Icelink Watch Jewelry Makes A Show In The New Film ‘time Framed’

IceLink, the creator of the first six time zone watch, has grabbed the limelight with a strong presence and key role throughout the new movie ‘Time Framed’.

Close-up screenshot of Ian Somerhalder and IceLink watches in Time Framed

This fast-paced special feature film was produced by IceLink, starring Ian Somerhalder and supermodel Xian Mikol. IceLink’s exquisite watches and bracelets are an important focus of the entire storyline. In the film, the newly invented revolutionary device ‘Time Link’ enables people to obtain an inexhaustible source of free energy without causing pollution and other harmful effects. As a side effect, in order to prevent criminals from using this invention to destroy, Agent Black (Ian Somerhalder) shoulders the mission of saving the world.
IceLink founder Andy Sogoyan said, ‘IceLink is excited to be part of a groundbreaking marketing platform, especially one that plays a significant role in promoting our products.’

Icelink watch worn by Ian Somerhalder in Time Framed

When IceLink’s elaborate ‘Time Link’ for the film fell into the hands of the villains, the heroic mysterious agent (Ian Somerhalder) began to fulfill the mission of saving humanity. Agent Black played by Somerhalder is wearing IceLink’s latest limited edition Zermatt watch while on mission. Key characters in the film also wore other IceLink products, including 6Timezone 18k Snow watches and Chill watches. IceLink’s best-selling Bicycle Bracelet played a key role in the film, and the role played by Samohard found clues on the bracelet. In addition to IceLink products, the film has created a luxurious style with top designers in the fashion industry.

Time Framed is a short movie produced by IceLink and produced by SinFactory Media. The film will premiere in Los Angeles and will be released on January 23, 2013. Viewers can find out more at as part of an integrated online distribution strategy, engaging viewers with celebrity social media campaigns, blog integration, media placement and the most mature online media platforms.
The important lines and props used in the film will be auctioned on the small TimeFramed website after the premiere, and the entire proceeds of the auction will be transferred to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to continue promoting environmental protection and green causes.
Source: IceLink
Video: IceLink Videos on YouTube