Casio Baby-g Sets Off A Rebellious Wind Of Youthful Personality

Women’s watches have always been known for their individuality and fashion, especially for young people. They hope to show their unique side in every place, and the style on the wrist is naturally an excellent stage to show their self.
卡 The Casio BABY-G watch series, endorsed by the famous movie star Tsuchiya Anna, swept through the rebellious wind of youthful personality. The young and beautiful Tsuchiya Anna is alive synonymous with wild and sexy in people’s hearts. Her beauty, personality, and changeability, and the multi-habit development of models, actors, and singers allow her to frequently walk between major fashion magazines and fashion shows. , Known as a trend indicator for young people!

The characteristics of the beautiful, tough, and lovely BABY-G watch series coincide with Anna’s personality. Rich colors, stylish shapes, and various functions. BABY-G has also become a watch that women in the fashion are rushing to buy. First choice.
Slim design
新 The newly launched BGD-102 perfectly extends the usual characteristics of BABY-G. The exquisite and ultra-thin design is the biggest feature of the entire model (the thickness of the dial is only 11.1MM). It is light and comfortable, and more suitable for summer wear. In design, the gem-shaped bezel, like a beautiful bracelet, is very decorative.
Rich colors
BGD-102 has a variety of color options, so you have infinite possibilities. Wear it, choose different colors, match different beautiful clothes, especially candy-colored watch models, Super Sweety, is the most popular trend of the moment. For simple beauty, choosing simple white and black is enough to express unique charm. Coupled with the shiny silver bezel, it immediately highlights the infinite charm.
Cinematic Mode
BGD-102 already has five display modes to choose from. The highlight this time is the addition of dynamic cutscenes mode, creative design increases fashion, and is more interesting.
100 meters waterproof
Of course, wearing it, girls who love beauty don’t have to worry about not having a good place. The 100-meter waterproof performance can fully satisfy you. Whether it’s by the pool or by the sea, you can enjoy playing and playing in the water.
In addition, stopwatch functions accurate to 1 / 100th of a second, off-site time, full-automatic calendar and other functions provide a lot of convenience.