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Louis Vuitton’s New Generation Tambour Horizon Smart Watch Shows The Spirit Of Louis Vuitton Travel

With the spirit of Louis Vuitton travel, luxury style and creative quality, the new generation Tambour Horizon smart watch brings a different kind of intelligent connection experience. Inheriting the outstanding genes of the former representative, the smart watch incorporates new design elements, materials and colors to create a transcendence wearing experience, functional characteristics and innovative technology.

The new exclusive dial interface can be freely switched to create a personalized look. The fully digital display mode embodies the spiritual core of intelligent technology. The dial of the digital display is also decorated with Louis Vuitton’s iconic patterns as decorative elements-including Monogram and Damier patterns, and even echoes the design of Gaston-Louis Vuitton. V’s mother like. The various patterns are deconstructed, split and redesigned to create a highly transparent effect that contrasts with the Monogram flower pattern.

The novel dial tone, contrasting strips, and the addition of the initials icon make it possible for Louis Vuitton to create endless aesthetic interpretation combinations. The special fashion show dial interface has also been added to the existing Tambour Horizon smart watch models, showing the stunning design aesthetic of the Louis Vuitton catwalk fashion show.

Tambour Horizon smart watch encompasses everything in a square inch of space. The ‘My Travel’ travel function gathers all travel information and highlights the art of Louis Vuitton travel. Exclusive dials can display hotel, flight or train reservation information, including departure and arrival time, to ensure that key information for the entire journey is at your wrist. City Guide’s exclusive app includes information on 30 cities worldwide *, making it easy to find hotels, restaurants, and attractions.

The clear dial interface brings outstanding readability. The Tambour Horizon smart watch also provides a variety of new features, whether it is for work or entertainment, always on the wrist. The new ‘My 24 hours’ dial interface is equipped with a day / night indicator for the data around the bezel, which is clear at any time in any environment. In the independent watch face interface of each function, the ‘Agenda’ schedule management module distinguishes between meetings and free time with eye-catching color segments. The ‘Stepcounter’ step counting feature allows travelers who love to measure the city in footsteps to record trek distances and peak walking hours. In response, Louis Vuitton’s iconic LV Archlight sneakers appear in the center of the dial in a refined shape. The ‘Pollution’ air quality function can display the air quality index in real time, and mark the air quality forecast with different color segments. Finally, weather and temperature predictions further refine the features of this watch.

The neutral style case continues the iconic shape and recessed design of the Tambour Horizon smart watch series. The new generation of Tambour Horizon smart watches also comes in white polished ceramic models. The combination of ceramic materials and luxury smart watches shows a real Superb craftsmanship.

The new Tambour Horizon smart watch, in addition to polished stainless steel, matte black PVD coated models, white ceramic models and white ceramic models with diamond lugs, also launched matte brown PVD coated watches. Since the brand’s inception in 1854, brown has been an essential element in Louis Vuitton’s aesthetics and has been the main color of the brand’s iconic Monogram design many times.

The new interchangeable strap highlights the Louis Vuitton design style with unique patterns, colors and materials, showing the concept of personality.

The swivel-type crown can be easily swiped with a single finger, and the colorful functions are at your fingertips, injecting more outstanding sensitivity into the new generation of Tambour Horizon smart watches. The watch’s battery is powered by Qualcomm © Snapdragon Wear ™ 3100 microprocessor **, with comprehensive performance upgrades, extended battery life to 1 full day, and up to 5 days in power-saving mode (only display time). The display has also been improved for higher definition. Wear OS by Google ™ provides users with a more streamlined and advanced operating experience and faster access to the information they need.

As a good companion in daily routines, the new generation Tambour Horizon smart watch is not only a practical daily accessory, but also a low-key declaration of personal style and independence.

* City Guide contains information on 30 cities: Paris, Madrid, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Milan, Venice, Lisbon, Prague, Moscow, Istanbul, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Cape Town, Sydney, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul.

** Quanlcomm, Snapdragon, and Snapdragon Wear are registered trademarks of Qualcomm Technologies. Quanlcomm Snapdragon Wear is a product of Qualcomm’s subsidiary Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


Patek Philippe And Gordon Watches Open First Boutique In Kuala Lumpur

According to Watch House, on August 13, 2013, Patek Philippe and Gordon Watches officially opened the first boutique in Kuala Lumpur. As everyone knows, Kuala Lumpur is a very prosperous international metropolis in Southeast Asian countries. It is also the political, economic, financial, commercial and cultural center of Malaysia and the largest industrial center in Malaysia. It also has a very strong consumption potential in high-end and sophisticated clock machinery.

 This time Patek Philippe’s boutique is located in Kuala Lumpur’s prestigious Sunshine Plaza. Patek Philippe has always demanded the highest quality of watches and clocks from beginning to end, so this time, from the location of the store to the decoration style, this rigorous style continues.

 The store covers a total area of ​​136 square meters, and the humanized design of various supporting facilities is to bring a better experience to customers.

 To complement the opening ceremony of such a top boutique, Patek Philippe will host a special exhibition on August 14th and August 25th. Byron includes more than 100 exquisite timepieces from the brand, including many at the Baselworld 2013 New watch introduced. The event is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.


New Weather And New Pattern: Swatch Group Taiwan Branch Qiaoqian Nangang

The world’s largest watch group Swiss company Swatch Group Swatch Group Taiwan branch has been deeply cultivating the Taiwan market for more than 20 years, in order to actively root the Taiwan watch market, especially in the emerging area of ​​Taipei City and owns Songshan train Nangang District, where the station and the MRT station meet, has selected a newly completed office building as the foothold of the new office. The introduction of the Swiss headquarters design concept and the establishment of professional equipment-a professional customer service center, Customer Service Center, presents a new look to all lovers and collectors of all brands under the Swatch Group Taiwan branch.
   Swatch Group Taiwan has chosen to hold a grand housewarming ceremony and celebration on July 27, 2015. Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, Greater China and Managing Director of Swatch Group, has taken special time to arrive in Taiwan, and has contacted the Swiss Chamber of Commerce Taipei Office. Mr. Fu Rui Mr. Rolf Frei and Ms. Li Peiqian, General Manager of Swatch Group Taiwan, co-chaired the opening celebration reception. At the same time, under the witness of elite VIPs such as watch industry, department store channel and media industry, Swatch Group The opening of Taiwan Housewarming is shared with everyone. In this new climate, work hard to create a new pattern for Swatch Group Taiwan!
(Right to left) Mr. Kevin Rollenhagen, Managing Director of Greater China and Australia of Swatch Group, Ms. Xu Xuefang, General Manager of Far East Department Store, Ms. Li Peiqian, General Manager of Swatch Group Taiwan, and Furui Mr. Mr. Rolf Frei, Mr. Dai Yinben, General Manager of Taipei 101 Shopping Center, and Ouyang Hui, Product Manager of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Corporation

Smart planning and morale
   The new look of the Swiss watch Swatch Group Taiwan branch office is located at the junction of the Xinyi, Nangang and Songshan districts in the essence of Taipei. It is just like the annual event of the Swiss watch between March and April. The location of Basel, Switzerland, is similar to the geographical environment of Germany, Switzerland, and France. The Swiss headquarters is optimistic about the development potential of Taiwan’s future market. Under the careful planning of the Swiss headquarters, it can be seen that the office space is full of ingenuity: using a contemporary minimalist design style, with pure white furniture, an open office area derived from the emphasis on smooth communication and The cafe with a wide field of vision provides all-weather brewed coffee for employees to use during work or rest to improve work efficiency and reduce stress. The ingenious design everywhere makes it easy to see that the Swiss headquarters pays attention to the people-oriented business model. It is a comfortable, professional, and practical office for more than 12 professional brands and 180 hard-working office employees under the Taiwan branch. surroundings. With this, I hope that all colleagues of the Swatch Group Taiwan branch will be able to inject more effort into the watch industry in Taiwan with a newly created office environment and atmosphere, and create new achievements!
VIP technicians visit the Customer Service Center and explain the equipment in detail

Focus on service and achieve good results
   The newly created professional customer service center, Customer Service Center, is a world-class watch professional customer service center invested and compared with the headquarters in Switzerland: ‘Customer First’ provides the highest level of after-sales service spirit of the Group’s brand customers. Hardware equipment includes: Customer Service Center with more than four hundred square meters of customer service center which has been planned in total: customer reception area (customer care), customer care center, training room, maintenance technology area (workshop) , Repair and delivery inspection area (pack and up-pack), and repair parts area (spare parts) and other special areas, and the introduction of the same level of professional maintenance equipment in Switzerland. In the professional customer service center, there are more than 30 dedicated maintenance technicians with an average age of more than 15 years and a total of more than 400 years of experience to provide consumers with the most professional services. This is the soft power of the Group’s professional customer service center Customer Service Center. The advanced service system established by the professional customer service center of Swatch Group’s Taiwan branch is the only world-class one-stop maintenance service process in Taiwan’s watch industry. As long as you purchase watches at any Swatch Group authorized dealers around the world, guests can get The after-sales service of national borders is the best gospel for business elites or travel-loving people who often travel around the world and all watch lovers. Of course, this makes Swatch Group Taiwan’s positioning of various watch brands become watch lovers can often be included in the first choice of winning factors when buying watches.
Customer reception area (reception) exterior

A view of the customer reception area (reception)

Attachment: Introduction to Customer Service Center
   When entering the first stop of the Customer Service Center-the customer reception area, you can find that it can accommodate up to 12 visitors at the same time. There is a semi-open transparent glass inspection area behind the reception counter, which guests can check at any time. Condition of the watch for repair. Just wait about 10 ~ 15 minutes, the professional maintenance technician can immediately check the condition of the watch for repair. With this, guests can take a short break in the waiting area equipped with leather sofas, IPad check counters or coffee counters, etc., or they can check the repair price of each brand. Upon entering the professional customer service center of Swatch Group Taiwan Branch, you can immediately feel the intimate and professional service process and the atmosphere that the group values ​​customers.
Customer Care Center
   The second stop of the Customer Service Center is the customer care center. The employees in the center play an important role in connecting with the Swiss brand maintenance centers and directly communicating with each other. In Chinese, Taiwanese and English, we provide customers with complete and professional maintenance related information.
Training room
   The third stop of the Swiss watchmaking tradition, which emphasizes the concept of education and training-the training room is set up according to the high standards of the Swiss headquarters: Swiss and German Yuandu come to Taiwan to complete the professional machinery and equipment . The Technical Training Center regularly arranges professional watchmakers from Switzerland to provide professional training for maintenance technicians in Taiwan. Based on this standard, professional maintenance technicians within the company, front-line sales consultants of famous brand stores in the group, and dealer sales staff in the province, Consumers can always feel that their love watches, maintenance accuracy and maintenance status can be treated with the same level of maintenance or the same level as the Swiss headquarters.
Customer reception area (reception) reception counter and rear semi-open transparent glass inspection area
   The heart of the Customer Service Center is the fourth stop-the workshop. It consists of un-casting, clean room, polishing work area, watch case assembly and waterproof test area (assemble room), quality inspection room (QC Room), and movement maintenance work. There are seven sub-technical zones, including the workshop main room and the movement cleaning room and the central dust collection equipment room. In the operation process of each area, the maintenance content required for each incoming watch for repair is classified by different color job boxes, and the maintenance technicians and staff can clearly grasp the latest maintenance progress of each watch for repair. In the cleaning room, it is equipped with: It will be stationed in mid-August this year, and it is currently the most professional, the only Elma fully automatic watch cleaning and drying equipment in Taiwan. This equipment uses soft water to clean the watch, which can avoid steel band watches. Remains of water stains after drying. In the quality inspection room (QC Room), a kinetic energy tester TWISTEST MK3 of the same level as the Swiss headquarters, compared with the current number of 48 tests, the new TWISTEST MK3 can test 120 watches at a time. In order to improve the efficiency and quality of the repair parts service in Taiwan, in addition to the above two high-level equipment equivalent to the Swiss headquarters, the maintenance technicians are divided into complex function groups (prestige) in the workshop main room. ), Mechanical group (mechanical) and quartz group (quartz) a total of three groups to handle each watch for repair. All maintenance technicians in Taiwan have passed the Swiss maintenance test and occasionally refined their knowledge and skills in maintenance in the above-mentioned technical training room. Therefore, every maintenance technician uses the Swiss maintenance process standard as a criterion when operating the maintenance process. Even basic operations such as lubricating oil are maintained by lubricating oil from Switzerland to Taiwan. On average, a watch will click 6 Only 9 or more kinds of lubricating oil can complete the standard operation process of the washing process. In addition, in addition to the Swiss headquarters setting all the hardware and software in the maintenance technology area (workshop) to Swiss specifications, the new office is designed while considering environmental issues and the health and safety of employees. In the setting of the movement cleaning room and the central dust collection equipment room, the height of the floor and ceiling and all pipelines are set in accordance with Swiss standards, and the dust collector pipelines generated during the polishing process will not be exposed. It causes air pollution and endangers the health of employees.
The kinetic energy tester TWISTEST MK3 of the same level set in the QC Room and the Swiss headquarters

The fifth station’s front / back operation area (pack / un-pack) and rear section system integration area (ADM) use the new rear section system introduced at the beginning of July to integrate the query to simplify the inquiry of spare parts required for each maintenance part. The steps of) have been reduced from the previous seven steps to only one step required now! The establishment of the new system speeds up and simplifies the operation time of the subsequent process, and strengthens its accuracy and correctness.
Spare parts

   The spare parts area is the sixth stop of the Customer Service Center. Completely provide all the parts required by the watches of all the current brands in Taiwan. At present, there are up to 15,000 items sent to Taiwan by air, ranging from as small as a faucet or screw, to as large as a movement, which can be provided in the repair parts area. In place! The cabinet space in this repair parts area is based on the forward-looking plan of the five-year plan. After all, the growth of the Taiwan market is the common vision of the Group’s brands. Therefore, the cabinet is set up in a track-type and integrated design concept. At the same time, it also has high performance, which is bound to create better performance for Swatch Group’s Taiwan branch.


Patek Philippe Ref.5054: Not So Simple

18K white gold case, produced in 2001, diameter 36 mm, thickness 10 mm
Commission price: 23750 USD
Estimated price: USD 20,000 ~ 25,000
For the simple models of Patek Philippe, I have always liked Ref. 5054. Because such a slanted dial design style is somewhat similar to the Ref. 5026 of the year. Of course, in a strict sense, Ref. 5054 is not that simple. After all, it has a calendar function, and it also has a moon phase display. Of course, it is simple because there are too many complicated models in Patek Philippe’s catalog. The 18K white gold case and Cal240 / 160 movement represent the style of modern Patek Philippe. Of course, the diameter of this watch is not large. The size of 36 mm belongs to the very standard men’s formal watch. It turns out that a case of this size is the most comfortable to wear on your wrist. The final transaction price was very close to the highest estimated price of $ 25,000. In fact, this price is very suitable for investment, all you need is a little patience. Gold watches have always been an element of high-end products in the watch industry. After all, making watches with precious metal materials is an important indicator for each brand to position its product line. Any complicated watch will be represented by precious metals. Someone once joked that the ‘starter’ mentality of gold watches only prevails in the Mainland. In fact, otherwise, gold watches still have works close to art, and they can be accepted worldwide.


Famous Watch Editors Recommend 4 Watches

1. Oris Artix GT Chronograph
    Basic data
    Multi-piece stainless steel case with a diameter of 44 mm. The black dial is equipped with an hour and minute counter. The second display window is at 9 o’clock and the date display window is at 6 o’clock. The watch uses the ETA7750 self-winding chronograph movement, which is water-resistant to 100 meters.
    The chronograph movement represents a height in the watch industry. Throughout the industry, there are not many brands with independent timing movements. Even under the reputable independent manufacturers, self-made movements with timing functions are relatively rare, because the timing movement structure is complex and requires a lot of investment. R & D with time. Therefore, nowadays, behind the luxuriant chronograph watches, the high-quality and cheap chronograph movements represented by ETA7750 and ETA2894-2 are of great help. Good design can blossom, which is a good thing for the industry. The ETA7750 movement is widely used in the design of many brands, and has become the best platform for many brands to express their creativity. Some increase the power reserve display and retrograde hands for the ETA7750, some change the position of the original small dial, or intentionally delete it. In short, a wave of transformation that does not stick to the original design is in full swing, dazzling and dizzying. The Oris Artix GT chronograph introduced by Oris is also the heir and communicator of this ETA7750 transformation trend. At first glance, the black dial seems to have only two small dials, but after careful observation, we find that the small seconds dial at 9 o’clock turns into an elongated display window, with a rotation behind the elongated window. Is pressed into a spiral-shaped sheet, so the second display becomes a telescopic red line. The linearly changing seconds dial adds a lot of fun to this watch, and at the same time allows the ETA7750 to be presented to people in a completely new look. When we look at the back of the watch, Oris’ patented red automatic tourbillon is still the same.

   2.Girard Perregaux Laureato Tourbillon Watch
   Basic data
   42.60 mm titanium case with straight-line satin matte finish and octagonal platinum bezel. This watch uses Girard-Perregaux 9600-0004 automatic winding movement, with hours, minutes and seconds display function, small seconds hand assembled in the tourbillon frame, 48 hours power reserve, 30 meters water resistance, independent numbering, limited to 10 only. The classic design is always more deeply rooted in the people than the momentary trend. Girard Perregaux with a history of more than 200 years and many classic designs is a representative of people’s timelessness. Like the Sanjin Bridge from the 19th century, it is still new today. The three bridge design uses three splints to fix the barrel, center wheel and tourbillon, respectively. This design requires that the axis of the barrel, the center wheel and the tourbillon be aligned in a straight line. Therefore, the gear arrangement is different from the traditional one. Here is a small detail that deserves your attention. The minute hand of Sanjinqiao watches is below the hour hand, which is the exact opposite of the watches you usually see. This is because the original three bridge design was located on the back of the pocket watch. In order to better reflect the beauty, the three bridge was presented on the dial, so the movement was reversed, so the arrangement of the hands was different from that of ordinary watches. Girard Perregaux Laureato three-bridge tourbillon watch has a sense of time while conveying classic elements. The three blue spinel splints are not only the embodiment of the watch’s advancement with the times, but also the finishing touch on the dial. Avant-garde fashion, without hindering the wearer to observe the movements of the movement. The tourbillon, which rotates once a minute against the blue transparent plywood, is pleasing to the eye. The tough titanium case and the octagonal platinum bezel echo the dial with a fusion of fashionable elements. The combination of tradition and modernity is really intoxicating and difficult to extricate.

   3.Glashütte Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch
    Basic data
   The platinum case, with a diameter of 48 mm and a thickness of 16 mm, uses a 89-01 manual winding movement with a power reserve of 72 hours. It is limited to 25 pieces. When you first see this watch, the flying tourbillon at 12 o’clock may first attract people’s attention. But in fact, the tourbillon is just the icing on the cake for this Glashütte Grande Cosmopolite Tourbillon watch. The most outstanding feature of this watch is the perpetual calendar and world time functions displayed through multiple display windows. Glashütte has shown an upward trend in recent years. This complex-function watch that took only six years to develop is the concentrated expression of Glashütte’s technical skills. Like the usual two-hour watch, the central hand represents the local time, and the small 24-hour dial at 6 o’clock indicates the home time. Because the adjustment of the table is more complicated, we summarize its characteristics slightly. The DST window at 1 and 8 o’clock represents daylight saving time, and the STD window represents normal standard time. 2. When adjusting the area, the central pointer moves forward or backward in units of 15 minutes. 3. The perpetual calendar will move forward or backward along with the time in the second time zone. 4. 37 time zone charts are marked on the case back for easy viewing. Fifth, there is a power reserve display on the back of the manual movement. In addition, the watch also has moon phases, leap years and large calendar displays, and various time functions are available, which can be described as Glashütte’s most complicated work. Needless to say the comprehensive display function, coupled with the embellishment of the tourbillon, both functional and ornamental, make people applaud.

   4.Longines Soymia retrograde moon phase watch
    Basic data
   44mm stainless steel case, black and silver dial styles, with day, date, second and 24-hour second time zone, four retrograde functions, and moon phase and day and night display, the watch uses L707 (ETA A07 L31) self-winding movement, power reserve 48 hours, waterproof depth 30 meters.
   The retrograde pointer is a very interesting feature. Time is directional and irreversible, but the retrograde function seems to make time go backwards and return to the past in an instant, while watching the pointer slowly move back to the jumping position, waiting for the pointer to return to the original point. Let people look forward. The principle of retrograde is not complicated and it is easy to identify. When you see a mechanism similar in appearance to the ‘comma’ in the movement, even if you don’t see the dial, you can roughly judge that this is a watch with a retrograde function. This Longines Somia retrograde moon phase watch is the representative of the retrograde function, and there are 4 retrograde hands on the dial. The calendar, day of the week, second time zone, and seconds are displayed on the dial in a retrograde manner. If the retrograde display of the day of the week and calendar will make people wait too long to appreciate a hand dial, then the second hand indicated by retrograde will be a feast for the eyes. The wearer can even watch the pointer finish jumping back and forth again and again, the fun is self-evident. Throughout the entire dial, the second time zone and calendar indications are set on both sides of the edge of the dial, and the hour markers are located on the inside of the dial. It has the retrograde function and does not hinder the reading, coordination and order, the best of both worlds


Hublot Welcomes New Female Watch Ambassador Jacky Bracamontes

Regarding Hublot watches, we think more about their innovative and advanced design. The fixed thinking mode makes it easy for us to associate them with men, but Hublot is for women. Watchmaking is also painstaking, and even the spokespersons are carefully selected. Hublot’s new advertising campaign for women will be launched in the Financial Times and International Forward Tribune on March 8. She is beautiful, sexy, smart and active. She is a successful mall woman and good wife. She represents very precious values ​​such as independence, personality, family and loyalty.

 She is a well-known journalist and TV host in Latin America and speaks fluent Spanish, English and French. She was quickly discovered for her natural beauty, winning Miss Mexico in 2010. She then entered her acting career, and she is still doing her acting career in Latin America and the United States. This is a new female face of Hublot. Hublot is very honored to present its new international image ambassador and idol: Jacky Bracamontes van Hoorde.

Speaking of his role as Hublot image ambassador, Jacky Bracamontes said: ‘There is no way to not fall in love with Hublot watches, because in addition to the watches themselves are exquisite and beautiful, the brand has shared its success with many charities. It is also an honor to be part of the Hublot family. ‘

 Precise brand positioning is the first step in opening up the women’s market. I believe that it will definitely make a difference in this market in the future.


Longines Launches A Classic Replica Military Watch, Condensed Military Style Highlights Extraordinary Characteristics

Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, draws inspiration from history and draws on the characteristics of military aesthetics to launch a new classic replica series military watch. This watch is based on the classic dial of the early twentieth century and blends in an elegant, persistent modern atmosphere. The matte black dial with 12 large Arabic numerals provides the wearer with a light and fast time reading.

   Longines adds a new classic to this classic collection with this remarkable watch. The Longines Classic replica military watch is based on an antique watch produced in the Longines Museum in 1918, which reproduces its classic design. This timepiece adds high-profile leadership qualities to the wrist, and presents outstanding aesthetics and reliable performance, which reflects Longines’ pure watchmaking tradition.

   This new timepiece continues the distinctive design of military watches. The satin-brushed case with a fluted crown presents timeless charm with sophisticated details. The matte black dial is decorated with 12 large Arabic numerals, all coated with Super-LumiNova®, the elegant Breguet hands and the track-shaped scale ring, to ensure that it can meet the needs of night reading under any circumstances.

   The Longines Classic replica military watch is equipped with a 44 mm diameter steel case, equipped with an automatic mechanical movement L615.3, and has a 42-hour power reserve. It also has a small second hand and a date window at 6 o’clock. A black alligator strap adds a finishing touch to a classic aesthetic.

[Watch description]

   Longines Classic Military Series Watch Watch Number: L2.811.4.53.0 Reference Price: New Price
The Longines Classic replica military watch is based on an antique watch produced by Longines in 1918 as a prototype. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 44 mm. It is equipped with an L615.3 self-winding movement, a 42-hour power reserve, a small seconds dial and date window at 6 o’clock, and a black alligator strap Interpretation of classic elegant design.