Championship Quality Tissot Locke Series Official Swiss Observatory Certification Model

2012 is very significant for Tissot, and Tissot is most proud of the Tissot Rock series Swiss official observatory certification models won the 2011 Swiss official observatory certification competition Champion of the classic group. 2012 is a very significant event for Tissot. Tissot opened the world’s largest modern clock automatic storage center, opened the Jungfrau’s highest altitude Tissot store in the world, and cooperated with Tissot and the French Par Coeur Charity Association. Tissot served as 2014 The official timing of the 17th Korea Incheon Asian Games. Among such major events, Tissot is most proud of its Tissot-Rocke series of official Swiss Observatory certification models topped the classic group of the 2011 Swiss Official Observatory Certification Contest and won the title of watchmaking honor.
    The International Official Astronomical Observatory Certified Watch Competition is one of the most authoritative competitions in the field of professional mechanical timing. The judging committee scores candidate clocks through professional review in time accuracy and production technology. After rigorous review by the professional review committee, the Tissot Leloc series of Swiss official observatory certification models stood out from the more than 300 selected Swiss watch brands, and ranked second with a high score of 276 points. Champion of the classic category of the watch contest.
    As the ‘Champion Watch’, the Tissot Leloc series official Swiss Observatory certified watch is certified by the Swiss Observatory COSC. Chronometre is engraved on the dial. The daily error is only -4 to +6 seconds. Compared with +20, the travel time is more accurate, reducing the inconvenience caused by the error of the mechanical watch, reducing the adjustment work, and allowing the wearer to accurately control the time.
    The name of the Tissot watch is derived from the birthplace of Tissot-the ancient Swiss watch town of LE LOCLE. This is the only timepiece series named after the birthplace of the brand, and the only timepiece brand in this ancient town of watches and clocks that allows this place name.
    The Tissot Leloc series Swiss official observatory-certified watch has a simple and elegant design. The fine button-like decoration on the dial reflects its unique anti-counterfeiting function, while also exposing the superb watch manufacturing technology. The surface decorated with a guilloche-like pattern has a relief-like beauty. Tissot designers also hope to share the watch’s ultimate pursuit of quality and detail with the wearer through this pattern.
    The Geneva ripple on the automatic hammer has three more processes than ordinary watches, reflecting the superb clock manufacturing process. This ripple contains a strong artistic flavor, while the italic English name of the Rocklock series and the medieval nostalgia carved on the back cover of the watch, the design is more retro, more ornamental and collectible.
   Each Tissot-Roch series official Swiss Observatory certification model is equipped with a corresponding Swiss Observatory certificate. This certificate not only contains all the test data of the movement, but also a different observatory number, and the movement’s Numbering makes it collectible.
    In the upcoming holiday season, the men’s watch in Tissot’s Festive Leroy special models will be equipped with the same movement as the Tissot Leroque series official Swiss Observatory-certified watch, and will be accompanied by the same series of exquisite women’s models, thus dedicating to simplicity and elegance. , The couple who pursue quality life.