Baida Philippe And Rolex, 2018 New News Released Ahead Of Time!

It is not too late to get to the topic. In two days, Baselworld 2018 will be held (March 22), but just two days before the opening, the two brands that brothers are most concerned about, Patek Philippe and Rolex, are already new Table information, photos are exposed in advance. There are some officially confirmed parts and some unconfirmed ones. I will put up the information that Patek Philippe and Rolex are currently out, and the brothers will take a look in advance. Then we wait for the truth to be revealed on March 22.
First, it’s Patek Philippe.

Patek Philippe Rose Gold 5524R

   Patek Philippe officially released two new watches in advance of the Basel Watch Fair. The two new watches released in advance are 5524R and 7234R. The brothers who are familiar with Patek Philippe will know at a glance that the 5524R is a two-time flight watch with a Patek Philippe rose gold case. The 5524 was first introduced in 2015, when the 5524G (platinum case) was launched. As we all know, the 5524 is a watch that is ‘out of the limelight’ in 2015, because 5524 is the first ‘modern’ flight watch launched by Patek Philippe (because Patek Philippe has produced flight watches in history). Because they are all flight watches, the Patek Philippe 5524 is similar to the Zenith Dafei, so some people joked that the Patek Philippe 5524 was ‘taking the path of others, leaving others with nowhere to go.’ The 5524R released earlier this year is the rose gold shell version of the 5524.

Patek Philippe Rose Gold 5324R and Rose Gold 7234R.
   Some brothers may say that this year is not just to change a rose gold shell, what is special? To be honest, replacing 5524G (white gold case) with 5524R (rose gold case) really has an impact. Because the 5524G was a platinum case, platinum looked much like stainless steel, so it was easy to misunderstand that it was a steel case. In fact, the 5524G with platinum case is very expensive, but if you do n’t know, it is easy to see that it is a gold watch. This year replaced with rose gold case 5524R, you can see the identity of 5524 gold watch, this is the advantage of 5524R rose gold. The actual impact is that in actual market transactions, the actual price of Rose Gold 5524R will be higher than that of Platinum 5524G. As soon as the rose gold version came out, the platinum version was more disadvantaged.

Patek Philippe 5524G in platinum case launched in 2015.
   In addition to 5524R, another Patek Philippe released 7234R in advance, that is, the small-sized version of 5524. 5524 caliber 42 mm, the small-sized version of 7234 is 37.5 mm. Except for the size, the two tables are the same. From the number 7234, we can know that this small size version is basically a female watch, but from the size of 37.5, men can actually wear it. Another detail can be noticed, the 5524R rose gold shell is 5N, 7234R is 4N, which means that the 5524R shell has a higher copper content and the shell color is more red.

Below is Rolex.

A five-bead chain version of Greenwich GMT circulating online.
   The new watch released in advance by Patek Philippe is official news, and it is absolutely certain. However, the Rolex news below is unconfirmed and may not be true or false. I believe that some brothers have seen this picture online and in the circle of friends. A five-bead Rolex red and black circle Greenwich GMT, the picture looks very real. Some people believe that this watch is one of the new Rolex watches this year. What is special about this watch is this watch chain.

A five-bead chain version of Greenwich GMT circulating online.
   At present, Rolex sports models use the Oyster bracelet, Rolex DATEJUST uses the five-bead chain (also uses the Oyster bracelet). According to this circulated picture, GMT is equipped with a five-bead chain. This is a ‘mashup’. Is it reasonable or unreasonable for GMT to use a five-bead chain? reasonable. Because Rolex GMT has such a combination in historical models. Earlier Rolex Greenwich GMT models 1675 and 16753 used five-bead chains. Furthermore, GMT GMT used not only the five-bead chain in the early days, but also the head-type bracelet used on DAY DATE. Therefore, the appearance of the Oyster bracelet, the five-bead chain, and the head-type bracelet on the Greenwich GMT are all normal, with precedents. Some people think that whether five-bead chains and sports labor can be combined, the models in Rolex history tell us that they must be able to.

We can see that in the early Rolex Greenwich GMT, 1675 (top) and 16753 (bottom) used five-bead chains.
   The most important role for Rolex this year is the movement. Now DD, DJ, and sea dwellers all use the 3235 movement (32xx series). It depends on the popular watches such as Water Ghost, Probe One, Probe Two, GMT, etc. This time, the core cannot be changed. The final answer, March 22, we will wait and see.