Beijing Time: Hip-hop In My Heart, Wrist With City

mentioned one of the hottest shows this summer, ‘China has hip-hop’ must be on the list, and PG One is one of the most watched and highest-voting players. On the stage, his passionate and infectious typhoon won the love of many audiences. In life, this young boy born in the post-90s, low-key and humble, insisted on what he loved. This summer he brought countless attention to the hip hop music that was not so mainstream, and won countless fans for himself. This Harbin boy seems to have 100 reasons to make you fall in love with him.

   Not confining himself to the same music style, eager to break through and challenge is the musical spirit that PG One has always adhered to. He can try funky style rap for the first time in a double group battle, and he can also handle rhyme in the trap. Coherent and interesting. The solid rap skills shown can immediately stage a freestyle in the case of a team forgetting words, amazing rescue. However, he challenged the accompaniment beat for nearly 22 seconds, and showed his superb singing skills, so he won the praise of the instructor.

   In music, PG One has a self-sufficient attitude, and he also has different freestyle collocation experiences for fashion wear. A red casual sweater complements the wristwatch of the Beijing Watch Qianfeng Series city theme watch, conveying a man’s fashion attitude. He may be independent and unruly, but humble and low-key, revealing a kind of confidence and calmness in his hands. Just like the spirit interpreted by the Beijing Watch Qianfeng series of watches-do not fight, have your own voice.

   The Beijing watch Qianfeng series city theme watch fully expresses the word ‘hidden’, the case is specially designed, and the connection with the strap creates a small trapezoidal eave with simple lines. The lines outline the shape of the city platform. From the side, a Tiananmen Gate leaps into front. A man with a heart in the city can stand firm in his own world in the midst of the world. Just as PG One found his favorite hip-hop music in his life when he was young, and tried his best to fight for it, he practiced rap continuously for more than ten hours a day, simply and purely sticking to his favorite cause.

   Beijing Watch Qianfeng series city theme watch is equipped with Beijing flying tourbillon movement TB01-2N, one-hour energy display, scale red and black, full of sense of power. The sandblasted gray dial with black leather strap is low-key and mysterious, but still has a passion and enthusiasm, just like PG One has faced troughs and setbacks in music, but he has not retreated. , Still with the greatest enthusiasm to persist in making music that I feel cool. As he himself said, ‘I will not give up my self-persistence because of any difficulties, and I will fight for my dreams for a lifetime.’ With a city in his heart and a world in his eyes—Beijing Qian Qian Feng watch makes you A moment is precious.

   As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, and focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics. It perfectly integrates high-end watchmaking skills with cultural connotations. Beijing Watches respects and cultivates true watchmaking masters, and has largely preserved the essence of hand-made, independently produced flying tourbillon, dual flying tourbillon, dual-axis stereo tourbillon, dual-axis stereo dual tourbillon, tourbillon Q. Seven high-complex movements, such as the long escapement of the double escapement, and the ultra-thin tourbillon. There are too many aesthetics unique to Beijing watches in high-end watchmaking techniques such as, hollowing out, and finishing.
   With Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.

Watch parameters

Model: BG080102
Price: ¥ 26800
Movement: Beijing Flying Tourbillon Movement TB01-2N
Case: stainless steel
Table mirror: synthetic sapphire
Dial: Grey oil pressure
Hand: red injection needle
Strap: Black leather
Table diameter: 42.5mm
Thickness: 11.2mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Function: hand chain, flying tourbillon; no card spring, energy display