In The Name Of Love, Engraving The Vows Of Time, Zenith Selects Romantic Greetings And Compliments For The Wedding Season

Some people say: Love is the continuation of emotions when the past lives, and it is a promise that will not change until the reincarnation of this life. Looking back, from meeting, knowing to keeping together, time has meaning under the nourishment of love, and love goes to eternity in the test of time. In the late autumn wedding season, the phrase ‘I am willing’ is full of sweetness and happiness. In this beautiful season, Zenith specially selected two romantic and beautiful wedding watch pairs to give the wedding the warmest and lasting testimony.
The most beautiful Huashang

Zenith flagship series happy big calendar watch market price: 227,000 yuan

Zenith Star Action Series Happy Watch Market price: 194,000 yuan
  Zenith sincerely recommends Huamei Rose Gold Happy Watch, and promises to be dependent on each other at this most beautiful moment of life. Zenith’s flagship series Happy Grand Calendar watch contains all the complicated functions used. The legendary El Primero 4047 chronograph movement can accurately display the time to 1/10 seconds and at 9 o’clock. Hours, minutes, and small seconds are set. At 2 o’clock, a large date window driven by two concentric disks is set. At 6 o’clock, the Zenith watch factory is known for its practical and poetic date. This feature that reveals the orbit of the sun and the moon is achieved through two overlapping disks. The matching Zenith Star Action Happy Watch, with its original pillow-shaped appearance, can also glimpse the legendary El Primero 4062 automatic mechanical movement through the ten-point window, which is powerful The expressiveness is enthralling. The rhodium-plated faceted hands and blue Roman numerals perfectly match the elegant dark blue convex round sapphire crown. This pair of watches with rose gold material and gorgeous open core design, presents the most beautiful Chinese dress, dedicated to the beautiful wedding.
Keeping the Pure Covenant

Zenith Commander series ultra-thin men’s watch Market price: 37,000 yuan

Zenith Commander Series Ultra-thin Women’s Watch Market price: 30,600 yuan
  Zenith specially selected the simple Roman timepiece dial to imply pure love, with different materials and different personalities, the elegant choice presents the most timeless and pure love beauty. The heritage series of ultra-thin men’s watches use an ultra-thin case with a diameter of 40 mm, equipped with a perfectly matched Elite 681 ultra-thin self-winding movement, inheriting the brand’s tradition of advocating mechanical movements and pure and simple design, curved double sides The dazzling sapphire crystal makes the watch clearer and easier to read, and the white lacquered dial is low-key and elegant. The commander’s ultra-thin women’s watch combines superior technology with simplicity and elegance. It is equipped with an Elite 679 automatic movement with soft and chic lines. Through the sapphire case back, you can see the gear train and the pendant with the Geneva wave pattern. , While on the white matte dial, you can enjoy a non-stop time track. And the very modern chain strap makes this watch a classic subtle, timeless and charming boutique. This pair of watches uses classical Roman numeral time scales, so elegant and extremely silent and in love, with no word of love.