Ladoire Genève Launches Mr Race Watch-news Ladoire

With the launch of the Mr Race watch, Ladoire continues his exploration, which is destined to be a dangerous and tempting journey. The essence of fine watchmaking is condensed into 12 limited edition watches, which have attracted the attention of countless people. A chili red finish is applied on the background of the black cobweb.

 This is the latest work of the most popular Black Widow black widow series, and also added the theme of ‘red splash’ on the company’s official website, constantly challenging the limits of people’s vision. It is a very challenging design. This is like a constant suspense, never knowing what will happen in the next second, and will always face an unknown, potential threat, just like the name of the series Black Widow, which is indeed extremely extreme A bold step, but risks and benefits often co-exist, and this is also known as the artist’s boldness, outstanding performance, gorgeous appearance, delicate strategy …
Source: Ladoire
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