A Pocket Watch, A Story, The Results Of The ‘finding The Oldest Zenith’ Announced

Zenith’s search for the oldest Zenith timepieces has been successfully completed. According to the inquiry and identification of Zenith Sillock Watchmaking Factory, Billodes Turkish precious pocket watch collected by true friend ‘Xiaofu Yao’ became the final winner of this event. According to true friend ‘Xiaofu Yao’, this pocket watch was accidentally obtained by a friend in a Japanese shop in Japan and later transferred to him. It is amazing that this ancient timepiece produced before 1900 still runs as normal today, more than a hundred years later.

   In addition, careful real friends may find that, unlike the usual Zenith timepieces, the dial of this pocket watch does not have the word ZENITH. This also reveals a little-known historical story of the brand:

   Located in the central town of Neuchâtel valley, Le Locle, 34 Billodes, the Zenith watch factory has never moved since it was founded in 1865. Before 1900, founder Georges Favre Jacot used Billodes, where the factory was located, to represent the timepieces produced. From 1900 to 1911, the brand also used the founder’s abbreviation ‘GFJ’ as its logo, and then officially named ZENITH. This ‘Xiaofu Yao’ is a pocket watch sold to Turkey. K. Serkisoff & Co, Constantinople on the dial is the brand name of Billodes’ general agent in Turkey at that time.

   Today, 150 years of glorious history have made the zenith star shining in the vast starry sky. There is no doubt that this precious pocket watch is a true portrayal of Zenith’s long history. Even after a long period of time, the inquiry, identification and possible repair services of the ancient timepieces provided by the Zenith watchmaking factory have made the Zenith timepieces a precious gem passed down from generation to generation.

   ‘Xiaofu Yao’ has also officially accepted Zenith’s special invitation, and will be a special guest during the Basel Watch Show this year, and will visit Zenith’s watchmaking factory with friends of the brand. Bring this ancient timepiece back to the birthplace and celebrate the 150th anniversary with Zenith!

   All timepieces participating in this event with complete information will also announce the results after the original Zenith original factory inquiry and evaluation, and will receive a precious identification certificate issued by Zenith Watchmaking. Learn the history of each ancient timepiece and reproduce the story behind it.