F.P.Journe Tokyo Boutique-5th Anniversary Event

This new anniversary watch Octa Perpétuelle is a luxurious perpetual calendar. The Anniversary Edition is limited to ninety-nine, and is specially crafted for the fifth anniversary of the birth of the first Tokyo store in the global F.P.Journe global store network.

The event’s opening speech was addressed by His Excellency Mr. Paul Fivat, Swiss Ambassador to Japan. Next, François-Paul Journe presented the new Octa Perpetuelle, a small replica of the flower clock of Geneva’s English Garden at World Première.

In 2001, FPJourne launched the OCTA series, which is a series of self-winding mechanical watches. The models of this series are equipped with a powerful five-day (120 hours) energy storage function. The styles all use the same case thickness, whether it is a complicated function or not. OCTA’s eighth watch, Octa Perpétuelle, is a self-winding calibre with the F.P. Journe-Invenit et Fecit logo, which enriches this series.

The new model, which was launched that night, used a perpetual calendar movement and was coveted by many collectors. The praise of the guests when the watch was unveiled proved that this watch is full of innovative genius, combining Swiss watchmaker’s innovative technology in one.
Source: F.P. Journe