Girard Perregaux And Neuchâtel Will Hold Exhibitions In Japan

It is reported that on February 7, 2014, the famous Swiss watch brand Girard Perregaux joined hands with the world-famous Neuchatel Museum to hold a grand exhibition in Japan. Of course, this event has just entered the preparation stage. After knowing that this event will be officially opened to the public on June 19 this year.

 In fact, the specific day of June 19 was chosen because that day is the 150th anniversary of the establishment of friendly relations between Japan and Switzerland. This is a way to celebrate the good relations between the two countries for a century and a half. It is also a very meaningful thing.

 In fact, the history of all Girard Perregaux watches is also inextricably linked with Japan. The first pocket watch that entered Japan was extradited by François Perregaux. In the mid-nineteenth century, for the people Just a little understanding, of course, the history of this period will also be exhibited in this exhibition.

 It is known to all that the Neuchatel Museum of Art and History holds rare treasures from all over the world, including of course many Girard-Perregaux historical watches in the early days.

 In fact, as the 150th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan, the Girard Perregaux brand also said that in fact its destiny in Japan is like a legend. On February 6, 1864, Edo (Tokyo) served as a friendly negotiator between the Swiss messenger and the Japanese Empire. The government representative signed the contract. The content of the contract is to allow Switzerland and Japan to establish economic relations, and an important part of it is to officially accept that Swiss watches can be sold in the Japanese market.

 It was from that time that the Girard Perregaux brand was gradually recognized by everyone in Japan. Until November 1996, Girard Perregaux was honored again in the Japanese market. Its classic series Vintage1945 was selected as the ‘Best Watch of the Year’. In 1998, Girard Perregaux opened its own branch in Japan. At the same time, Girard Perregaux bought Villa Magillette. This early twentieth century building became the new museum of the watch factory.

 Through such an exhibition, Jiushi will surely make more people understand the brand’s growth in other countries.