I Can Talk About The Relationship, They All Have A Good Table

Because I pay more attention to social topics, I often watch related dramas. I waited a long time for Xu Zhiyuan’s ‘Thirteen Invitations’, but the third issue never came out, and I was still looking forward to it. One of the more popular TV series recently is called ‘Chinese-style Relationship’. When the fun is boring, it looks good. The subject matter is very ambitious. As an ancient civilization with a history of thousands of years, compared with the western world, a very important element in culture is relationship. There may not be any country that has a deeper relationship science than our country. It is not easy to express this abstract concept in film and television dramas.

 The reason why this drama is so popular is that I may be a bold attempt to analyze the deep-rooted relationship issues around us. There is bound to be a variety of relationship problems between people and society. The husband-wife relationship within the family, the parent-child relationship Relationships, working colleagues, subordinate relationships, business partners, government relations, etc. These relationships are all around us. The harmonious relationship allows both sides to learn from each other’s strengths and develop together, such as Jiang Yinan starring Ma Yizhen and Ma Guoliang starring Chen Jianbin. And the relationship at the center of interest is extremely sensitive, such as Zhao Lixin’s national cadre Shen Yun and Tian Xiaojie’s businessman Luo Shifeng.
Returnee designer who does not rub sand in his eyes-Jiang Yinan

Jiang Yinan as Ma Yijun
 In this play, Ma Yixian played an architect of returnees. In order to make up for the regret of not honoring her grandpa, she wanted to build an apartment for the elderly to support the elderly. In this positioning, it is more in line with the present. Social facts. Because he has lived abroad all year round, Jiang Yinan, played by Ma Yizhen, has been going straight. In the beginning, his meeting with the national cadre Ma Guoliang and his dinner with Luo Shifeng reflected some of the keywords of ‘relationship’. From the process of looking for a partner in an elderly apartment, Ma Yichen experienced betrayal and found a new home. Jiang Yinan is a woman with a strong character who does not rub sand.

Mayi wears Rolex Greenwich II red and blue two-tone ceramic ring watch
 In any case, Ma Yixuan plays the role of an elite woman, but it has disadvantages. Back to the topic, after the drama hit, the Internet began to pay attention to the watch Ma Yizheng wore in the play. After all, the appearance rate was too high. Maybe many people do n’t see clearly. Ma Yizhen is actually wearing a Rolex Greenwich II red and blue two-color ceramic ring watch, launched in 2014, the case and bracelet are made of 18ct white gold, model 116719BLRO, the public price should be 250,000 about. There is no doubt that this is the most magnificent watch in this show. With a 40 mm diameter and a precious metal bracelet, men with thinner wrists will feel heavy, let alone Mayi, a thin-armed Shanghai woman. . In recent years, in the plays performed by Ma Yichen, watches have become a trend that is getting higher and higher. In the first half of the year, ‘Famouran’ in ‘Beijing, Shanghai and Guangxi’, to this time Rolex, Ma Yizhen wearing watches is becoming more and more unique.
The Real Good Man-Ma Guoliang

Chen Jianbin’s interpretation of Ma Guoliang
 In this play, if anyone plays the best and the role is in place, it is estimated that Ma Jianliang played by Chen Jianbin. This middle-aged man was sorrowfully pushed to the extreme in this play, almost overnight, and lost all . The director was robbed, and he left the state unit on his own initiative; his wife was robbed, and he kindly loaned the house to his ex-wife to get married; he invested in the company and was forced to resign, which was just bad luck. But there is no one’s way to heaven. Only after he lost it did he understand the meaning of home, and then he became human. He is no longer the high director Ma.

Chen Jianbin as Ma Guoliang Recommends Baume & Mercier Chrysler Watch
 Ma Guoliang has multiple layers of character relationships in the entire play, which is the center of various relationships. The whole play rarely sees him wearing a watch, but not without wearing it, but it is basically difficult to identify. Judging from the positioning of the entire character, he is wise, unpretentious, has firm principles, and sometimes plays tricks. More importantly, he has a courage. If as a recommendation, I personally think that he is more suitable for the Baume & Mercier 10215 watch, why? Simple, classic, very gentleman, and as unconscionable as him, Ma Guoliang will not buy a particularly expensive watch even if he has money, so this 18300 yuan-priced watch is more suitable for his personality.
Self-interested businessman-Luo Shifeng

This look is firm
 Regardless of the country, the essence of business is interest. Human sentiment is only for the benefit of services. Many luxury goods families have diverged because of interests. In the face of interests, enemies and friends are relative. Luo Shifeng used the three words ‘unfamiliar’ when evaluating Ma Guoliang. This is in the face of interests. Of course, this is not absolute. There is naturally an exaggerated aspect of film and television dramas, but this kind of political and business relationship is not uncommon, even at home and abroad.

Luo Shifeng as Tian Xiaojie wears Vacheron Constantin
 As a wealthy businessman, Luo Shifeng made an extraordinary shot, and the watch in his hand was naturally not simple. Throughout the show, Luo Shifeng wore a Vacheron Constantin’s ultra-thin heritage rose gold watch, model 81180 / 000R-9159, with a public price of 135,000 yuan. This watch uses Cal.1400 manual winding movement, the thickness of the movement is only 2.6 millimeters, the thickness of the watch is only 6.79 millimeters, simple and low-key, but it shows the quality of mechanical watches extremely, the two-hand design is calm and concise. Aside from Luo Shifeng’s interest mentality, this watch is indeed very suitable for him in terms of his identity and taste.
Tyrant-King Shihao

Kingston Wears Rolex Date Watch
 Guan Qiang’s boss, Hao Ge, is an upstart or local tyrant in the play. He even feels a bit of a mafia boss, but fortunately he doesn’t have a mafia background, just because it is a mining outbreak, so there is still a bit of anger. Jin Shihao is a very moral person. Compared with Luo Shifeng, he is also a businessman. Jin Shihao is brighter and brighter, and Luo Shifeng is too smart. Without exception, King Shihao wore only a Rolex diary type, but fortunately 116233, champagne plate diamond scale, domestic public price 97800 yuan.
Gradually transformed from the eternal brother——Guan Qiang

 In this play, Guan Qiang is a full supporting role. Although there is an upward momentum in his bones, he has always been unable to pick the beam. In the face of interest, he was eager to move until he finally realized. He repeatedly betrayed the company and the people around him, soberly aware of his shortcomings, and finally, with the help of Ma Guoliang, he fought a beautiful counterattack. Guan Guan wore two watches in the play, but unfortunately I didn’t recognize them. One is a gold dial, which he wore when he was a younger brother of King Shihao. After President Guan, he changed to a square watch.
Yin Shen, Director Yin—Shen Yun

Zhao Lixin as Shen Yun, his eyes are sharp
 In this case, no one knows how to deal with all kinds of relationships, except Ma Guoliang, who is Shen Yun. If according to the traditional way, there must be good and bad people in the play, then Shen Yun is a big bad (wa third sound) (yin fourth sound). Taking seats, taking wives, occupying people’s nests, blocking people’s way out, and doing bad things. Even the tricky character of the old lady was frustrated by a few strokes. Eventually, this weakness was fully exploited by Luo Shifeng and pulled directly into the water. After all, Grandpa Shen is still a little fond of people. It is not clear what watch he wears, but it looks like an old watch, which is very elegant.

Summary: Since there is no watch brand sponsorship, the watches worn by the characters should be the actor’s own, Ma Yizhen’s watch is the real non-exposed, but the most magnificent. The Chinese-style relationship starts from the dining table. This opening is indeed in place, but all the plots later, when you are free, you can have a cheerful picture. Some are apostate. After all, the main idea is to guide upwards. The summary is ‘Chinese-style relationship, which is the connection between emotion and human nature in China for thousands of years.’ I wonder what do you think?