Electric Formula Championship Paris Grand Prix

For the first time in history, the FIA ​​Pure Electric Formula Championship will land on the streets of Paris for the first time. As the founding partner and official timekeeper of this 21st Century Championship, Swiss avant-garde watchmaker TAG Heuer will provide active support.

   With the support of TAGHeuer and JuliusBaer Bank, LapoElkann and its design agency GarageCustomItalia customized a Formula E championship display car and attended a grand dinner attended by Prince Albert II of Monaco and CEO of Formula E Holding Group AlejandroAgag It was sold for 120,000 euros.
   The 2015/2016 season Formula E Championship will kick off the first European race in Paris. On April 23, 18 single-seat, all-electric race cars will be lined up on the circuit designed and built around Les Invalides in Paris, launching an impact on the Formula One Grand Prix of Paris. There are 11 stops this season, and Paris is the 7th stop. The car will travel at 220 km / h along Boulevard de la Tour-Maubourg.
   Beijing, Buenos Aires, Moscow, Berlin, London … Paris is just one of the highlights of the second season of the championship, sponsored by Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer. This also marks the return of the car race to the heart of the French capital; the most recent race in Paris was the Coupe de Paris, hosted on the Brunswick Park track after the WWII.

   Since its inception, TAGHeuer has full confidence in the future of the FIA ​​World Championship for single-seat electric vehicles for the first time, as evidenced by its personal involvement as a founding partner. As the official watch and official timekeeper of this innovative event, TAGHeuer is proud to work with everyone involved to help develop this unique world championship that perfectly integrates high-level competitions and the latest technology to directly present the event In the city center, bring it to the public and young people. The first Formula E Championship was held in Beijing in September 2014.
   Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer and president of the watchmaking department of LVMH Group, said: ‘TAG Heuer has always been at the forefront of the times. The Formula E Championship is the biggest innovation in the field of motorsports and entertainment in the past decade. This event has been successfully held on the streets of Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City, which marks the championship combining modern people with a bright future It’s for young people who care about the environment, have a strong interest in technology, and enjoy life happily. The world around the track is as important as the race itself, just like the way Electric Formula redefines the relationship between young people and racing cars; its innovations The approach coincides with TAG Heuer. ‘
Formula E championship show car customized by Lapo Elkann and Garage Custom Italia
   To celebrate the start of the Formula E Championship in Paris, Jean-Claude, CEO of Formula E Holding Group, Alejandro Agag, CEO of TAG Heuer, and President of the Watch & Clock Division of Lovre Xuan Group Mr. Biver and Boris FJ Collardi, CEO of Julius Baer Bank, asked their friend Lapo Elkann and his design agency Garage Custom Italia to customize a Formula E Championship display car.

   This unique display car, sponsored by TAGHeuer and JuliusBaer Bank, was honored by Mr. Gildo PallancaPastor, CEO of VenturiAutomobiles, at a grand dinner hosted at the Paris City Hall on the evening of the end of the race on Saturday, April 23. At the euro, Prince Albert II of Monaco and Alejandro Agag, CEO of Formula E Holding Group, attended the dinner together. Funds raised at this auction will be donated to the Prince Albert II Foundation of Monaco to protect the environment.
   TAG Heuer appears in many eRace animations on eVillage, a racing competition on the simulator by 9 official drivers and a fan, in which TAG Heuer acts as the official timekeeper.