Funny Lingque Colorful Spring Festival Glashütte’s Original Pavonina Lingying Watch New Year Shine

With the colorful fireworks of the New Year, the moment when the clock reaches the hour, it seems to symbolize that all things have entered a new cycle. The new year gives us more than just the joyful red, the child’s cheeky milky white, the glacial melting clear blue, the elegant purple of sweet dreams in the middle of the night, and the heart-warming powder of lovers. When the joy of the new year is hoped, just as low-key elegance collides with rich colors. Glashütte’s original selection of the beautiful and colorful Pavonina Spirit Sparrow watch, tells the agility of time, and write a colorful life.

   Glashütte Original retains the traditional value of a true watchmaking factory, and its extraordinary craftsmanship and rich practical experience permeate every piece. The carefully selected materials and precise technology are combined in an ingenious way, and the works created through complex processes are like exquisite crafts. Pavonina watch is a rich interpretation of the charming femininity of women. Inspired by the unique ‘pillow’ dial of the 1920s, it is classic but elegant, simple yet sophisticated. Equipped with Glashütte’s original Calibre03-02 quartz movement and 3 times antimagnetic technology, it is more accurate and suitable for daily wear.

   In order to meet the different preferences of modern women with different styles and attend different occasions, the Pavonina watch is also unique in the design of the strap. The well-conceived design of the lugs makes the strap easy to remove and replace to match the daily look. The high-quality Louisiana crocodile skin and calfskin have undergone meticulous craftsmanship to create an ultra-high fit with women’s soft skin, showing the noble and gentle temperament of women. The smooth and silky silk strap, like a cloud, is light, and fades out of the oriental beauty. The sleek and simple metal chain belt, combined with the smooth lines that complement the dial, make modern women shine at the dinner or party.

   What’s more worth mentioning is that Pavonina watches are as colorful as New Year’s gorgeous fireworks, orchid purple, glacial blue, mocha brown, gold beige, cream, dark green, smoke gray, gorgeous violet. With different outfits, different seasons, different moods, worn on the wrist, full of female agility.