Appreciation Of Luxury Classic Watches

Watches have become the object of many people’s strong desire and pursuit. Zhuoya’s extraordinary classic models have continued and carried forward the noble fashion spirit and become an eternal splendid model. The visual experience of classic watches leads you to watch The highest realm of the field.
Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse Series
Golden Ellipse series of beautiful oval design, with shiny porcelain blue surface, can be said to be one of Patek Philippe’s masterpieces. Originally created in 1968, Golden Ellipse was designed according to the ‘golden section’ ratio of classical architectural art. This kind of application of the proportion method in 2000 has a sense of beauty and harmony. In 1993, on the basis of the existing development, Patek Philippe developed a brand-new Golden Ellipse women’s watch. The biggest feature of the new design is the freely movable gold ring on the leather strap.
Piaget Jewellery Watch 1970
18K yellow gold, lapis lazuli surface, inlaid with lapis lazuli color and turquoise pattern tapered strap. Bracelet watches represent the decorative arts of the 1970s, and bold colors and shapes showcase the unparalleled creativity of Piaget designers.
Cerix Series of Radar Meters
Cerix case and bracelet made of high-tech ceramics. The name of this watch series is composed of ceramics in English and helix in Greek. The upper surface of the watch is all protected by a hard-wearing sapphire crystal, and it is meticulously clamped and polished. The spiral shape is reproduced on the case, and it is also made of sapphire crystal.
Patrimony Minute Repeater
Patrimony series is the crystallization of the traditional craftsmanship of Vacheron Constantin for two and a half centuries. Each ingenious precision multi-functional auxiliary device is the pinnacle of the watchmaker’s constant challenge to himself, so that each watch has the rich connotation of the classic design of the brand.
  Pasha de Cartier Collection
  As ‘the emperor’s jeweler, the emperor of jewelers’, Cartier’s goal is not only to simply make jewelry and watches, but also to try to express bold and avant-garde through new creations based on his rich and prominent history style. The Pasha de Cartier series set off a whirlwind of large-sized models. The newly introduced models are unique in shape, thick and powerful, and the dial is round and wide. With sword-shaped hands, Arabic numerals and leather straps, the style of the king is revealed in simplicity and generosity The calm and confident style not only caused countless outstanding men to fall, but also unexpectedly won the favor of many confident women at that time, and became a sign of their independence, freedom and chic.
IWC Tourbillon watch (priced at RMB 630,000)
In 1985, the Universal Express Perpetual Calendar watch named after the Italian genius inventor and artist Leonardo & # 8226; Da Vinci was launched. Its most unique feature is that it is displayed by a mechanically operated calendar program The profit and loss of the moon has since marked a new era for perpetual calendar watches. So far, it is the only watch in the world that can run until 2499, so it was selected as the ‘Century Watch’ by ‘Watch International’ readers.
宝 玑 Breguet NO.5 (15 million yuan)
The famous Breguet No. 5 model was produced by Breguet himself in 1794 (hence the name 1794). Only a few members of the royal family, mainly Queen Mary-Antoinette and the Duke of Orleans, owned this Watch. This watch has been held by the world for 210 years, and was finally auctioned by SWATCH Group Chairman Nicholas Hayek. This watch only produced 5 pieces in the world, and the price of each piece is 15 million yuan! The first four pieces were sold long ago, and the last one came to Shanghai. The deposit is only 7 million yuan. I don’t know who is spending it now.