has always been hailed as one of the most beautiful Mediterranean ports, and ‘Portofino’ today has become synonymous with sweet life and luxurious holidays.

It takes too much ink to describe the Portofino watch, just as it is superfluous to add a fourth hand to the hour, minute, and second. The Portofino watch has a subtle and elegant date display beyond the three hands. The watch is driven by the 35100 mechanical automatic movement.
PortThe movement of this Portofino Automatic 2010 Special Edition is hidden in a rose gold case, and the precision movement can be seen through the non-reflective sapphire glass. The champagne-colored hands combine classic design and modern technology, making the watch as confident as possible, exuding subtle elegance and charm, no more and less, from the perfect example of IWC’s implicit design.


Appreciation Of Luxury Classic Watches

Watches have become the object of many people’s strong desire and pursuit. Zhuoya’s extraordinary classic models have continued and carried forward the noble fashion spirit and become an eternal splendid model. The visual experience of classic watches leads you to watch The highest realm of the field.
Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Series
Golden Ellipse series of beautiful oval design, with shiny porcelain blue surface, can be said to be one of Patek Philippe’s masterpieces. Originally created in 1968, Golden Ellipse was designed according to the ‘golden section’ ratio of classical architectural art. This kind of application of the proportion method in 2000 has a sense of beauty and harmony. In 1993, on the basis of the existing development, Patek Philippe developed a brand-new Golden Ellipse women’s watch. The biggest feature of the new design is the freely movable gold ring on the leather strap.
Piaget Jewellery Watch 1970
18K yellow gold, lapis lazuli surface, inlaid with lapis lazuli color and turquoise pattern tapered strap. Bracelet watches represent the decorative arts of the 1970s, and bold colors and shapes showcase the unparalleled creativity of Piaget designers.
Cerix Series of Radar Meters
Cerix case and bracelet made of high-tech ceramics. The name of this watch series is composed of ceramics in English and helix in Greek. The upper surface of the watch is all protected by a hard-wearing sapphire crystal, and it is meticulously clamped and polished. The spiral shape is reproduced on the case, and it is also made of sapphire crystal.
Patrimony Minute Repeater
Patrimony series is the crystallization of the traditional craftsmanship of Vacheron Constantin for two and a half centuries. Each ingenious precision multi-functional auxiliary device is the pinnacle of the watchmaker’s constant challenge to himself, so that each watch has the rich connotation of the classic design of the brand.
  Pasha de Cartier Collection
  As ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the emperor of jewelers’, Cartier’s goal is not only to simply make jewelry and watches, but also to try to express bold and avant-garde through new creations based on his rich and prominent history style. The Pasha de Cartier series set off a whirlwind of large-sized models. The newly introduced models are unique in shape, thick and powerful, and the dial is round and wide. With sword-shaped hands, Arabic numerals and leather straps, the style of the king is revealed in simplicity and generosity The calm and confident style not only caused countless outstanding men to fall, but also unexpectedly won the favor of many confident women at that time, and became a sign of their independence, freedom and chic.
IWC Tourbillon watch (priced at RMB 630,000)
In 1985, the Universal Express Perpetual Calendar watch named after the Italian genius inventor and artist Leonardo & # 8226; Da Vinci was launched. Its most unique feature is that it is displayed by a mechanically operated calendar program The profit and loss of the moon has since marked a new era for perpetual calendar watches. So far, it is the only watch in the world that can run until 2499, so it was selected as the ‘Century Watch’ by ‘Watch International’ readers.
宝 玑 Breguet NO.5 (15 million yuan)
The famous Breguet No. 5 model was produced by Breguet himself in 1794 (hence the name 1794). Only a few members of the royal family, mainly Queen Mary-Antoinette and the Duke of Orleans, owned this Watch. This watch has been held by the world for 210 years, and was finally auctioned by SWATCH Group Chairman Nicholas Hayek. This watch only produced 5 pieces in the world, and the price of each piece is 15 million yuan! The first four pieces were sold long ago, and the last one came to Shanghai. The deposit is only 7 million yuan. I don’t know who is spending it now.