Ebel 100-color Strap Special Edition

From a rich layer of contrasting silk and matte black, a surprising natural color slowly rises: the blue blue representing the ocean and the sky … the grassland and the tropical rain forest Dark green … dark gray representing the tones of rocks, stones and mountains and the urban environment, each of which can be equipped with a gray, blue or green alligator leather strap.

The Ebel 100 watch is an essential fashion trend accessory for this autumn: the classic luxury element of leisure time … the cold contrast in the cold colors … the mustard and brick colors in the winter … and the coffee and camel colors Color and gray are the lifestyles of modern cities.
The EBEL 100, a contemporary and fashionable design, suitable for both men and women, was launched last year to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary. This watch is a true 21st century timepiece. The 2012 EBEL 100 Special Edition fits seamlessly with the fashion collection, thereby reshaping its own colors, brilliant brilliance and texture, and its flexible characteristics. It can be suitable for different occasions, anytime and anywhere, it can be matched with this autumn’s soft leather and suede leather, mixed-color wool and Angora long-hair wool, or with fresh khaki, camel, carbon gray Dressed with blue.
This new EBEL 100 watch is specially designed for the autumn of 2012: it can be matched with different clothes, from A-line skirts, shorts, casual clothes, shiny fur coats, to tweeds, zigzag pattern woolen, thick grid Or herringbone suit, this EBEL 100 watch will achieve the finishing touch for different shapes and dresses, exuding extraordinary fashion charm.