Single Men And Women 2′ Three Men, Two Women And Four Relationships Who Bvlgari Bvlgari Diamond Wedding Ring Is In The End?

Romantic romance that lasts for centuries, diamond is the most solid material in nature, its light is unparalleled, and it is the most precious and most coveted gem in the world. Diamond ring! Do you still remember the romantic scene where the leading actress Zhang Shenran (Gu Tianle) of ‘Single Men and Women’ proposed to the actress Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan)? The elegant BVLGARI diamond wedding ring is placed vertically in a thick dictionary and becomes a beautiful heart shape under the interlacing of lights and shadows. The highlighter highlights the sentence “wouldyoumarryme?” This situation does not make a lot of ladies full of love longing for What about falling in love with this ‘earth man’?

  In the latest ‘Single Men and Women 2’ directed by Du Qifeng, he uses extremely detailed realistic shooting techniques to depict the emotional entanglement of the three main characters. They met again under the delicate opportunity, once again fell into entanglement, and extended to three men, two women and four relationships. Among them, the precious diamond ring sponsored by the top Italian jewellery brand BVLGARI Bulgari continues to play an indispensable role in the play, in addition to once again dealing with the relationship between Zhang Shenran and Cheng Zixin and the ‘Martian man’ Fang Qihong (Wu Yanzu) He also intervened in his relationship with Yang Yan (Yang Qianzhen) and Cheng Zijian (Zhou Yumin).

  Key plots include Zhang Shenran holding BVLGARI Bulgari’s Spiga ring and BVLGARI Bulgari’s Marryme platinum wedding ring to choose from. Spiga’s design means ‘ear of wheat’ symbolizing richness and commitment, while another Marryme represents eternal happiness happy. Although I don’t know which one he chose last, as the audience ladies, I believe that no matter which diamond ring received by Zhang Shenran from Gu Tianle, he will also readily agree to his proposal. In addition, Cheng Zijian’s Spiga ring, which he jumped into the sea, represents his full of romantic sentiment and his love for love. And he also used this ring when he proposed to Yang Yan. The dazzling diamond deeply preserved the eternal promise of love.

  Want to know who will pair with whom in the end? Who will be the heroine of a touching romantic love story? Who would promise to be a happy heroine with this BVLGARI diamond wedding ring? Please remember to watch ‘Single Men and Women 2’.
  ‘Single Man and Woman 2’

  When the ‘Earth Man’ Zhang Shenran (Gu Tianle ornaments) failed to propose to Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan ornaments) and did not ‘Mars Man’ Fang Qihong (Wu Yanzu ornaments), Zhang Shenran chose to leave chicly and return to the love scene, and Cheng Zixin and Fang Qihong were happy Local life … This is the end of the fairy tale in the first episode of ‘Single Men and Women’. In the real world, the story is not yet complete. The emotional entanglement of the three people meets again under delicate circumstances, and once again falls into entanglement.

  After leaving Cheng Zixin, Zhang Shenran met the ‘female god’ Yang Yang (Yang Qianzhen) who was working in the building opposite, and the two quickly began a relationship. The two have similar personalities, and Yang Min adopted an attitude of opening one eye and closing one eye on the man’s fancy behavior. Until he met the ‘French man’ Cheng Zijian (Zhou Yumin), his romantic infatuation made Yang Yi be impressed. Shen Ran is afraid that the ‘lost love tragedy’ will repeat itself, and she wants to set a life quickly. God’s will to get people, Zixin has always admired the stock gods shouting on the stock market, has long been applying for a company, and has become a subordinate. Cheng Zixin appeared again in front of Shen Ran, causing chaos in his side. Because the seemingly open-minded Shen Ran, in fact, the love is not shallow, this wound has not healed for many years … More unexpectedly, Fang Qihong actually promised his fiancee at this moment to let her choose again.
  Zi Ran was heartbroken, bitter, and so on Shen Ran, Shen Ran was unforgettable Zi Xin, Zi Xin was about to marry Qi Hong. Five men and women, four relationships, who is your favorite?

I Can Talk About The Relationship, They All Have A Good Table

Because I pay more attention to social topics, I often watch related dramas. I waited a long time for Xu Zhiyuan’s ‘Thirteen Invitations’, but the third issue never came out, and I was still looking forward to it. One of the more popular TV series recently is called ‘Chinese-style Relationship’. When the fun is boring, it looks good. The subject matter is very ambitious. As an ancient civilization with a history of thousands of years, compared with the western world, a very important element in culture is relationship. There may not be any country that has a deeper relationship science than our country. It is not easy to express this abstract concept in film and television dramas.

 The reason why this drama is so popular is that I may be a bold attempt to analyze the deep-rooted relationship issues around us. There is bound to be a variety of relationship problems between people and society. The husband-wife relationship within the family, the parent-child relationship Relationships, working colleagues, subordinate relationships, business partners, government relations, etc. These relationships are all around us. The harmonious relationship allows both sides to learn from each other’s strengths and develop together, such as Jiang Yinan starring Ma Yizhen and Ma Guoliang starring Chen Jianbin. And the relationship at the center of interest is extremely sensitive, such as Zhao Lixin’s national cadre Shen Yun and Tian Xiaojie’s businessman Luo Shifeng.
Returnee designer who does not rub sand in his eyes-Jiang Yinan

Jiang Yinan as Ma Yijun
 In this play, Ma Yixian played an architect of returnees. In order to make up for the regret of not honoring her grandpa, she wanted to build an apartment for the elderly to support the elderly. In this positioning, it is more in line with the present. Social facts. Because he has lived abroad all year round, Jiang Yinan, played by Ma Yizhen, has been going straight. In the beginning, his meeting with the national cadre Ma Guoliang and his dinner with Luo Shifeng reflected some of the keywords of ‘relationship’. From the process of looking for a partner in an elderly apartment, Ma Yichen experienced betrayal and found a new home. Jiang Yinan is a woman with a strong character who does not rub sand.

Mayi wears Rolex Greenwich II red and blue two-tone ceramic ring watch
 In any case, Ma Yixuan plays the role of an elite woman, but it has disadvantages. Back to the topic, after the drama hit, the Internet began to pay attention to the watch Ma Yizheng wore in the play. After all, the appearance rate was too high. Maybe many people do n’t see clearly. Ma Yizhen is actually wearing a Rolex Greenwich II red and blue two-color ceramic ring watch, launched in 2014, the case and bracelet are made of 18ct white gold, model 116719BLRO, the public price should be 250,000 about. There is no doubt that this is the most magnificent watch in this show. With a 40 mm diameter and a precious metal bracelet, men with thinner wrists will feel heavy, let alone Mayi, a thin-armed Shanghai woman. . In recent years, in the plays performed by Ma Yichen, watches have become a trend that is getting higher and higher. In the first half of the year, ‘Famouran’ in ‘Beijing, Shanghai and Guangxi’, to this time Rolex, Ma Yizhen wearing watches is becoming more and more unique.
The Real Good Man-Ma Guoliang

Chen Jianbin’s interpretation of Ma Guoliang
 In this play, if anyone plays the best and the role is in place, it is estimated that Ma Jianliang played by Chen Jianbin. This middle-aged man was sorrowfully pushed to the extreme in this play, almost overnight, and lost all . The director was robbed, and he left the state unit on his own initiative; his wife was robbed, and he kindly loaned the house to his ex-wife to get married; he invested in the company and was forced to resign, which was just bad luck. But there is no one’s way to heaven. Only after he lost it did he understand the meaning of home, and then he became human. He is no longer the high director Ma.

Chen Jianbin as Ma Guoliang Recommends Baume & Mercier Chrysler Watch
 Ma Guoliang has multiple layers of character relationships in the entire play, which is the center of various relationships. The whole play rarely sees him wearing a watch, but not without wearing it, but it is basically difficult to identify. Judging from the positioning of the entire character, he is wise, unpretentious, has firm principles, and sometimes plays tricks. More importantly, he has a courage. If as a recommendation, I personally think that he is more suitable for the Baume & Mercier 10215 watch, why? Simple, classic, very gentleman, and as unconscionable as him, Ma Guoliang will not buy a particularly expensive watch even if he has money, so this 18300 yuan-priced watch is more suitable for his personality.
Self-interested businessman-Luo Shifeng

This look is firm
 Regardless of the country, the essence of business is interest. Human sentiment is only for the benefit of services. Many luxury goods families have diverged because of interests. In the face of interests, enemies and friends are relative. Luo Shifeng used the three words ‘unfamiliar’ when evaluating Ma Guoliang. This is in the face of interests. Of course, this is not absolute. There is naturally an exaggerated aspect of film and television dramas, but this kind of political and business relationship is not uncommon, even at home and abroad.

Luo Shifeng as Tian Xiaojie wears Vacheron Constantin
 As a wealthy businessman, Luo Shifeng made an extraordinary shot, and the watch in his hand was naturally not simple. Throughout the show, Luo Shifeng wore a Vacheron Constantin’s ultra-thin heritage rose gold watch, model 81180 / 000R-9159, with a public price of 135,000 yuan. This watch uses Cal.1400 manual winding movement, the thickness of the movement is only 2.6 millimeters, the thickness of the watch is only 6.79 millimeters, simple and low-key, but it shows the quality of mechanical watches extremely, the two-hand design is calm and concise. Aside from Luo Shifeng’s interest mentality, this watch is indeed very suitable for him in terms of his identity and taste.
Tyrant-King Shihao

Kingston Wears Rolex Date Watch
 Guan Qiang’s boss, Hao Ge, is an upstart or local tyrant in the play. He even feels a bit of a mafia boss, but fortunately he doesn’t have a mafia background, just because it is a mining outbreak, so there is still a bit of anger. Jin Shihao is a very moral person. Compared with Luo Shifeng, he is also a businessman. Jin Shihao is brighter and brighter, and Luo Shifeng is too smart. Without exception, King Shihao wore only a Rolex diary type, but fortunately 116233, champagne plate diamond scale, domestic public price 97800 yuan.
Gradually transformed from the eternal brother——Guan Qiang

 In this play, Guan Qiang is a full supporting role. Although there is an upward momentum in his bones, he has always been unable to pick the beam. In the face of interest, he was eager to move until he finally realized. He repeatedly betrayed the company and the people around him, soberly aware of his shortcomings, and finally, with the help of Ma Guoliang, he fought a beautiful counterattack. Guan Guan wore two watches in the play, but unfortunately I didn’t recognize them. One is a gold dial, which he wore when he was a younger brother of King Shihao. After President Guan, he changed to a square watch.
Yin Shen, Director Yin—Shen Yun

Zhao Lixin as Shen Yun, his eyes are sharp
 In this case, no one knows how to deal with all kinds of relationships, except Ma Guoliang, who is Shen Yun. If according to the traditional way, there must be good and bad people in the play, then Shen Yun is a big bad (wa third sound) (yin fourth sound). Taking seats, taking wives, occupying people’s nests, blocking people’s way out, and doing bad things. Even the tricky character of the old lady was frustrated by a few strokes. Eventually, this weakness was fully exploited by Luo Shifeng and pulled directly into the water. After all, Grandpa Shen is still a little fond of people. It is not clear what watch he wears, but it looks like an old watch, which is very elegant.

Summary: Since there is no watch brand sponsorship, the watches worn by the characters should be the actor’s own, Ma Yizhen’s watch is the real non-exposed, but the most magnificent. The Chinese-style relationship starts from the dining table. This opening is indeed in place, but all the plots later, when you are free, you can have a cheerful picture. Some are apostate. After all, the main idea is to guide upwards. The summary is ‘Chinese-style relationship, which is the connection between emotion and human nature in China for thousands of years.’ I wonder what do you think?

Positive Cartier Men’s Watch

Endless passion for excellence and a pioneering spirit of boldness have made Cartier’s wonderful self-transcendence again! Recently, the world’s leading watchmaker Cartier launched the Calibre de Cartier men’s watch equipped with Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement, creating a watch model that combines watchmaking craftsmanship and ultimate design.
    Since then, Cartier, with its rigorous attitude of excellence and pursuit of extremes, has realized the entire process of self-made movements from design, research and development, retouching, assembly to mass production, adding glory to its outstanding century of watchmaking.
    The new masterpiece Calibre de Cartier is equipped with the 1904MC movement, which remembers the world’s first wristwatch created by Cartier in 1904, and is full of ambitious future; meanwhile, the series continues In keeping with Cartier’s consistent modern design aesthetics, the masculine charm of men is revealed with a wonderful balance of power and beauty. The Calibre de Cartier watch is a perfect fusion of profound watchmaking skills and exquisite design, which confirms Cartier’s enduring watch legend. Needless to say, this series will become another classic of Cartier after the trend of Santos, Tank, Ballon Bleu de Cartier watches.
1904MC movement-the birthday of the world watch
    As Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement, Calibre de Cartier’s glorious 1904MC movement not only showcases the latest achievements of Cartier’s watchmaking technology, but also a gift to the birth of the world watch.
    In 1904, the birth of the world’s first wristwatch, Cartier Santos, brought the global watch industry into a new era of modernization. In the name of this landmark era, the 1904MC movement inherited the courage to make breakthroughs more than 100 years ago, and condenses this great tradition that was devoted to research and development in the watch industry for more than 100 years. Each vibration of the balance wheel symbolizes Cartier’s tireless exploration and advancement in each step of the professional characterization.
    The 1904 MC movement combines technicality and aesthetics, perfectly meeting the highest requirements of Cartier watchmaking. This new movement with a diameter of 11 cm has a double barrel inside, and is equipped with a precise adjustment system and a stop-second device to achieve fine adjustment of the movement and ensure accurate timing under any conditions. ; A ceramic ball bearing system is installed at the center of the movement wheel to ensure stable operation when subjected to strong external force; a novel pawl system replaces the traditional reversing wheel as an automatic winding mechanism, which greatly improves the winding Chain speed, and the use of an innovative two-way winding system makes the movement more comfortable to wind the movement and provide kinetic energy; with the eternal pursuit of beauty, the movement’s upper bridge and the movement are decorated with classics The smooth côtes de Genève decoration, even the watch face hidden under the movement parts, is still polished with a circular texture, striving for perfection and perfection.
    Accurate travel time, stable performance, innovative winding system, and exquisite detailed design are unified in this first self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Cartier. It contains Cartier’s tradition of extreme innovation for more than a century, adhering to the infinite pursuit and firm confidence in high-end watchmaking technology, adding glory to the ‘pioneer of watchmaking’ for more than 100 years.
Ultimate Design-Subtle Harmony of Power and Beauty
Cartier Watch Workshop
    Drawing on Cartier’s profound watchmaking essence, the new Calibre de Cartier men’s watch, with its overall modern design and detail retouching, has created a wonderful balance of power and beauty for men.
    The thick and solid case, the three-dimensional raised bezel, the powerful large-diameter dial, and the oversized Roman time scale XII on the dial show the masculine atmosphere of men; at the same time, the soft and smooth bezel is 28 degrees Naturally inclined, it transitions to a dial decorated with curved grain patterns through 120 fine scales, supplementing the atmospheric pen and ink with exquisite and detailed details, which is surprising. On the dial, the fan-shaped calendar window at the three o’clock position is full of retro atmosphere; on the other side of the watch, the transparent sapphire crystal case back gives a glimpse of the exquisite decoration of the movement-Cartier’s amazing watchmaking craftsmanship Allow time to condense, and even fascinate watch lovers.
    In addition, the Calibre de Cartier men’s watch has achieved a wonderful internal and external response. The 120 precision scales on the dial are reminiscent of the meticulous movement gears, while the novel and unique movement design in the transparent case back becomes the perfect sublimation of the masculine appearance; At the same time, Cartier also takes into account the comfort of wearing, according to ergonomics The four lugs designed according to the theoretical principle perfectly fit the curve of the wrist, as comfortable and natural as the second layer of skin, creating an excellent wearing experience.
Calibre de Cartier and the movement are like a gentleman of a new age, masculine and subtle.
    Carrying on the outstanding spirit of innovation and distinguished masters, Cartier has always strived to combine watchmaking technology with design aesthetics, and has indisputably achieved the honor of its high-end watchmaker. A fusion of classic and innovative design elements, it will definitely go down in history and become another important member of the Cartier watch family, once again demonstrating Cardia’s tireless research on watchmaking mechanical technology and its ambitious future.

Cartier Time Art Exhibition Opening

Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka and the jewellery and watch brand Cartier Cartier have collaborated to hold an exhibition entitled ‘Cartier Time Art’ at the Museum Bellerive in Switzerland from August 26th to November 6th. Cartier Cartier Time Art exhibition poster Cartier Exhibition creative exhibition will present Cartier Cartier more than 100 ancient watches and 20 modern fine watch exhibitions will present Cartier’s historical development in the form of high-tech
The exhibition will present Cartier Cartier with more than 100 ancient watches and 20 modern fine watches, including 1923 Large Portique Mystery Clock, Tank à Guichets, Rotonde de Cartier Astrorégulateur and Cartier ID One Etc., and each watch is accompanied by illustrations that explain its inspiration, history, history, and its uniqueness. In addition, the exhibition will present Cartier’s historical development in the form of 3D movies.
Exhibition Museum: Museum Bellerive, Switzerland
Exhibition address: 3 Höschgasse street, Zurich, Switzerland
Exhibition time: August 26, 2011 — August 6, 2011

The Charm Of Racing Tasting Tag Heuer F1 Series Chronograph Senna Special Edition

TAG Heuer has always been known as a model of Swiss avant-garde precision watchmaking. It insists on creating precise timing tools and exquisite watches. TAG Heuer FORMULA 1 (F1 series) is a classic sports watch series, this series of watches combined with F 1 sports inspiration, dynamic and stylish. Today, the watch house brings a special edition of the Tag Heuer tribute to driver Elton Senna F 1 series chronograph, the official watch model: CAZ1012.BA0883.

   Elton Senna is a well-known Brazilian driver who has won the Formula 1 World Championship three times and is also the most popular driver in the history of racing. This Senna special edition chronograph shows the charm of the driver’s racing with a dynamic and tough shape, and pays tribute to the legendary driver in the history of Formula 1 racing.

TAG Heuer F 1 Series Chronograph Senna Special Edition

   This dynamic watch is made of stainless steel with a stainless steel tachometer bezel and a quartz movement inside the case. Its low-key charming silver-gray dial has an outer edge of the hour and minute scales, a middle hand; and the dial and small seconds are designed on the dial. The watch comes with a chain bracelet, also made of stainless steel. This watch not only has excellent chronograph function, but also has the function of water resistance to 200 meters, the style is dynamic and tough, but without losing its fashion style.

Crown and chronograph buttons are finely polished for comfortable touch

   On the side of the watch is a crown and two chronograph buttons. The screw-down crown in the center is made of stainless steel and the outer layer is coated with titanium carbide. The top of the crown is decorated with a pattern incorporating the Tag Heuer logo, and the side is decorated with pits for easy grasping. It is cylindrical, finely polished and comfortable to the touch.

Stainless steel strap with unique style and stylish

   The stainless steel bracelet of the watch is exquisite and stylish, with unique links, polished and meticulous, round and smooth. A folding clasp is attached to the strap, which is easy to open and close and easy to wear.

The matte-finished case is exquisitely textured

   The case is made of stainless steel with a diameter of 43 mm. The case is beautiful and dynamic, with beautiful lines. After a fine matte treatment, it has a delicate texture and a very metallic texture. The titanium carbide-coated steel bezel of the watch is tough and stylish, with the ‘Senna’ logo and black tachymeter scale.

Elegant smoke-gray dial with precise layout and clear display
   The smoky dial of the watch has a low-key and elegant tone. The outer edge is coated with coated hour markers, the hour and minute hands are set in the middle, and the small red seconds hand is in the center. At three o’clock on the dial, there is a small seconds dial decorated with the ‘Senna’ logo, and the other two small dials are chronograph dials; at the four o’clock position of the dial, a date display window displays the date.

Small seconds dial with exquisite decoration and ‘Senna’ logo

   At three o’clock on the dial is a delicate small dial, which is decorated with vortex patterns and the ‘Senna’ logo; on the outer edge of the dial is a white scale with a small red-coated small hand.

The 30-minute counter at 9 o’clock shows a clear, fine texture

   The small dial at the nine o’clock position is a 30-minute chronograph dial. The outer edge of the dial has white scales and red Arabic numerals, and the small hands with red coating are placed in the center. The dial is decorated with a vortex pattern, which is very delicate and matches the large dial. Form a distinction.

Chronograph dial with 1/10 second function for more accurate timing
   At the 6 o’clock position of the watch’s dial is a 10-hour chronograph dial with 1/10 second function. The dial is decorated with red numbers and white scales, and has a swirl pattern in the center. The brand and collection names are printed under the subdial.

Steel lugs are angular but comfortable to touch
   The stainless steel lugs and case are cast for a smooth and natural connection. The lugs are angular and tough, and the fine frosting process makes the lugs more comfortable to touch.

The closed pattern of stainless steel is exquisitely decorated to show the sporty style
   The watch uses a closed case made of stainless steel, which is engraved with the brand logo and the ‘Senna’ logo, demonstrating the brand’s sporting style and respect for the legendary racer. The case is equipped with a quartz movement, which is stable and accurate.

Summary: This watch is made of stainless steel. Its sporty and tough shape is very sporty, and its precise and excellent functions make the watch more practical. The watch not only has a chronograph function, but also a speed measurement function and excellent water resistance. It is a very reliable tool whether it is land-based Mercedes-Benz or water racing.

In-depth Analysis Of The World’s Leading Mysteries Of Swiss Watches

Each country has its own field of expertise. In the field of table tennis, China is undoubtedly the world leader. Japan has always been famous in the service industry. When it comes to watches, Switzerland naturally leads the world. In the competition, it is not difficult to occasionally win the first place. It is difficult to maintain the first place for a long time. Looking at the history of clocks for hundreds of years, Switzerland is not a pioneer in the watch industry, but it laughed to the end. How do Swiss watches develop and grow? How to stay ahead? What’s so good about it? Rolex Greenwich II talked about Switzerland before talking about Swiss watches. Switzerland is a small country without compromise-it covers an area of ​​just over 40,000 square kilometers. Its geographical location is very special. It is ‘surrounded’ by Germany, France, Austria, and Italy, and is deeply influenced by these countries in terms of language and culture. The official languages ​​of Switzerland are both German and French, and many Swiss people speak several languages. As Switzerland’s ‘next door neighbor’, France and Germany, are both powerful watchmakers, the advantages of Swiss watches are unique. Special mention is made here of France, the romantic country that has the closest relationship to the Swiss watch industry. The most developed parts of the Swiss watch industry are almost exclusively located in the French-speaking region. In the impression, only a few Swiss brands such as IWC and Henry Moser are located in the German-speaking area. There was a deadly rival in France at that time, and that was Britain. This is the famous ‘Hundred Years War between Britain and France’ in history. Watchmaking requires superb skills and patience. In this ‘church of the century’, France finally won, so it slowly began to develop and grow. Some French nobles wanted to use expensive watches to show their identity, which promoted the development of the French watch industry. At that time, France was an ironclad watch country. And the real development of Swiss clocks and watches is about religious struggles. I do n’t have any religion yet, but when I traveled to Europe, I visited a lot of churches and felt deeply that religion is an integral part of European life. The most prominent building in a little-known town is often a church. Perhaps it is precisely because religion has a large influence and many factions that conflicts and conflicts are inevitable. Protestant Christians have long been oppressed by the Roman Catholic Church, so Protestants live in deep waters. Finally, a religious movement against the Roman Catholic Church broke out. Soon, it spread throughout Europe, and French Protestants were implicated and persecuted. Some French Protestants fled to nearby Geneva, including a group of excellent watchmakers. Zenith El Primero’s flagship Land Rover Range Rover Special Edition watch. When Protestant leader Calvin came to Geneva around 1540 for the Reformation, he might not have expected that his ban contributed to the later “watch status” of Swiss watches. Calvin advocates frugality, and he forbids locals in Geneva from wearing extravagant gold and silver jewelry. However, watches and clocks are not covered by this ban. So watchmakers who fled from France to Geneva combined with the local gold and silver jewelry craftsmanship in Geneva to create exquisite timepieces. The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic double-sided dual time zone small seconds flip watch Geneva’s watch industry has grown rapidly. In 1601, the world’s first watchmaking trade union, the Geneva Watchmaking Union, came into being. After nearly a century of development, by the end of the 17th century, Geneva was already the center of watchmaking. Some of the watch brands we know, like Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, etc., come from Geneva. I was the Louis XIV who never took a few baths in my life. At that time, there were a hundred watchmaking factories in Geneva, which were becoming saturated. On the other hand, in the late 17th century, King Louis XIV of France abolished the Decree of Nantes and declared Protestantism illegal, so some Protestants moved to the Vallée de Joux, north of Geneva. Snow falls in the Jura Valley for about four months of the year. At that time, communications were not well developed and transportation was not convenient. In winter, the Jura Valley is covered with thick snow. It is difficult to go out to work or grow crops. It has been found that watchmaking does not require much space and can be done in a family workshop. Not only can it make a living, but it can also kill time. Therefore, the watch industry flourished in the Jura Valley. Some top watch brands, such as Audemars Piguet and Jaeger-LeCoultre, support the famous “Clock Valley” in the Jura Valley. Assembly of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series Perpetual Calendar I have been to the Jura Valley. Just in the snowy winter, there is a holy white everywhere in the valley, and I can really feel the poetic style of ‘Feng Li Li Fang, Wan Li Xue Piao’ written by Mao Zedong. In such an environment, the mind is particularly quiet, and the world is disturbing one after another, and disappears without a trace. In this ‘isolated’ place, the watchmaking technique has continued to develop and perfect, and has finally become the signature of the Jura Valley. If there is a sound in the Jura Valley, the most beautiful must be the ticking of a clock. The night of the Jura Valley is finally about to the 70s and 80s of the last century. This is the time when the Swiss watch fell into disrepair and defeated the army. It is also the time for the Swiss watch to pinpoint its position and fight back. In fact, electronic watches, quartz watches and other gadgets were first invented by the Swiss, but they have not received much attention and have been immersed in the dream of traditional watchmaking. Unexpectedly, halfway through to kill a master of the East-Seiko. It first mass-produced the quartz watch Astron in 1969, which immediately shocked the entire table. Swiss watches are known for their precision, but Seiko quartz watches are many times more accurate than the most accurate Swiss mechanical watches. Moreover, quartz watches are cheap. Under the impact of the ‘Quartz Revolution’, many Swiss watch companies fell into disappointment, and some even abandoned the production of mechanical watches and switched to quartz watches. At that time, it was asserted that mechanical watches were about to become history. The 50th anniversary of the Seiko Astron quartz watch, which was released in 1969. At this time, the gloomy Swiss watch altar flashed a dazzling light-the ‘Savior’ came to it. His name is Nicholas G. Hayek. Hayek is one of the watchmakers I admire most. In 1983, he launched the Swatch quartz watch, which is cheap, high-quality, and dynamic, which made the reputation of Swiss manufacture spread all over the world. By the way, it also grabbed many markets occupied by Japanese quartz watches. Later, he also integrated the two major watch groups ASUAG and SSIH into a super watch group-Swatch Group. Some famous domestic watch brands, such as Longines, Omega, Radar, Tissot, Certina, etc., are ‘brothers and sisters’ under the Swatch Group. Nicholas G. Hayek, the ‘savior’ of Swiss watches. Perhaps, and more importantly, Hayek’s revival of Swiss mechanical watches. Under Hayek’s advocacy, the definition of good form changed subtly. Maybe the light watch is worse than the quartz watch, but the mechanical watch pays attention to craftsmanship and polishing. As a result, Swiss watches gradually transitioned from luxury tools to luxury goods and found their place again. Swiss watches can not only look at time, but also show their identity and taste. Hayek turned the tide, and the Swiss watch finally ushered in a full revival. Since then, Swiss watches have firmly held the right to speak in their own hands. Although the main force of Swiss watches is still traditional mechanical watches, this does not mean that Switzerland is keeping its traditions. On the contrary, Switzerland has developed the watchmaking technology to the extreme. From material to movement, Swiss watches have made great progress in these years. In terms of materials, from Wang Jin and Magic Gold to silicon and carbon fiber, it is amazing. With regard to the movement, it has become more accurate and the power reserve is getting longer. The day difference of the movement of the chronometer is between -4 and +6 seconds. And Rolex’s superb observatory precision timepiece certification, it also controls the watch’s day difference in the range of plus or minus two seconds. Breguet Classique 7147 various traditional crafts, such as enamel, intaglio, gold carving, hollowing out, fine wood inlaid, mosaic inlaid, etc., also added a lot of points to the Swiss watch. Maybe a few brands in other countries have similar craftsmanship, but it is difficult to form a strong whole like Switzerland. The strength of Swiss watches is a kind of overall strength. It has created the glory of Swiss watches with the power of many brands. Special mention here of Japanese Seiko. Although the overall strength of Swiss watches is very strong, as far as individual brands are concerned, Seiko is very good. Not only does the entire line use self-produced movements, but also core components in the movement, such as springs and clockwork, Can make it yourself. In addition, it has many world-leading and even unique technologies, such as Spring Drive. Omega seahorse 300 meters In watchmaking, in addition to technology, equipment is also a key part. Many sophisticated watchmaking equipment are also made in Switzerland. Take CNC machine tools, for example, some of them cost more than 2 million Euros per unit, and the error of the manufactured parts is only a few tenths of a micron. There are more than ten such CNC machine tools in some big Swiss watch factories. This is almost unimaginable in China. So, in a sense, Switzerland not only has a monopoly on watchmaking technology but also a watchmaking equipment. Moreover, Switzerland has spared no effort in cultivating talent. There are many professional watch training institutions in Switzerland, such as WOSTEP, etc., and they have done a good job in inheriting watch talents. It can be seen that Swiss watches can be so powerful, and indeed have great capital. However, we should also see that German watches have developed rapidly in recent years, and the top German watches are almost on an equal footing with some of the biggest Swiss brands. The old rivals of Swiss watches, Japanese watches are also watching. At least in the field of quartz technology, Japan has been riding the dust. And some of Seiko’s high-end watches, such as Grand Seiko crown blue lion, has also been a good reputation among watch fans. Of course, the Swiss watch industry will continue to maintain its leading edge, but at the same time I hope that the watch industry in other countries can speed up the pace, narrow the gap with Switzerland, and even put a little pressure on Switzerland. The situation of development in full bloom.

The New 47mm Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days Watch

A new watch event-the 2012 Geneva Watch Fair (2012 SIHH) will be held in Geneva on January 16, 2012 local time. Numerous top luxury brands will be unveiled this year’s horological feast. Panerai, with its superb craftsmanship, will be unveiled with the newly launched Luminor Marina 1950 3 Days-47mm. This watch features a 47mm stainless steel case with a unique case design inspired by a rare old model with prominent sharp shoulders like shoulder blades, as well as protection and protection made of frosted steel Classic bridge guard with crown. The black dial is a typical design of Panerai. It has a ‘sandwich’ structure, with a heavy hazel Super-LumiNova® luminous coating sandwiched between the two layers. The dial is deeper and more legible. At 9 o’clock, there is a small stopwatch, and at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock, the words ‘Luminor Marina’ and ‘Panerai’ are engraved in the popular font of the year. Through the watch’s crystal case back, you can see the operation of the Panerai P.3001 manual-winding mechanical movement, which is operated by Panerai’s Novotel ( Neuchatel’s watchmaking workshop is independently developed and manufactured. It is equipped with two barrels. The 3-day power reserve display provided by the barrel can be read on the main bridge. The watch is equipped with a natural leather strap. 100 meters waterproof. Limited edition of 2,000.

The Love Of Love The Bay Of Love Tissot’s New Harbor Series Watches Launched In Love

The journey of life is long. Every time I sail, I feel the ups and downs of life. I always return home. I long for the lead to be washed up, I still stop at the port. The vertical and horizontal time description is like a stream of water, and the years are poured into the long river. Tissot is always around, and the eternal time is carved with the flow of pointers. Today, the famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot transforms the happiness of the wrist into a sentiment for the loved and the most beloved—the grandest launch of the most tender new Tissot Harbour series, which lasts more than a century of Swiss quality, bears silent years, and a sweet record Warm.

Tissot’s gift-Harbour series mechanical watch
Relying on Wen Chun to show the hope of love
   Long life, long years, long sailing wanderers float up and down the world. In the vertical and horizontal time, you can drift and follow you, as long as you look back and look, there will always be affectionate attention to accompany you. That is the description of time: the hour hand, minute hand, second hand swing, day, month, year, year after year, every success, every fall, every moving moment, every meaningful event … . Time has been carefully polished, recorded in a book, the longer it will be firm. Tissot, a Swiss watch brand with a history of more than 100 years, is a messenger that bears time and love. It especially injects the true meaning of life into the Harbour series. It brings the deepest feelings of parents, the deepest love of lovers, and the warmest wishes of friends. Casted as a ‘harbour’ of love, waiting and caring. The Tissot Harbour Series perfectly inherits the fine craftsmanship of Swiss craftsmanship. The ‘coin bezel’ design surrounds the coin pattern once formed on the dial, showing elegance and taste everywhere, which not only better protects the bezel, but also The symbol of high-end watches, the spiral and complex, show dignity and atmosphere; the automatic hammer with Geneva ripples through the crystal back of the dial, with the movement of the movement, rubs out the beauty of the rhythm of boxing, which is probably the world The best companionship. Life ebbs and flows, but sometimes light and Zhen Ai are eternal safe havens, let the pointers sway day and night, and remember the years of affection.

Tissot Harbour Series Leather Strap Men’s

Women’s Tissot Harbour Series Leather Strap
Elegance and beauty, details make the perfect choice
   The Tissot Harbour Series uses a double-layered dial design to capture the first impression with a three-dimensional visual impact. Whether it is formal or casual, it can become the most eye-catching spot among the crowd; the pointer adopts a fine hollowed-out shape, which leaps above the dial. Crossing the antique Roman numeral scale, there is a sense of retro and gorgeous time interlaced. This is the elegant atmosphere from the long and deep historical charm of Switzerland. It is a gentleman’s style of a calm man. The graceful beauty of a woman’s elegant charm is displayed; the stainless steel braided strap, just like a sturdy and stable deck, is willing to be the most loyal knight and watcher of time, and cares deeply for every journey of life. Tissot Harbor series men’s models use the industry-leading ETA mechanical power 80-hour movement, with a power reserve of up to 80 hours, solid and meticulous; women’s watches use ETA2671 mechanical automatic movement, the timing effect is more outstanding, powerful ‘core’ Give the most trustworthy reliance. The Tissot Harbour Series watch wins with a simple design. It combines the warmth and plain happiness in life through imagination, and the overall instrumentalness and elegant charm reveal a sense of trust and belonging.

Tissot Harbour Series Stainless Steel Braided Strap Front View Men’s

Tissot Harbor Series Stainless Steel Braided Strap Front View Women
   Tissot is willing to repay the gentleness of that period by Shaohua Hua with the meaning of harbour: feeding the daylight of relatives and friends, warmth in her arms, and sending her lovers to wash away the haze, quiet and beautiful. As long as my heart is firm, a watch and memories linger on my wrist, no matter how far and long I have been pursuing, there is a ‘harbour’ waiting warmly. On eternity, Tissot sails for TA.
Technical Parameters:
-Made in Switzerland
-Men’s: Mechanical power 80-hour movement Women’s: ETA 2671 movement
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Transparent case back
-Water resistance to 5 bar (50 m / 165 ft)
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-Leather strap with push-button butterfly clasp
-Gold and rose gold models with PVD coating
-Size: male 40mm * 40mm female: 29mm * 29mm
Suggested retail price: RMB 5,050 (leather strap), RMB 5,450 (stainless steel strap)

Charming Classic Fans Three Retro Watches Recommended

The retro style is like an old fashion trend. With the charm and charm of the times, the classic watches are presented to our eyes, which is intoxicating. In the field of horology, vintage-style watches are introduced almost every year. Compared to other watches, these retro models are often more attractive. The Watch House recommends three good retro styles to everyone today, to make suggestions for you who like classic charm.

Tudor Kai Cheng M79250BM-0001 watch

Watch price: RMB 28500
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: bronze
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: 15900
Watch diameter: 38.5 mm
Watch thickness: ——
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: 733 7720 3185-Set LS watch

Watch price: RMB 18,800
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Bronze
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: oris / 44531 / param.html
Watch Reviews: This retro-looking watch is also one of the better watches. It inherits the excellent diving performance of Oris timepieces, and uses the rich bronze material as the watch’s case, showing a classic look. , The charm of the atmosphere. The bronze hour markers on the gradient blue dial are sharp and intuitive. It is very convenient to be able to show the time at this moment clearly. Equipped with a belt, mature and stable. Gives a unique retro look to the wrist.
Summary: The retro style will never be outdated. With the design full of the charm of the times, they will last forever, with the classics to go with the times again, and constantly become one of the most important money in the minds of watch lovers . The three watches introduced to you today are all good retro models. If you like it, you may consider it.

Don’t Say I Didn’t Remind You. The New Omega Seamaster 300m Diving Watch With A Public Price Of 36,500 Is Listed In Beijing Oriental Plaza.

Since 1993, the OMEGA Seamaster 300-meter diving watch has many watch enthusiasts with its legendary story. This watch has strong attendance with extraordinary appearance design and professional waterproof performance. . This year, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary, Omega has once again made a big hit, launching a new hippocampus 300-meter diving watch, completely revolutionizing the design of the 1993 prototype model, providing up to 14 rich models for everyone to choose from. Today, Watch House saw these new masterpieces at an Omega flagship store in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza, let’s take a brief look:

  The launch of the Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch was a huge success. The ingenious design and outstanding performance make this timepiece widely acclaimed. Later, this watch was quickly adopted by divers, athletes, and researchers, and even the popular agent films chose this watch as the hero’s wrist watch. Its accuracy and performance have always been loved by people.

  The stainless steel case is sturdy and durable, and the newly upgraded 42 mm diameter makes the watch look more atmospheric and beautiful. Omega’s iconic diving bezel is made of ceramic. The diving scale is covered with white enamel to maintain long-term brightness and gloss, which can withstand years of deposition and tempering.

  The color scheme is more classic, the black dial is made of polished ceramic, and the laser wave engraving technology presents the popular wave pattern of the first seahorse 300-meter diving watch, paying tribute to the classic. The hour scale on the dial is newly upgraded and covered with a Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which is convenient for divers to read clearly under water. The calendar window is adjusted to the 6 o’clock position and the hollow hands are also slightly adjusted in design .

  The helium exhaust valve has always been one of the distinguishing features of the Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch. The new diving watch will change the helium exhaust valve to a conical shape and use the new patented Omega technology. When the helium exhaust valve is accidentally opened underwater, the watch can still guarantee good water resistance under the condition of a difference of up to 5 atmospheres.

  The strap made of stainless steel has a good texture. The matching buckle also adopts Omega’s patented design. The push-pull adjustable buckle makes it easy for divers to adjust and easy to wear outside of wetsuits. Of course, for our daily life China is also very convenient.

  The back of the case design can clearly observe the structure of the movement. It is equipped with the Omega 8800 Zhizhen Observatory movement. In addition to the excellent performance that is well known to the public, its antimagnetic performance is also extraordinary. The movement of the new watch The watch and the entire watch passed 8 rigorous tests approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), including testing the watch in a strong magnetic field of up to 15,000 Gauss generated by two permanent magnets. Observatory certification.
  Summary: The stylish, classic and high-performance new Omega Seamaster 300-meter diving watch is more cost-effective. Friends, if you are still hesitant to buy a cost-effective watch, then you may wish to try it on at the Omega flagship store in Beijing Oriental Plaza. I believe it will surprise you!

This quotation was collected on October 25, 2018. The watch price / spot is subject to change at any time. For the final price, please pay attention to the store details.
[Shop name]: Omega flagship store
[Shop address]: Shop A201B, Oriental Plaza, Oriental Plaza, No. 1 East Chang’an Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-85187188 Please call as a ‘watch home’ user