Explore The Mysteries Of Time Travel With You ‘time Traveler’ Glashütte Original 2016 China Tour Beijing Skp First Station

[April 8th, Beijing] ‘Time Traveler’ Glashütte Original 2016 National Tour Exhibition, Beijing SKP’s first stop was grandly launched, from now to April 19, telling about 170 years of time travel Stories, discover the secrets of time travel with you.

The Time Traveler Who Never Changed: Glashütte Original

   The time traveler transforms curiosity about the world into an impetus for continuous exploration, so it can transcend time and immortality.

   As a brand that has inherited pure German watchmaking pedigree over 170 years, Glashütte Original is like a time traveler. It adheres to its original intentions in the changing times, constantly breaks the limits of watchmaking craftsmanship, and writes original miracles with distinctive originality.

   Thanks to the exquisite watchmaking skills, the brand and the entire town of Glashütte have stood the test of history, making German watchmaking baptized again and again, Nirvana. Be grateful for this uneven history, and cultivate the original and persevering spirit of Glashütte’s originality and pioneering spirit.

   Glashütte Original cherishes his history very much and at the same time looks forward to a future full of possibilities. At the exhibition site, precious antique watches that arrived in China from the Glashütte Museum in Germany became an excellent response to the new watches.

   From the Glashütte pocket watch, which created the legend of horology, to the timeless Spezichron watch. These antique watches are not only the best testimony of the brand’s history, but also the source of Glashütte’s original inspiration.

   At the tour site, the ‘Wonder Table’ showcased the internal precision parts of the chronograph, the original movement parts that gathered the original spirit, and told the watchmaking stories of the generations of craftsmen in the town of Glashütte. .

The master of sculpting time explores the mysteries of time with you

   The miracle of writing is a pair of skillful hands of watchmakers, who are worthy of the soul engineer of the watch and integrate excellence into the brand’s blood. At the tour site, during the live demonstration of the watchmaker, the guests will also witness the process of the birth of each miracle.

   Only the details of the watch’s appearance can be identified with the naked eye. Gold sleeves, three-quarter plywood, gooseneck trimming, etc., have become Glashütte’s original and exquisite craftsmanship just like the mark.

Traveler’s Key to Time: MP World Time

   Among the various watch works, the MP World Time Watch is definitely a star on the scene. With its original movement structure and adjustment methods, it has provided unprecedented convenience for travelers around the world. Once launched this year, it was widely sought after.

   This world time watch with 400 parts uses the highest configuration of current world clock technology. It is extremely powerful and equipped with the new Calibre 89-02 automatic winding movement, which realizes incredibly simple operation. Unprecedented convenience for time travelers.

‘Time Traveler’
Glashütte Original 2016 China Tour, Beijing SKP, the first stop
April 8-19, 2016
Beijing SKP Area A Event Space
Inside China World Trade Center, Northeast corner of Dawang Bridge, Chaoyang District

Glashütte Original sincerely welcomes you to experience the wonders of the parliamentary world on site, and to experience the 170-year-old time travel story of Glashütte Original.