Introduction To The ‘tenglong’ Limited Edition Watch Of The Plum Year

In both Western and Chinese culture, the dragon is regarded as a mysterious legendary beast with extraordinary abilities, symbolizing vitality and strength; the year of the dragon in China also represents joy, ambition, strength and courage. The Torx watch aims to present this positive spirit in the watch. Chen Zhijian, who has more than 30 years of design experience, is also a watch collector. During the design process, he deliberately presented the dragon’s body in a meandering state, and its dynamics, vitality and vitality leapt on the dial. In addition, different from the traditional method of using clouds to bolster the dragon, he used fire instead of clouds to show the dragon’s arrogance and supremacy. He also cleverly designed Dragon Ball as a calendar window, which means to pursue ideals and keep pace with the times.
 In order to greet and commemorate the second year of the dragon since the millennium, TITONI Swiss plum watch invited famous designer Chen Zhijian to design a limited edition watch for the brand’s much-respected Master Series, named ‘Tenglong’ .

Ld ‘Tenglong’ limited edition watch is the first time that the plum blossom watch is based on the ‘Chinese Zodiac’ as the watch theme, and it will be limited to 2012 in the world. Unlike the design of other TITONI watches, this dial retains only the brand logo, calendar window and hands, and ‘Tenglong’ embossed fills the entire dial, adding appreciation. Each watch has a limited edition number engraved on the left side of the case. Just like other master series watches, this watch is equipped with the Swiss official observatory precision timing test organization COSC certified movement, each movement is engraved with the observatory certification number. In addition to the all-steel strap, this watch is also equipped with a leather strap.