Braise Br S Series Brs-eru-st/Sca Watch Evaluation

The starry sky has always been given a lot of different meanings. It may be romantic, it may be full of unknowns, or it may show the mysterious charm of nature. When the starry sky falls, fall into the square of the world, embed a starry sky into it, so that you can look down at the stars. Bell & Ross perfected the BRSDiamondEagle ladies watch this year. The dial is still inspired by the ‘Starry Sky’. It is covered with bright diamonds, which not only shows the beauty of the night sky, but also meets women’s love for diamonds.

   The stars have previously guided the traveler. As an aviation fan, Bell & Ross quickly caught such a source of romantic and beautiful inspiration. He chose one of the brightest clusters in the galaxy, the Aquila Constellation, and embedded it in his watch. . The eagle, a majestic and beautiful bird, can be called the embodiment of power. This new starry sky watch not only conveys a sense of majesty and power, but also retains the feminine femininity and femininity.

   The case diameter is 39 mm and is made of stainless steel. The polishing and frosting processes are alternated to form a sharp visual contrast. The styling of the case uses the iconic ‘square with a round’ shape that Bell & Ross designed for the unique BR01 model, which is highly recognizable. The case has a classic and slim appearance, exuding elegant elegance.

   Bell & Ross has launched a total of four colors, and each color has its meaning. This star watch introduced to you today is selected from gray, inspired by the moon, and decorated with solar radiation, creating a three-dimensional depth of the dial, people can not help but think of the vastness of the sky and the universe. The 7 diamonds inlaid are arranged according to the positions of the stars of the Aquila constellation. The hour markers are cut by polyhedrons, just like the stars dotted around the constellation. The design of the double needles looks elegant.

   Different color models are matched with different color straps. This gray watch is equipped with a frosted calfskin strap with a delicate and delicate surface texture, showing the modern style of modern women.

   The watch is equipped with a quartz movement, which is water-resistant to 100 meters, and the back of the case is vividly depicted with the Aquila pattern, which echoes the theme of the watch as a whole.

Summary: The stars are bright and the night is charming. Bell & Ross has brought the brightest starry sky into the watch, letting the charm of nature and the mystery of time perfectly blend together to create a sweet and authentic dream for women. For women, this watch is not only a wristwatch, but also jewelry. It is timeless and elegant. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)