Louis Vuitton’s New Generation Tambour Horizon Smart Watch Shows The Spirit Of Louis Vuitton Travel

With the spirit of Louis Vuitton travel, luxury style and creative quality, the new generation Tambour Horizon smart watch brings a different kind of intelligent connection experience. Inheriting the outstanding genes of the former representative, the smart watch incorporates new design elements, materials and colors to create a transcendence wearing experience, functional characteristics and innovative technology.

The new exclusive dial interface can be freely switched to create a personalized look. The fully digital display mode embodies the spiritual core of intelligent technology. The dial of the digital display is also decorated with Louis Vuitton’s iconic patterns as decorative elements-including Monogram and Damier patterns, and even echoes the design of Gaston-Louis Vuitton. V’s mother like. The various patterns are deconstructed, split and redesigned to create a highly transparent effect that contrasts with the Monogram flower pattern.

The novel dial tone, contrasting strips, and the addition of the initials icon make it possible for Louis Vuitton to create endless aesthetic interpretation combinations. The special fashion show dial interface has also been added to the existing Tambour Horizon smart watch models, showing the stunning design aesthetic of the Louis Vuitton catwalk fashion show.

Tambour Horizon smart watch encompasses everything in a square inch of space. The ‘My Travel’ travel function gathers all travel information and highlights the art of Louis Vuitton travel. Exclusive dials can display hotel, flight or train reservation information, including departure and arrival time, to ensure that key information for the entire journey is at your wrist. City Guide’s exclusive app includes information on 30 cities worldwide *, making it easy to find hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

The clear dial interface brings outstanding readability. The Tambour Horizon smart watch also provides a variety of new features, whether it is for work or entertainment, always on the wrist. The new ‘My 24 hours’ dial interface is equipped with a day / night indicator for the data around the bezel, which is clear at any time in any environment. In the independent watch face interface of each function, the ‘Agenda’ schedule management module distinguishes between meetings and free time with eye-catching color segments. The ‘Stepcounter’ step counting feature allows travelers who love to measure the city in footsteps to record trek distances and peak walking hours. In response, Louis Vuitton’s iconic LV Archlight sneakers appear in the center of the dial in a refined shape. The ‘Pollution’ air quality function can display the air quality index in real time, and mark the air quality forecast with different color segments. Finally, weather and temperature predictions further refine the features of this watch.

The neutral style case continues the iconic shape and recessed design of the Tambour Horizon smart watch series. The new generation of Tambour Horizon smart watches also comes in white polished ceramic models. The combination of ceramic materials and luxury smart watches shows a real Superb craftsmanship.

The new Tambour Horizon smart watch, in addition to polished stainless steel, matte black PVD coated models, white ceramic models and white ceramic models with diamond lugs, also launched matte brown PVD coated watches. Since the brand’s inception in 1854, brown has been an essential element in Louis Vuitton’s aesthetics and has been the main color of the brand’s iconic Monogram design many times.

The new interchangeable strap highlights the Louis Vuitton design style with unique patterns, colors and materials, showing the concept of personality.

The swivel-type crown can be easily swiped with a single finger, and the colorful functions are at your fingertips, injecting more outstanding sensitivity into the new generation of Tambour Horizon smart watches. The watch’s battery is powered by Qualcomm © Snapdragon Wear ™ 3100 microprocessor **, with comprehensive performance upgrades, extended battery life to 1 full day, and up to 5 days in power-saving mode (only display time). The display has also been improved for higher definition. Wear OS by Google ™ provides users with a more streamlined and advanced operating experience and faster access to the information they need.

As a good companion in daily routines, the new generation Tambour Horizon smart watch is not only a practical daily accessory, but also a low-key declaration of personal style and independence.

* City Guide contains information on 30 cities: Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Venice, Lisbon, Prague, Moscow, Istanbul, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Cape Town, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul.

** Quanlcomm, Snapdragon, and Snapdragon Wear are registered trademarks of Qualcomm Technologies. Quanlcomm Snapdragon Wear is a product of Qualcomm’s subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.