Georges Kern Will Be Breitling Ceo

People close to Breitling have confirmed that the brand has appointed Georges Kern as the new CEO.

   Previously, Georges Kern worked for Richemont as the Group’s director of watch, marketing and digital business. Last week, Georges Kern unexpectedly resigned, followed by rumors that he was heading to a rival company.
   17 years ago, Georges Kern joined Richemont Group. When the management of Richemont Group was restructured last November, Georges Kern was appointed to temporarily hold the group’s watch business, which later became a permanent position.
   From 2002 to March 2017, Georges Kern has been the CEO of IWC and has led the brand recovery and resurgence.
   Following the new Breitling CEO, Georges Kern will be responsible for the company’s global development, focusing on the digital and retail business, particularly in the Asian market.
   Breitling is expected to officially announce the appointment in the coming days.