If You Don’t Like Static, Then Use Blancpain To Subvert The Idea

Meetings, statements, traffic lights, property market, stock market, listing … Even if the amount of wealth changes, sometimes the quality of life is still difficult to escape. Just like the circle on the dial, as always, but some people are destined to be able to grasp the texture of a good life, with a small change, can subvert the ordinary of life. As a personal ornament of men, it is often associated with smart eyes You can show your thoughts and connotations in person.

Some people like the simple junior hand model, but some people are destined to pay for this second hand retrograde watch 6653, encountering traffic jams, garbage meetings, tired work … Raise your wrist and watch the fun of zeroing performed by the small second hand , You will find that it is simply incredible, life can not be static, just as its birth is also breaking the norm.

Brand new and undergoes tear-like testing
The 30-second retrograde function means that within a day, the mechanical mechanism will bounce back 2880 times. The early retrograde small seconds mechanism has always existed and cannot be perfectly reset to zero. To this end, Blancpain must find a new way to create a new retrograde mechanism.

The final solution that convinced the altar was to replace the transmission gear with a cam and increase the coil spring to provide tension for the transmission run-in. Since then, the retrograde small seconds function can finally be reset to zero.

Furthermore, in order to test the running life of the retrograde function, we have made it experience a nearly ‘tearing’ extreme speed rotation. Even so, the retrograde system always works perfectly.

The watch is equipped with a Cal.7663 self-winding movement and is equipped with a full range of upgraded anti-magnetic silicon hairsprings. It is free from the influence of the living magnetic field and is free to take it anytime, anywhere.
Rare vintage disk

The dial is engraved with retro-radiation patterns, with contrasting lines, light and shadow flowing, illusion of unparalleled visual perception, and Blancpain’s signature double-layered three-dimensional bezel, willow hands and three-dimensional waist Roman scale, continuing the elegance of Villeret classic series. Capable. If you don’t like the immutability of life, then make it stand out on your wrist and always remind you to make some positive changes for your career and life.

6653Q watches with date indication function