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de GRISOGONO’s extraordinary extraordinary creativity and top craftsmanship have long been highly respected. The works often break the routine and breathtaking whimsy, and skillfully combines the brand’s high-end jewelry production and watchmaking expertise. With luxurious gems, first-class cutting techniques and top-notch inlays, jewelry timepieces add a unique personality. The GRAPPOLI series features five unique new works. In addition to emeralds and white diamonds, there are fresh and dazzling orange and blue sapphires, rich and luxurious sapphires and warm amethyst, such as colorful rainbow colors competing.

 The GRAPPOLI high-end jewelry watch series is as pure as winter snow and bright as holiday lights, symbolizing gratitude, festive atmosphere, blessings and wonders, touching an extremely strong sensory experience, blooming the joy of life

The crystal clear white diamonds and mysterious eye-catching emerald timepieces glide on. The unique gemstones move freely, are exquisite, and the brilliance of the gold case is fascinating. The jewels of the gemstones are played to the fullest, so that each gemstone becomes the soul of a jewelry watch; a master pear
Shape cutting and unique inlay technology make each de GRISOGONO gemstone seem to float in the air magically, showing that the brand has sublimated artistic creativity to the world’s unparalleled realm, and it has achieved the true meaning of the brand’s motto “Bold Innovation.”

It takes 120 hours to make each jewellery watch, including careful selection of each gemstone

The craftsman repeatedly inserts or dismantles the gems, and then they can create the perfect shape and consistent color effect.

de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI high-end jewellery model is set with more than 1,000 precious stones, which is extremely luxurious. One of them was set with 70 pear-shaped diamonds and 980 round diamonds, weighing about 73 carats. The white diamonds were crystal clear, flawless and brilliant, and they witnessed the dance of time in seconds. Another beautiful natural emerald watch is blooming with the most charming natural beauty, and the precious emerald has a very strong color, which gives the watch a lively brilliance and charm. The characteristics of GRAPPOLI jewellery watch are the first to introduce exquisite gem setting technology, carefully selected white diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, orange sapphires or amethysts, regardless of color and size, the random inlaying ideas, the effect is like exquisite grape bunches , Highlighting the characteristics of different cuts and inlays, improving the beauty of gem tone combinations and line contrast.
Honorable spirit
The dial and bezel are treated with delicate snowflake inlay. The bezel is surrounded by two rows of thousands of active pear-shaped gemstones, such as a string of attractive grapes. It takes 120 hours to make each jewellery watch, including careful selection of each gemstone, and it is especially important to screen pear-shaped gemstones that meet the color and size requirements to ensure that the layout presents a harmonious beauty. Each gemstone reflects each other. Patience and vision are indispensable. The intricate subtle lace-like setting technology is also impressive. The 70 active pear-shaped gemstones that form the contour of the corolla are “sewn” on the case. They are extremely elegant, and the facets of the gemstones reflect the charming brilliance; to create the ideal effect, Patience is indispensable. Craftsmen often inlaid or dismantled gems repeatedly to create the most perfect shape and consistent color effect. The craftsman’s ingenuity is infused with the concept of high-level custom-made clothing into the setting method. The size of the gems is gradually arranged. After careful consideration, the position of each gemstone is scattered three-dimensionally, which is unforgettable at first sight. De GRISOGONO advanced jewelry craftsmanship With a magnificent style naturally revealed.

de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI jewellery watch set with more than 1,000 precious stones

de GRISOGONO New Grappoli Fine Jewelry Model Weighs Approximately 73 Carats

New colorful de GRISOGONO GRAPPOLI high jewelry watch

Different cutting and setting features enhance the beauty of de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI high-end jewellery watch and the contrast of lines

Rare and precious, dynamic and beautiful, de GRISOGONO’s new GRAPPOLI high jewelry watch