Bulgari Hotel March Into Shanghai

This luxury hotel will be located in the Suhewan area of ​​Zhabei District. Suhewan is one of the most famous historical and protected areas in Shanghai. It is close to the Suzhou River and faces Shanghai’s financial district, Pudong, across the river. Known as the ‘Shanghai Golden Bay’, Suhe Bay has become one of the city’s most prestigious areas with its artistic prosperity.

From left to right: V. De Luca, S. Ursini, Zhang Yuqi, F Trapani, L. Gavazza, F. Varriale

According to its blueprint, Suhe Bay will be home to many new and fashionable contemporary buildings, as well as famous historic buildings including Shanghai’s historical heritage “The Queen’s Palace”, also known as “Tianhou Palace”.
Bulgari Hotel will be located on the 12th floor and above of a 40-storey building. The building was planned and designed by Foster + Partners, the world’s top architectural design team, while the interior design was tailor-made for Bulgari by the famous architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel and Partners. Bulgari Hotel Bulgari in Milan and It also designs hotels in London and resorts in Bali.
The hotel will inherit Bulgari’s fashion style, high-quality service and extraordinary design. Through the perfect combination of new and ancient architecture, it will denote the interplay of tradition and modernity, reflecting the design concept of integrating historical buildings and modern business in the entire OCT Suhewan area. And fashion.
The hotel has a total of 120 rooms and suites-including a 400-square-meter Supreme Bulgari Suite, which will provide one of the largest hotel rooms in Shanghai. In addition, the hotel has designed an Italian rooftop restaurant and bar, which will definitely become the best place for Shanghai’s top luxury enjoyment.
The hotel will also treasure a real ‘jewel’-an exclusive Chinese restaurant in an old building, which is also the original chamber of commerce of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. This reception room will be recast brilliant, and some Chinese antiques will also be displayed inside. The Chamber of Commerce of the China General Chamber of Commerce was opened in 1900 and is the first exclusive chamber in Chinese history.
In addition, the hotel will build a ballroom and a 2000-square-meter luxury luxury spa including an indoor pool.

Above: Perspective view of hotel terrace lounge

Bulgari Shanghai Hotel is designed with the highest standards of sustainable environmental protection.
Francesco Trapani, President and CEO of LVMH Jewellery Watches, said: ‘We are very honored to be able to open the first Bulgari Hotel in China, especially in Shanghai, a cosmopolitan metropolis with Chinese and Western cultures. .Choose Shanghai as the location of Bulgari’s flagship store in China will surely lay a good foundation for our successful brand image in China. In addition, last year we also participated in the impressive Shanghai World Expo, and in Shanghai The Metropolitan City held a retrospective art exhibition celebrating the 127th anniversary of the Bulgari brand.
The newly built Bulgari Hotel Shanghai will be another important milestone for the Bulgari Hotels & Resorts Bulgari hotel project, providing us with a valuable opportunity to further develop the strategic market for luxury goods. It is worth mentioning that this time we are cooperating with OCT Group, a leader in China’s tourism industry, to build this exciting project, which will again ensure the highest level of quality and innovation. We look forward to welcoming guests from all directions in this unique city of Shanghai to share Bulgari’s values. ‘
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Source: Bulgari

Baoji Held A Concert For Excellence Celebration In Hong Kong

According to the watch house, Breguet held a grand classical concert in the Hong Kong City Hall on December 3, 2013. This time the performance was not the first time for Breguet. Performing here, but cultural exchange opportunities like this are very rare.

 This time with the Finnish band Tapiola Symphony Orchestra, the Tapiola Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1987 as one of the Eisberg Municipal Symphony Orchestras, and is one of the three top orchestras in Finland. The orchestra is composed of 41 musicians, representing high-quality music literacy and level, focusing on the musical expression and interpretation of each musician. The orchestra regularly collaborates with prominent soloists and conductors from Finland and abroad.

 In addition, chamber music concerts performed by our musicians are also one of the performances actively promoted by the orchestra. Former art directors of the orchestra include well-known Finnish conductor educator Jorma Panula, and currently the music director of the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra, Osmo Vänskä.

 In addition, this performance was personally participated by internationally renowned cellist Li Chuiyi. Since 2002, Li Cuiyi has won three major cello competitions including the New York South Fort Gecko International Cello Competition. In 2004, Li Chuiyi bravely won the Yannello International Cello Competition, becoming the first Chinese cellist to receive this honor, and he is also known as ‘the successor to Yo-Yo Ma’. Li Chuiyi’s performance at the Royal Concert Hall in Amsterdam was praised as a ‘mega-star musician’; and his debut at the Carnegie Hall was praised by the New York Times as ‘excellent cellist Li Chuiyi shocked four people, solo The voice is full and brilliant, and the emotional expression is very delicate! ‘

 For many years, Breguet has been actively committed to the development and promotion of the music industry. We can find Breguet’s shadow on the information of major music performances.

De Grisogono Brilliant Flower-news De Grisogono

de GRISOGONO’s extraordinary extraordinary creativity and top craftsmanship have long been highly respected. The works often break the routine and breathtaking whimsy, and skillfully combines the brand’s high-end jewelry production and watchmaking expertise. With luxurious gems, first-class cutting techniques and top-notch inlays, jewelry timepieces add a unique personality. The GRAPPOLI series features five unique new works. In addition to emeralds and white diamonds, there are fresh and dazzling orange and blue sapphires, rich and luxurious sapphires and warm amethyst, such as colorful rainbow colors competing.

 The GRAPPOLI high-end jewelry watch series is as pure as winter snow and bright as holiday lights, symbolizing gratitude, festive atmosphere, blessings and wonders, touching an extremely strong sensory experience, blooming the joy of life

The crystal clear white diamonds and mysterious eye-catching emerald timepieces glide on. The unique gemstones move freely, are exquisite, and the brilliance of the gold case is fascinating. The jewels of the gemstones are played to the fullest, so that each gemstone becomes the soul of a jewelry watch; a master pear
Shape cutting and unique inlay technology make each de GRISOGONO gemstone seem to float in the air magically, showing that the brand has sublimated artistic creativity to the world’s unparalleled realm, and it has achieved the true meaning of the brand’s motto “Bold Innovation.”

It takes 120 hours to make each jewellery watch, including careful selection of each gemstone

The craftsman repeatedly inserts or dismantles the gems, and then they can create the perfect shape and consistent color effect.

de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI high-end jewellery model is set with more than 1,000 precious stones, which is extremely luxurious. One of them was set with 70 pear-shaped diamonds and 980 round diamonds, weighing about 73 carats. The white diamonds were crystal clear, flawless and brilliant, and they witnessed the dance of time in seconds. Another beautiful natural emerald watch is blooming with the most charming natural beauty, and the precious emerald has a very strong color, which gives the watch a lively brilliance and charm. The characteristics of GRAPPOLI jewellery watch are the first to introduce exquisite gem setting technology, carefully selected white diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, orange sapphires or amethysts, regardless of color and size, the random inlaying ideas, the effect is like exquisite grape bunches , Highlighting the characteristics of different cuts and inlays, improving the beauty of gem tone combinations and line contrast.
Honorable spirit
The dial and bezel are treated with delicate snowflake inlay. The bezel is surrounded by two rows of thousands of active pear-shaped gemstones, such as a string of attractive grapes. It takes 120 hours to make each jewellery watch, including careful selection of each gemstone, and it is especially important to screen pear-shaped gemstones that meet the color and size requirements to ensure that the layout presents a harmonious beauty. Each gemstone reflects each other. Patience and vision are indispensable. The intricate subtle lace-like setting technology is also impressive. The 70 active pear-shaped gemstones that form the contour of the corolla are “sewn” on the case. They are extremely elegant, and the facets of the gemstones reflect the charming brilliance; to create the ideal effect, Patience is indispensable. Craftsmen often inlaid or dismantled gems repeatedly to create the most perfect shape and consistent color effect. The craftsman’s ingenuity is infused with the concept of high-level custom-made clothing into the setting method. The size of the gems is gradually arranged. After careful consideration, the position of each gemstone is scattered three-dimensionally, which is unforgettable at first sight. De GRISOGONO advanced jewelry craftsmanship With a magnificent style naturally revealed.

de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI jewellery watch set with more than 1,000 precious stones

de GRISOGONO New Grappoli Fine Jewelry Model Weighs Approximately 73 Carats

New colorful de GRISOGONO GRAPPOLI high jewelry watch

Different cutting and setting features enhance the beauty of de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI high-end jewellery watch and the contrast of lines

Rare and precious, dynamic and beautiful, de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI high jewelry watch

Charming Little Blue Disk Three Personalized Mechanical Watches Recommended

The mainstream color of the dial is black and white, but the blue dial is not a small number, especially in the last two years, the new watch has frequently adopted the blue dial, which looks a lot higher in value. Deep or bright, blue dial watches are also unique. If you have visual fatigue with black and white dials, then a blue dial watch is also a good choice. Today, let the editor of the watch house recommend three blue dial watches for you, wear them, show your unique charm, and highlight your personality!

Omega saucer 431. watch

Watch Series: Disc Flying
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 41 mm
Watch price: ¥ 53200
Watch details: PRIMERO 03.2012.681 / 51.C503 watch

Watch Series: EL PRIMERO
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Watch price: ¥ 32500
Watch details: zenith / 15281 /
Watch comment: The simple dial design style of ‘small three-pin’ leaves room for the wearer to feel the charm of the dark blue element. I don’t know when, simple styles have become popular, and various simple designs have been shown on watches. This watch is one of the more classic watches. The avant-garde central hour and minute hands and the 9-hour seconds dial break the 6-hour position of the traditional seconds dial, making viewing time relatively convenient. A 40 mm stainless steel case with a blue A crocodile leather strap shows men’s wise and easy temperament.
Summary: Blue, as the shortest wavelength of the three primary colors, has the purest and coolest light. Blue represents the vast sky and the vast ocean, so it is given the image of freedom and hope. In the design of the watch dial, the blue theme frequently appears, adding eye-catching brilliance and yearning for freedom to boring time. Watch House editors today recommend these three blue dial watches, each of which is a classic item in the watch series, watchers who like them should not miss it.

Ladoire Genève Launches Mr Race Watch-news Ladoire

With the launch of the Mr Race watch, Ladoire continues his exploration, which is destined to be a dangerous and tempting journey. The essence of fine watchmaking is condensed into 12 limited edition watches, which have attracted the attention of countless people. A chili red finish is applied on the background of the black cobweb.

 This is the latest work of the most popular Black Widow black widow series, and also added the theme of ‘red splash’ on the company’s official website, constantly challenging the limits of people’s vision. It is a very challenging design. This is like a constant suspense, never knowing what will happen in the next second, and will always face an unknown, potential threat, just like the name of the series Black Widow, which is indeed extremely extreme A bold step, but risks and benefits often co-exist, and this is also known as the artist’s boldness, outstanding performance, gorgeous appearance, delicate strategy …
Source: Ladoire
For more information visit www.ladoire.ch

The New Hublot Headquarters Factory Officially Broke Ground

On March 3, 2014, the second headquarters factory building of HUBLOT officially broke ground! Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of Hublot’s Board of Directors and President of LVMH Group’s Watch Division, and Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot’s Global CEO Groundbreaking for the new factory. The area of ​​the new factory will be more than twice that of the original Nyon headquarters factory, which will further meet Hublot’s continuous development and the brand’s pursuit of vertical development.

    The new factory building adjacent to the first phase of the headquarters plant will be mainly dedicated to the production of parts and watch cases for Hublot’s self-produced movements. This means that when the plant is completed in August 2015, the micro-machining workshop, all CNC machine tools, as well as the machining, electroplating, machinery and cleaning workshops will be adjusted here. Also adjusted to the second phase of the plant will also include Hublot after-sales service and some administrative departments.

   At the same time, the existing factory space in the first phase will be reallocated-the first floor of the factory will be used for the expansion of the innovation and research and development departments, making it more focused on the exploration of new materials and highly complex movements. Under this development plan, the ASF parts assembly, T1 movement assembly and T2 / T3 dial and watch assembly departments of the headquarters factory and the complex function movement workshop will also be optimized and expanded in time.

   The production unit and assembly unit of Hublot carbon fiber parts and case from Gland in Switzerland will be merged into Nyon headquarters. Hublot will spend CHF 20 million for the expansion and invites Coretra Construction to complete the 8,000-square-meter construction project. By then, Hublot will add 100 positions, and Hublot will have more than 400 employees at its headquarters.

Explore The Mysteries Of Time Travel With You ‘time Traveler’ Glashütte Original 2016 China Tour Beijing Skp First Station

[April 8th, Beijing] ‘Time Traveler’ Glashütte Original 2016 National Tour Exhibition, Beijing SKP’s first stop was grandly launched, from now to April 19, telling about 170 years of time travel Stories, discover the secrets of time travel with you.

The Time Traveler Who Never Changed: Glashütte Original

   The time traveler transforms curiosity about the world into an impetus for continuous exploration, so it can transcend time and immortality.

   As a brand that has inherited pure German watchmaking pedigree over 170 years, Glashütte Original is like a time traveler. It adheres to its original intentions in the changing times, constantly breaks the limits of watchmaking craftsmanship, and writes original miracles with distinctive originality.

   Thanks to the exquisite watchmaking skills, the brand and the entire town of Glashütte have stood the test of history, making German watchmaking baptized again and again, Nirvana. Be grateful for this uneven history, and cultivate the original and persevering spirit of Glashütte’s originality and pioneering spirit.

   Glashütte Original cherishes his history very much and at the same time looks forward to a future full of possibilities. At the exhibition site, precious antique watches that arrived in China from the Glashütte Museum in Germany became an excellent response to the new watches.

   From the Glashütte pocket watch, which created the legend of horology, to the timeless Spezichron watch. These antique watches are not only the best testimony of the brand’s history, but also the source of Glashütte’s original inspiration.

   At the tour site, the ‘Wonder Table’ showcased the internal precision parts of the chronograph, the original movement parts that gathered the original spirit, and told the watchmaking stories of the generations of craftsmen in the town of Glashütte. .

The master of sculpting time explores the mysteries of time with you

   The miracle of writing is a pair of skillful hands of watchmakers, who are worthy of the soul engineer of the watch and integrate excellence into the brand’s blood. At the tour site, during the live demonstration of the watchmaker, the guests will also witness the process of the birth of each miracle.

   Only the details of the watch’s appearance can be identified with the naked eye. Gold sleeves, three-quarter plywood, gooseneck trimming, etc., have become Glashütte’s original and exquisite craftsmanship just like the mark.

Traveler’s Key to Time: MP World Time

   Among the various watch works, the MP World Time Watch is definitely a star on the scene. With its original movement structure and adjustment methods, it has provided unprecedented convenience for travelers around the world. Once launched this year, it was widely sought after.

   This world time watch with 400 parts uses the highest configuration of current world clock technology. It is extremely powerful and equipped with the new Calibre 89-02 automatic winding movement, which realizes incredibly simple operation. Unprecedented convenience for time travelers.

‘Time Traveler’
Glashütte Original 2016 China Tour, Beijing SKP, the first stop
April 8-19, 2016
Beijing SKP Area A Event Space
Inside China World Trade Center, Northeast corner of Dawang Bridge, Chaoyang District

Glashütte Original sincerely welcomes you to experience the wonders of the parliamentary world on site, and to experience the 170-year-old time travel story of Glashütte Original.

41mm Hublot Big Bang Leopard Watch

41mm Hublot Big Bang Leopard Watch
Rose gold case, 41 mm in diameter, bezel set with 4 8 andalusite, smoked quartz and square citrine, and 6 H-shaped embedded titanium screws, leopard denim lined with black natural rubber strap, Water-resistant to 100 meters
Technical Parameters
Serial No. 341.PX.7610.NR.1976
Case Big Bang Series 41mm Diameter-5N 18K Rose Gold
Bezel Brushed satin-finished, 5N 18K rose gold inlaid with 48 andalusite or smoked quartz or square citrine, 6 H-shaped embedded titanium screws, black PVD coating, polished and polished
Dial Leopard with 8 yellow diamonds
Hands Facet polished, 5N 18K rose gold color hands
Table mirror Sapphire mirror, anti-reflective treatment inside and outside
Lugs black synthetic resin
Front side black synthetic resin
Back 5N 18K Rose Gold
Crown 5N 18K rose gold, black natural rubber insert
Button 5N 18K rose gold, black natural rubber insert
Water-resistant to 100m or 10 atm
Movement HUB4300 automatic chronograph movement
Strap Leopard-print denim lined with black natural rubber
Buckle 5N 18K Rose Gold Folding Buckle

Challenge Yourself And Persevere For Your Music Dream

Recently, a domestic singing program has received widespread attention since it was launched. It is an unprecedented challenge for both the show itself and the singers. Since the start of the second season, it has become a popular topic, and the singer’s performance has also made great breakthroughs to challenge different music styles.
  In the first two episodes, Zhou Bichang successfully challenged the rock song ‘Trouble’ and the adapted Latin dance song ‘Green Apple Paradise’, and constantly challenged his unfamiliar style of music. Penbi said that he hoped to give himself more challenges in such a master In the atmosphere of passing tricks, it is a matter of surprise and freshness to challenge yourself and break through yourself. Regardless of the outcome, I will persevere for my music dream.

  From the perspective of later clothing matching, it also confirmed Zhou Bichang’s determination to change and reveal. The black style is mainly based on the strong style before the change, and the choice of hair accessories is more in line with the style of the song. The choices from necklaces to bracelets and watches match her own unique personality. The watch selected by Zhou Bichang comes from Swiss century-old family watch brand CarlF. Bucherer. The PATHOS model is designed for confident and elegant women. Working with Zhou Bichang can be regarded as one-sided .

  The 18K rose gold interwoven hollow case of the PATHOS watch accentuates the top diamonds, just like Zhou Bichang’s consistent true personality, low-key and elegant. The rose gold scale and the Roman numerals are slightly dazzling; the crown is also decorated with a weave pattern, and the able and steady aura and Zhou Bichang’s psychology have been able to reflect each other. From the restless episodes in the previous issues to the more calm in the later period, the magnificent aesthetics from 125 years of Bucherer and Zhou Bichang voiced together. Win or lose, face the challenge yourself.
  Be free, follow the flow, show your true self, and be the winner!

Bettich Queen watch technical specifications
Model: 00.10551.07.25.31
Movement: CFB1969 self-winding movement, diameter 17.5 mm, thickness 4.8 mm, 25 stone, power reserve 38 hours
Function: date, hour, minute, second
Case: Set with 38 FCTWvvs diamonds (0.5 carat)
Link: stainless steel with 18K rose gold, stainless steel folding clasp
Other models:
00.10520.08.26.21: Stainless steel case with stainless steel bracelet 00.10550.07.25.21: Stainless steel with 18K rose gold
00.10551.08.25.31: Stainless steel set with 38 FCTWvvs diamonds (0.5 carat)

Single Men And Women 2′ Three Men, Two Women And Four Relationships Who Bvlgari Bvlgari Diamond Wedding Ring Is In The End?

Romantic romance that lasts for centuries, diamond is the most solid material in nature, its light is unparalleled, and it is the most precious and most coveted gem in the world. Diamond ring! Do you still remember the romantic scene where the leading actress Zhang Shenran (Gu Tianle) of ‘Single Men and Women’ proposed to the actress Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan)? The elegant BVLGARI diamond wedding ring is placed vertically in a thick dictionary and becomes a beautiful heart shape under the interlacing of lights and shadows. The highlighter highlights the sentence “wouldyoumarryme?” This situation does not make a lot of ladies full of love longing for What about falling in love with this ‘earth man’?

  In the latest ‘Single Men and Women 2’ directed by Du Qifeng, he uses extremely detailed realistic shooting techniques to depict the emotional entanglement of the three main characters. They met again under the delicate opportunity, once again fell into entanglement, and extended to three men, two women and four relationships. Among them, the precious diamond ring sponsored by the top Italian jewellery brand BVLGARI Bulgari continues to play an indispensable role in the play, in addition to once again dealing with the relationship between Zhang Shenran and Cheng Zixin and the ‘Martian man’ Fang Qihong (Wu Yanzu) He also intervened in his relationship with Yang Yan (Yang Qianzhen) and Cheng Zijian (Zhou Yumin).

  Key plots include Zhang Shenran holding BVLGARI Bulgari’s Spiga ring and BVLGARI Bulgari’s Marryme platinum wedding ring to choose from. Spiga’s design means ‘ear of wheat’ symbolizing richness and commitment, while another Marryme represents eternal happiness happy. Although I don’t know which one he chose last, as the audience ladies, I believe that no matter which diamond ring received by Zhang Shenran from Gu Tianle, he will also readily agree to his proposal. In addition, Cheng Zijian’s Spiga ring, which he jumped into the sea, represents his full of romantic sentiment and his love for love. And he also used this ring when he proposed to Yang Yan. The dazzling diamond deeply preserved the eternal promise of love.

  Want to know who will pair with whom in the end? Who will be the heroine of a touching romantic love story? Who would promise to be a happy heroine with this BVLGARI diamond wedding ring? Please remember to watch ‘Single Men and Women 2’.
  ‘Single Man and Woman 2’

  When the ‘Earth Man’ Zhang Shenran (Gu Tianle ornaments) failed to propose to Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan ornaments) and did not ‘Mars Man’ Fang Qihong (Wu Yanzu ornaments), Zhang Shenran chose to leave chicly and return to the love scene, and Cheng Zixin and Fang Qihong were happy Local life … This is the end of the fairy tale in the first episode of ‘Single Men and Women’. In the real world, the story is not yet complete. The emotional entanglement of the three people meets again under delicate circumstances, and once again falls into entanglement.

  After leaving Cheng Zixin, Zhang Shenran met the ‘female god’ Yang Yang (Yang Qianzhen) who was working in the building opposite, and the two quickly began a relationship. The two have similar personalities, and Yang Min adopted an attitude of opening one eye and closing one eye on the man’s fancy behavior. Until he met the ‘French man’ Cheng Zijian (Zhou Yumin), his romantic infatuation made Yang Yi be impressed. Shen Ran is afraid that the ‘lost love tragedy’ will repeat itself, and she wants to set a life quickly. God’s will to get people, Zixin has always admired the stock gods shouting on the stock market, has long been applying for a company, and has become a subordinate. Cheng Zixin appeared again in front of Shen Ran, causing chaos in his side. Because the seemingly open-minded Shen Ran, in fact, the love is not shallow, this wound has not healed for many years … More unexpectedly, Fang Qihong actually promised his fiancee at this moment to let her choose again.
  Zi Ran was heartbroken, bitter, and so on Shen Ran, Shen Ran was unforgettable Zi Xin, Zi Xin was about to marry Qi Hong. Five men and women, four relationships, who is your favorite?