Boer Watch World Time Watch Time Setting Method

Model: Suitable for DG2022, GM1020, GM2020, GM2052
Please refer to the basic description of ‘Automatic Watch Series’ and the following description.

时 When the crown is in position [2], you can adjust the local time and world time dial at the same time by turning the crown clockwise. Turning the crown counterclockwise only adjusts the local time, while the world time dial does not change.
Set the time in the second time zone: When the crown is in position [2], turn the crown clockwise until the correct second time zone time is displayed, corresponding to the city position required for the second time zone in the city watch basin, and then Turn the crown counterclockwise until the correct local time is displayed.
During the upgrade of the World Time Diver Model (DG2022) by the Chief Engineer, the city watch basin can be adjusted to set the desired city at 12 o’clock.
Set the city dial to match the world time dial: When the engineer chief upgrades the series of world time diver models (DG2022), the city dial can be adjusted to set the required city at 12 o’clock. Use the crown [P1] at 2 o’clock to adjust the city dial to match the world time dial. The world time dial rotates counterclockwise, so the city dial needs to be adjusted to correspond. The city dial advances in units of 15 minutes and skips 4 divisions per hour. For example: if it is 9:15 in the morning in Paris, you need to set the city dial, and at 9 o’clock in the world time dial, counterclockwise Jump one square.
Setting the local time: At position [2], turn the crown clockwise or counterclockwise.
If the date changes when setting the world time dial, please do not manually adjust the date or week within 12 hours, this may cause damage to the movement.
To ensure water resistance, fully tighten all crowns before diving.