Appreciation Of Chanel Fine Watch Series

Camellia, which symbolizes purity and light, is Ms. Chanel’s favorite flower. It appears in the newly launched watch series, and blooms again for the romantic and jewelry-loving ladies.

Contemporary geometric models with interesting contemporary design have stunning proportions and shapes. The diameter of the round watch series is 29 cm, thick case, with embedded crystal glass and slightly protruding crown. Strong style with Swiss ETA quartz movement, wear-resistant sapphire crystal and lacquered dial

Metro Fashion
I use this table to pay tribute to Ms. Chanel. The large, square case, full of the atmosphere of the 1930s, contrasts with the Roman numerals arranged in a circle. There are several styles of the ladies series, including 18K gold, modern stainless steel, leather or pearl straps, which combine Chanel’s unique modernity and femininity. All models in this collection have a wear-resistant sapphire crystal and Swiss ETA quartz movement.