As Soon As You Turn To The Back, You Will Know The Special Panerai Limited Edition Pam00933

The P. 4000 series is the third automatic movement made by PANERAI. Before it, there were the P. 9000 series and 2003 with the automatic winding mechanism installed on P. 2002, but Due to the fact that there are very few models in P. 2003, when we refer to Panerai’s automatic movements, most of them refer to the P. 9000 and 4000 series. Including P. 2003, in the past Panerai’s automatic movements used ordinary full-spoke automatic discs. The P. 4000 series launched in 2014 was the first to use a micro-automatic disc; the original brand used a micro-automatic disc here. The reason for the plate is very clearly to be thin. The thickness of 3.95mm is the second thinnest in the brand’s current full-line movement without breaking up, and only the true thin-handed bracelet P. 1000 series exceeds it (3.85mm). .

The structure of the face plate itself is a sandwich face plate, with a beautiful three-dimensional impression of the numbers and scales, and the luminous underneath is retro yellowish. In 2018, many low-priced brands have also used the gradual level. I feel that it can no longer be said to be high-end, but it is still a pleasing method anyway.

Feature one: the key starting point for Xiaopei’s thinning and formalization
It has been a few years since Panerai began to develop thinner and more formal clothes. In 2014, it was the origin of their movement in this direction. This is the time and space background of the P. 4000 series, and it is reflected in the actual product equipped with P. The 4000 series models are mostly concentrated on Radiomir 1940 and Luminor Due, which require thin dresses. Therefore, although we all say that Panerai’s movement family is huge, the context and the tasks of each series are quite clear.

The NATO belt is the obvious science on the market at present, and various price models are used by people. However, Panerai’s recent selection of colors is really impressive. The texture is good, the hue is also distinctive, with a subtle Wen Qinggan

Feature 2: Pushback function from the movement model
In the past, the numbering logic of Panerai movements was very simple. The zero suffix was the basic function of two or three hands, the one suffix was added with the time of the two places and the power reserve display on the case back. The two suffix It is two times and the energy storage display is moved to the surface; this PAM00933 is equipped with P. 4000, so the function of the model is only the small three hands, and the position of the small second hand is exactly between the center and the midpoint of the surface edge. It is small, and the overall pattern is quite straightforward.

The official data indicates that the water ripple on the bottom cover is through the so-called ‘metallization treatment’. Looking at the movement below the ripple through the ripple is a bit like immersing the movement in water. law

Feature three: Special status for exclusive stores
The watch itself belongs to the Radiomir 1940 series. From this shell, Panerai began to dress up. The lines of the exterior are greatly refined on this series. A ridge line drawn on the side, three-dimensional lugs and additions The crown of the OP Logo is a rare detail in the past on this Radiomir or Luminor, which has greatly improved the sense of luxury of the model. Not long ago, Panerai launched a series of blue-faced exclusive stores. The models used blue dials and made special water ripples on the transparent bottom cover. The blue face here is metallic and the bottom Faintly revealing radial engravings, which gradually become deeper from the inside to the outside, which is a very popular gradation in recent years. The strap is matched with a dark blue crocodile belt. Compared with the brand’s usual leather belt, it has been changed from rough to elegant. Here also reveals the formal requirements of the Radoimir 1940 series; the original attached with a blue canvas belt is also beautiful .

Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic Acciaio

PAM00933 / Stainless steel material / P.4000 self-winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / waterproof 100 meters / diameter 42mm / limited 388 pieces / reference price: 69,000 RMB — –