Month: February 2021

Ebel 100-color Strap Special Edition

From a rich layer of contrasting silk and matte black, a surprising natural color slowly rises: the blue blue representing the ocean and the sky … the grassland and the tropical rain forest Dark green … dark gray representing the tones of rocks, stones and mountains and the urban environment, each of which can be equipped with a gray, blue or green alligator leather strap.

The Ebel 100 watch is an essential fashion trend accessory for this autumn: the classic luxury element of leisure time … the cold contrast in the cold colors … the mustard and brick colors in the winter … and the coffee and camel colors Color and gray are the lifestyles of modern cities.
The EBEL 100, a contemporary and fashionable design, suitable for both men and women, was launched last year to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary. This watch is a true 21st century timepiece. The 2012 EBEL 100 Special Edition fits seamlessly with the fashion collection, thereby reshaping its own colors, brilliant brilliance and texture, and its flexible characteristics. It can be suitable for different occasions, anytime and anywhere, it can be matched with this autumn’s soft leather and suede leather, mixed-color wool and Angora long-hair wool, or with fresh khaki, camel, carbon gray Dressed with blue.
This new EBEL 100 watch is specially designed for the autumn of 2012: it can be matched with different clothes, from A-line skirts, shorts, casual clothes, shiny fur coats, to tweeds, zigzag pattern woolen, thick grid Or herringbone suit, this EBEL 100 watch will achieve the finishing touch for different shapes and dresses, exuding extraordinary fashion charm.


The Preliminary List Of The First Blancpain Dreamland Literature Awards For The Blancpain Youth Program

After more than two months of review by the jury members, the preliminary list of the 2018 Blancpain · Dreamland Literature Awards has been born. The list of 13 selected works is as follows:

2018 Blancpain & Dreamland Literature Awards Preliminary Selection List (sorted by the first stroke of the writer)

Big Horse ‘A Guide to Writing Not-selling Novels’

Shuang Xuetao’s ‘Flying Home’

Diptera ‘Rooster Prince’

Wang Zhanhei’s ‘An Empty Cannon’

Wen Zhen’s 柒

Ren Xiaowen, ‘Good Song Song Is Not Useful’

Li Jingrui’s ‘North Avenue’

A Yi Wake Me Up at 9 AM

Zhang Yueran, ‘I’m Coming by the Fire’

Shen Dacheng ‘People who repeatedly think’

Zheng Zhi’s ‘Swallow’

Zhou Jianing’s ‘Basic Beauty’

Zhao Song’s Book of Building Blocks

 The Blancpain Dreamland Literature Award is sponsored by Blancpain, the most innovative and dynamic Swiss brand among the top contemporary watches, and Dreamland, the most influential publishing brand in China, to discover and encourage outstanding young Chinese writers to promote both literature Chinese contemporary literature with sex and readability, sincerely look forward to the future hope of refining the word as a craftsman. The first five jury members were: Yan Lianke, Jin Yucheng, Tang Nuo, Xu Zidong, Gao Xiaosong. Only authors under 45 years of age who write in Chinese and have published simplified Chinese works in mainland China can participate.

 The first Blancpain and Dreamland Literature Awards was launched in Beijing on March 24 this year and began to collect applications. As of May 31, a total of nearly one hundred outstanding novels from publishing houses and authors have been submitted for evaluation. There are various types of works, showing the rich face of young writers.

 The first ‘Burberry’ Dreamland Literature Award ‘Final Selection List’ (5 members) will be selected by the jury members and announced on September 1. The final winner (1) will be announced at the awards ceremony on September 20.


Richemont Group Reorganizes Senior Management Iwc And Montblanc Ceo Enters The Board

Richemont Group CEO Richard Lepeu plans to leave on March 31, 2017, when he will reach retirement age. CFO Gary Saage will also retire on July 31, 2017 and return to the United States. The Board recognized the need to respond quickly to the challenges facing the Group and the current state of the luxury goods industry, and therefore decided to restructure senior management and adjust related responsibilities.

Richemont Group Executive Chairman Johann Rupert

   Johann Rupert will continue to serve as Executive Chairman of Richemont. The following senior executives will be nominated to the Board of Directors and submitted to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting for approval in September 2017.

Georges Kern, current CEO of IWC

· Van Cleef & Arpels CEO Nicolas Bos Joins the Board
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Burkhart Grund promoted to Chief Financial Officer
Georges Kern, CEO of IWC, transferred to director of watch, marketing and digital business
Montblanc CEO Jérôme Lambert reassigns operations director to all departments except central and regional services and watches and jewellery

Montblanc CEO Jérôme Lambert

   Other candidates for the board of directors will be nominated before the annual shareholder meeting in September 2017.


G-shock 30th Anniversary Night Invites Club-g Platinum Members To Exclusively Enjoy

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of G-SHOCK, the 30th anniversary of ‘SHOCK THE WORLD IN BEIJING’ will be held on May 31 in Sanlitun, Beijing. Many top tide brands and pioneers will be invited to participate This feast. G-SHOCK 30th anniversary special commemorative third wave black gold series DW-6930C / GW-5530C, G-SHOCK 30th anniversary shocking night invites CLUB-G Platinum members to enjoy it exclusively.

 The birth of the Casio G-SHOCK originated from the ‘Three 10’ development concept: 10 years of battery life, 10 BAR waterproof capability, 10 meters drop shock resistance. In 1983, the world’s first toughest watch: G-SHOCK DW5000C was born! Over the past 30 years, G-SHOCK has been attracting worldwide attention with its uniquely tough design and practical cutting-edge technology. It has become a global brand. Since its development, G-SHOCK has become an ICON in the trend industry, encouraging and supporting the trend avant-garde art and conquering numerous supporters. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK’s birth, the 30th anniversary of ‘SHOCK THE WORLD IN BEIJING’ will be held in Sanlitun, Beijing on May 31, and many top fashion brands and pioneers will be invited to participate in this grand ceremony.

 This eye-catching G-SHOCK 30th anniversary celebration has multiple gifts to consumers. The first is to launch the CLUB-G priority sales store launched nationwide at the end of 2012. In-store sales include G-SHOCK 30th anniversary series Waiting for limited models and new products to be released in advance, I want to share the latest and coolest G-SHOCK watches as soon as possible. Recently, the CLUB-G store’s exclusive contributions have definitely shaken the fans’eyes, including G-SHOCK’s limited edition GA-200SPR-1 in cooperation with the world-renowned footwear brand SUPRA, and G-SHOCK’s 30th anniversary special wave DW- 6930C / GW-5530C, special limited edition DW-6930BS, etc.

 The second reward for giving back to fans is now in full swing, the nationwide recruitment of CLUB-G Platinum members. 100 fans are invited to participate in the 30th anniversary celebration of G-SHOCK for free to share the essence of the spirit of Tough with the fans. Buy any G-SHOCK watch in the CLUB-G store today and you will get Platinum membership.

 CLUB-G Platinum members will be able to experience the various ‘exclusive privileges’ brought by G-SHOCK. They will also have the opportunity to participate in various special events, get the latest information, and enjoy exclusive and watch discounts specially organized for members. Come and join us.

CLUB-G shop for watch introduction:

 G-SHOCK cooperates with world-renowned brand SUPRA in limited edition GA-200SPR-1A. Based on the highly acclaimed GA-200, the dial has three electronic pointers and two electronic and analog displays. The body of the watch is paired with the red hour and minute hands in the center of the dial, and the special waterproof red on the back of the strap makes the overall shape quite eye-catching. It has a variety of functions such as super shockproof, antimagnetic, 200 meters waterproof, world time, alarm clock, 1/1000 second stopwatch, etc., equipped with special back carving.

 G-SHOCK 30th Anniversary Special Third Wave Black Gold Series DW-6930C / GW-5530C. These two watches have a low-key color scheme, all covered by black tones, and the dial is bronze. The back cover and strap of the watch are marked with the 30th anniversary special logo and 3 star engravings designed by world-renowned graffiti designer ERIC HAZE. Showing the tough quality that G-SHOCK has been pursuing for 30 years.

 The Basel Watch Fair special limited edition DW-6930BS, three-eye design, reflecting the cool style of street play is highly sought after. The overall tone of the watch echoes the G-SHOCK artistic image at the entrance of the CASIO booth in the Clock and Watch Exhibition. It comes with a special box with a G-SHOCK 30th anniversary coin, which is of great significance for collection.