Bell & Ross Fighting Heroes In The Air

In many fields, the military cause has always played a vanguard role. Military innovations are often used in people’s lives, such as the Internet, GPS, and even the first commercial jet aircraft. Dassault Aviation connects advanced technologies between the civilian and military sectors and masters unparalleled top-notch technology. Bell & Ross and Dassault Aircraft have the same enthusiasm for the aviation industry, and this enthusiasm has become a guide for both companies to create. In 2013, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Falcon business jet, BELL & ROSS paid tribute to the civil aviation industry in the 1960s with Vintage Falcon models. In the same year, the two companies joined forces again to commemorate the most successful multi-purpose fighter on the market: the Rafale.

 The BR 03-94 Rafale is also known as the fighter of the same name for its versatility. The BR 03-94 Rafale can be worn in any daily activity, but also for test pilots, fighter pilots, and any ordinary person.

Marcel. ‘If the plane looks good, it must fly well,’ Marcel Dassault often said. BELL & ROSS adheres to this motto and applies this concept: no matter how delicate an item is, it can’t be more perfect than letting it show its original intention. BELL & ROSS imitated Rafale’s BR 03-94 Rafale watch, celebrating this invincible aircraft.
 RAFALE: Multipurpose fighter with multiple technologies
In the mid-1980s, when the Rafale program was still in its infancy, the French Air Force and the Navy stated that they needed to replace seven different types of fighter aircraft with a multipurpose aircraft. Rafale was born.
This high-tech fighter entered service with the French Navy and the Air Force in 2004 and 2006, respectively, and successfully completed missions previously accomplished by several aircraft: air defense and suppression, bombing, long-range air strikes, anti-ship operations, reconnaissance, nuclear deterrence and fighter Refueling between the air. This ‘multi-purpose’ fighter can perform multiple missions in a single mission, such as conducting air strikes and air-to-air operations simultaneously, and even launching long-range air-to-air missiles in low-altitude attacks. Rafale is also ‘interoperable’ and plays a role in joint operations with allies through common technical standards and procedures.

 BELL & ROSS imitates Rafale’s BR 03-94 Rafale watch to celebrate the invincible aircraft

The shape of Rafale is based on the aerodynamic design of a triangular wing with a front wing (a small wing at the front of the fuselage) that gives the aircraft excellent flexibility. The cockpit is equipped with a fully digital automatic flight control system to ensure maximum safety and operational flexibility, making pilot operations easier. The attack and navigation system enables it to perform terrain tracking in an automatic mode and stealth flight, with ‘super high survival rates’ in enemy airspace. In addition, the shape of the fuselage and the composite materials used make Rafale difficult to capture by the radar. Rafale is equipped with Safran thrusters and is equipped with two Snecma M88-4 afterburning turbofan engines. Each engine can provide 5 tons of propulsion when dry and 7.5 tons of propulsion when afterburning. The maximum speed of the aircraft can reach Mach 1.8. At no load, the aircraft weighs only 10 tons and its internal fuel tank capacity is 4.7 tons of kerosene. The aircraft’s external load capacity is as high as 9.5 tons (14 load points), making it the only fighter in the world capable of carrying nearly 1.5 times its own weight!
Equipped with Thales’ RBE2 active electronic scanning array radar, the aircraft can ‘see’ anywhere. It can also carry multiple missiles of different shapes at the same time, which is why this aircraft is called ‘multipurpose’. There are currently three Rafale models, all of which are based on the same rack and weapon system: single-seat (Rafale C) and two-seat (Rafale B) models can all take off from land bases, and another single-seat model (Rafale M) The landing gear and brake hooks have been strengthened to take off from the aircraft carrier. 90% of the three models have the same parts. Moderate size, extraordinary power, outstanding agility and outstanding stealth capabilities-Rafale is the technology of Dassault Aircraft and the 500 companies involved in the project.
Innovative fighter and unique chronograph
In the process of exploring the perfect and practical watch, engineers, watchmakers, designers and professional pilots use their experience in the military and aviation fields to leverage their strengths and come up with an original concept: an instrument watch. Because aeronautical instrumentation is an absolute benchmark in terms of legibility, reliability and performance, BR 03 uses the same basic design principles as cockpit timepieces. As a practical watch tailor-made for professionals, it vividly demonstrates BELL & ROSS’s ‘form must serve function’ philosophy.
High-tech ceramic case
Like Rafale, which uses innovative high-performance materials, the BR 03-94 Ra-fale watch case is made of ceramic. This material has an unassailable position in the aviation industry, and its applications include manufacturing parts that are resistant to high temperatures, acids, corrosion and erosion. High-tech ceramics are also used in the design of heat shields and rocket heads. Ceramic is an ultra-strong material that is close to diamond in hardness and generally does not change color after dyeing. Ceramics are also lighter than steel, less prone to allergies, and temperature-controlling, making them more comfortable for the wearer.

BR 03-94 Rafale watch with BR-CAL.301 self-winding mechanical movement, limited edition of 500 pieces

In order to create the BR 03-94 ceramic watch, the designers of Bell & Ross had to rethink the already complicated case structure. Therefore, the heart of BR 03-94 is its movement and stainless steel case, all parts are protected by ceramic cover, front cover and bottom cover. The eight screws exposed outside the ceramic case are practical. They secure the entire watch together like a clip, ensuring the case’s integrity and water resistance. BELL & ROSS designers have also modified the shape and proportions of the entire watch. The final result is not disappointed: strong, dynamic, confident, and masculine.
Chronograph with RAFALE body color
The BR 03-94 Rafale precision case is equipped with a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, and its reliability has been repeatedly tested. As a basic tool for measuring short time in aircraft navigation system, chronograph is one of the main devices on the aircraft. The BR 03-94 Rafale uses the unique design features of this classic fighter, with a distinct personality at a glance. The stealthy dark-black ceramic case references the anti-reflective color of the aircraft’s cockpit dashboard. The dial is in Rafale’s unique color: camouflage gray. The font of the numbers subtly echoes the registration number on the fuselage. The hands of the chronograph function have a bright orange needle tip (in the aviation industry, this color is used for basic functions and test flights), ensuring excellent legibility. The tachymeter scale is on the flange, and the word “tachymeter” also uses bright orange. The last detail is the small seconds hand at 6 o’clock to assist the chronograph, imitating the unique outline of the fighter. The BR 03-94 watch comes with a black natural rubber strap.
The essence of RAFALE watches
This year, BELL & ROSS celebrated the infamous Rafale fighter with a chronograph. The watch reflects the various characteristics of the fighter in many ways. Serving highly functional shapes and colors, innovative high-performance materials, clear and easy-to-read dials, and highly sophisticated movements, BELL & ROSS is incorporated in the BR 03-94 Rafale watch