Benanis Marlowe And Naomi Harris: The New Bond Girl In ‘007 Murderer’

In the 23rd 007 series-‘007 Skyfall’ (SKYFALL), the two new state girls will compete against the world’s hottest agents. In the film, Bérénice Marlohe will play the mysterious and charming Severine, while Naomie Harris will play one of the real field agents, Eve Agent Eve), they wear Omega watches like James Bond in the film.

   ‘Broken Sky’ is the first English action movie to be performed by Benanis Marlo, and she has previously starred in French in her native language. Speaking of the role of Severine, the French actress said: ‘I want to create an unmodeled role so that the audience cannot immediately guess what she is,’ she added, ‘Daniel Ker Daniel Craig gives James Bond a different feeling-he is fortitude but sensitive and very mysterious-you don’t always figure out what he is thinking. I also want to shape Seve Lynn’s special aspect-another Bond girl rescued by Bond is not all she has on screen. ‘

   Naomi Harris has played roles in a number of movies and TV series since her childhood, and her rise to international fame began with the horror movie Danny Boyle’s The Shock 28 Days. She was also impressed by the witch role she played in the second and third episodes of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ After graduating from the University of Cambridge, Naomi Harris entered Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for professional acting training. Not only has she successfully shaped many film and television roles, but she is also active on the theater stage as an outstanding performer.

   In ‘Breakthrough 007’, Eve, played by Naomi Harris, will wear an Omega Aqua Terra watch with a black dial and stainless steel case and bracelet, while Benanis Marlo plays Severine will wear an Omega Disc Flying watch with a mother-of-pearl dial with a steel case and bracelet.