Omega Honor Releases Film ‘marine Universe’

On June 7th, the film ‘Ocean Universe’ created by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot, co-directed by Omega and Omega Screening at Campbell Park, Beijing. This 90-minute documentary brings together the talents of many of the world’s top aerial and underwater photographers, oceanographers and biologists. The picture is beautiful and far-reaching. The film aims to change people’s views of the ocean and inspire people to protect it. Natural resources shoulder the responsibility of everyone on the planet.

 On the day of the screening, the scene was full. Mr. Ren Dahua, an omega celebrity ambassador and a famous movie star, came to the scene to watch the film with the media and guests. He shared his unforgettable experience in filming in Shanghai: ‘I am very honored to be an omega celebrity ambassador. I was able to participate in the aerial part of the film ‘Ocean Universe’ in Shanghai. The professional spirit and strong environmental awareness demonstrated by the Ya’an team throughout the filming process are very admirable. This aerial experience made me feel that it is imperative to protect the ocean. I hope this film will make people pay more attention to the environment and work together to protect the ocean we live on. ‘

Omega China Vice President Yang Ye and Mr. Ren Dahua visit the theme exhibition ‘Ocean Universe’

 ‘Ocean Universe’ aims to show the world’s greatest natural mysteries to the world in a simple, clear, and easy-to-understand manner, while at the same time objectively showing the problems caused by human activities acting on the ocean, which is thought-provoking. The film uses a lot of aerial photography, the picture is magnificent, breathtaking, and it is the extraordinary aerial photography talent that has made Arthurs-Bertrand’s outstanding reputation in the field of film production. In addition, the underwater pictures taken by the award-winning professional underwater photography team also add charm to this film. The shocking picture and the profound connotation behind the film made Ocean Universe win the first prize of the international authoritative marine film festival-Monterey Blue Ocean Film Festival.
 Omega’s collaboration with director Ya’an Arthurs-Bertrand has a long history-in 2011, Omega started a partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation, which was founded by Ya’an. The Foundation is always committed to promoting sustainable development, advocating respect for the lifestyle of the planet and its inhabitants, promoting realistic and feasible solutions, and encouraging people to act to protect the planet and enjoy a global reputation.
 By demonstrating the beauty of the ocean and explaining the challenges facing both humans and the ocean, Omega and the Planet of Good Planet have become pioneers in raising awareness of the protection of the ocean. The two sides will work together to publish books and produce educational materials that will not only focus on the grandeur of the ocean, but also educate people on how to protect the ocean.

On June 7, 2013, Omega released the film ‘Ocean Universe’ in the glory of Belle Studios, Jinbaohui, Beijing.

 The co-production of ‘Ocean Universe’ deepened the close cooperation between Omega and the Beautiful Planet Foundation. In 2013, Omega launched the Seahorse Marine Universe GoodPlanet GMT watch, paying tribute to the Beautiful Planet Foundation and its efforts to protect the global environment and marine ecology. This watch adheres to the consistent design style of professional diving watches of the Ocean Universe series, and is inspired by the gorgeous and colorful ocean colors. More importantly, Omega will donate part of the sales income of the GoodPlanet GMT watches of the Ocean Universe. The Charity Project for the Protection of Mangroves and Seaweed in Southeast Asia provides comprehensive funding to support the great planet foundation’s great cause of protecting the earth’s environment. The project will also guide locals in protecting these natural resources that are vital to maintaining ecosystem balance.
 Omega has a deep relationship with the ocean and has always paid great attention to marine health and marine protection. In 1932, Omega launched the world’s first professional diving watch. In 1936, Dr. Charles William Beebe, a well-known American naturalist, underwater explorer, and inventor of a deep-sea spherical submersible, wore an Omega Marine Watch and successfully dived into Pacific waters. At a depth of 14 meters, I talked passionately about the extraordinary performance of this watch in long-term underwater operations.
 Scuba inventor and French naval officer Yves Le Prieur always wears his Omega Marine Watch when taking pictures underwater. The legendary oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau is also known for wearing Omega professional diving watches in marine activities, and the legendary free-hand diver Jacques Maju, known as the ‘Dolphin’ Jacques Mayol) also wore an Omega Seahorse watch during his many journeys to refresh his free diving record.

The on-site display of the Seahorse series Ocean Universe GoodPlanet GMT watch is a tribute to the Good Planet Foundation and its efforts to protect the earth’s environment and marine ecology.

 Omega’s late celebrity ambassador and friend Sir Peter Blake has been one of the world’s top sailors. After retiring, he devoted himself to marine protection, dedicated to saving the ocean of his life’s love. A simple motto is the source of Sir Black’s motivation: ‘If water runs out, life runs out.’ With the support of the United Nations and Omega, Sir Black established the ‘Blakexpeditions’ non-profit organization and named his ‘Battleship’ ‘Hippocampus’-derived from Omega’s most iconic watch series. In December 2001, Sir Black died unfortunately during his trip to the Amazon. Since then, the ‘Hippocampus’ has been renamed the ‘Tara’ to continue his educational and scientific missions. During the preparation and filming of Ocean Universe, scientists from the Tara Scientific Expedition Foundation made great contributions to the film by using their rich knowledge accumulated during the voyage.
 Omega’s support for the “Ocean Universe” film is not only derived from the brand’s recognition of Sir Peter Black’s ideas and the wonderful achievements of the Good Planet Foundation in the field of environmental protection, but also from the brand’s consistent focus on marine health and marine protection. Omega and the Beautiful Planet Foundation have issued a call to deter the soul through Ocean Universe, advocating and encouraging everyone to take action to cherish and protect the sustainable development of the marine ecology.