French ‘breitling’ Aerobatic Team Fukushima Performs

The Breitling aerobatic flight demonstration team composed of former French Air Force fighter pilots performed a flight demonstration in Fukushima, Japan on the 7th, in order to bless the reconstruction work of the Fukushima earthquake-stricken area.

 According to reports, a total of 7 aircraft participated in the flight show that day, each aircraft can reach a maximum speed of 750 kilometers per hour. The ‘Breitling’ aerobatic flight demonstration team performed a flight demonstration in Fukushima Prefecture in May, but at that time due to weather conditions, some plans failed to proceed as scheduled.

   The 8-year-old elementary school student, Fujio Huanghe of Yuchuan Village, Fukushima Prefecture, said excitedly after watching the flight show: ‘Finally see it! I’m so happy! The flying speed and skills are great!’ It is reported that ‘Breitling’ is planned to Fukushima City performed another air show.