Month: February 2019

Dare To Love, Hate, Long, Long, Long Time, Qi Xi Wears Iwc Iwc Performances #

Since the return of the Berlin Film Festival, the film ‘Long Time and Long Time’ has been officially released recently. With his superb acting skills, Qi Xi interprets the character’s mental journey into layers. In the film, her ‘Shen Mo Li’ dares to love, hate, and lively, it is the only firelight in the suppressed color of the story; in her life, she is not arrogant, low-key sober, and clearly knows what she wants and what she should do. . In her career, she was also decisive and determined, just like the IWC Mark XVII Pilot’s Watch worn on her wrist. The luminous hour markers and hands on the black dial are streamlined and neat. Similarly, the Mark XVIII Pilot’s Watch, which has been streamlined to its core elements, features a black or silver-plated dial, which also stands out.

  Resolute and peaceful, listening to the pointer walking lightly on the wrist is also a long time.

Qixi wears IWC Mark XVII Pilot’s Watch (Model: IW326501)

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The ‘most Fierce’ Patek Philippe Steel Watch On The Market, Not Nautilus?

People who have been playing watches should remember that in March this year, Patek Philippe raised the public price of Nautilus in steel shells worldwide. The public price rose by 20%. After the price increase, the public price of Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711A reached 224,500 yuan.

Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711
 Those who are familiar with Patek Philippe and long-term watches, know that the price adjustment of Patek Philippe is normal. In the past many years, the price of Patek Philippe Nautilus has decreased and increased. When the public price is low, it is more than 100,000; when the public price is high, it is more than 200,000. By this year, the public price is back to its peak again.

 The increase in the public price has accompanied the rise in the market price. Now the actual price of the Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus 5711A has reached the level of 300,000, far exceeding the public price. It is the hardest watch of almost all Patek Philippe on the market. The reason for this situation is also clear to everyone, because the supply of steel shell nautilus (mainly 5711A, 5712A) is too small, but the demand is too large, too many people like it, and Patek Philippe does not have it. Replace its table. Therefore, a watch is hard to find, and actual prices have risen all the way. Anyone who knows the watch market knows that the Nautilus 5711A / 5712A is the highest-priced steel watch on the market.

5711 is currently one of the highest Patek Philippe on the market.
In fact, another Patek Philippe steel watch on the market is now fiercer than a steel shell nautilus.
 I don’t know if you still remember. In the past year, Patek Philippe launched a steel watch, 5522A. This Patek Philippe steel case flight watch was only sold in the United States at the time, limited to 600, the US public price of 21,547 US dollars, about 140,000 yuan. Now, this steel case 5522A has already appeared in the domestic market, the actual price has exceeded 300,000, compared with the public price of 140,000, more than doubled, the margin is much larger than the price of steel case 5711A, is now the most fierce on the market PP steel watch. I even saw someone say that the actual price of 5522A is close to 400,000.

Patek Philippe 5522A, note that this is a steel watch.
 The public price of Patek Philippe 5522A is about 140,000, which was originally one of the cheapest Patek Philippe. The price of 140,000 is doomed to be a simple watch, 5522A is just a big three-pin, even without a calendar. But it is such a simple watch, because of the steel case, limited number, flight watch and other reasons, it has become the most expensive PP steel watch on the market.

Patek Philippe 5522A
 The Patek Philippe 5522A uses a stainless steel case with a size of 42 mm and a thickness of 9 mm. With a size of 42 mm, it is one of the largest Patek Philippe. The 5522A uses a blue lacquered dial, 18K white gold digital hour markers, and baked blue hands. The 5522A second hand is aluminum, and the hour marker hands have a luminous coating. The 5522A disk is very simple, far less complicated than the 5524, which is also a flight watch. 5522A uses Patek Philippe 324 movement, 324 movement uses Patek Philippe Gyromax weight fine adjustment balance, now 324 movement has all used Patek Philippe Silinvar silicon balance spring, power 45 hours. According to the Patek Philippe mark, the daily error is -3 / + 2 seconds. Generally, the watches of the top brands are not designed to pursue the performance of the movement in order to decorate the movement and reduce the thickness of the movement. However, only Patek Philippe takes into account the beauty of the movement and its performance. ‘Tool table’. 5522A’s bottom cover glass is printed with PATEK PHILIPPE NEW YORK 2017, which means that this watch is a special version of Patek Philippe. The Patek Philippe steel case 5522A is indeed a Patek Philippe steel watch that is more rare than the steel nautilus.

Caliber 324 used by Patek Philippe 5522A.
There are several reasons why the Patek Philippe Steel Shell 5522A can ‘spike’ the Steel Shell Nautilus.

 1. The public price of Patek Philippe steel case 5522A is very low, and the public price of 140,000 is one of the cheapest Patek Philippe. In theory, many people can afford it (note that it is only theoretically meaningless).

 2. Patek Philippe steel case 5522A is a flight watch. It is a new flight series launched by Patek Philippe based on historical prototypes. It currently includes 5524G, 5524R and 5522A (and women’s watch 7234R), of which 5522A is a steel three-pin. It is the rare steel case sports watch of Patek Philippe. In line with the current trend of wearing sports watches.

 3, Patek Philippe 5522A is a limited watch, limited to 600. Although the supply of Patek Philippe Steel Shell Nautilus is limited, it is not limited. There are only 600 Patek Philippe 5522A, and there will never be any more. 5522A is far rarer than nautilus and has collectible value. In addition, 5522A was originally only available for sale in the United States, which further increased the difficulty of buying 5522A (after all, Nautilus still has a certain amount in China).

The complete set of Patek Philippe 5522A and the details of the front and back cover.
 Of course, we should also notice that many watches that are only sold abroad, such as this 5522A (only available in the United States in limited quantities), as well as the Tudor Green Circle, which was also very hot a while ago (only available in the British limited edition), many watches Eventually they were bought by domestic players. This shows that the level of domestic watch players is getting higher and higher. Patek Philippe, including Rolex and all kinds of hot-fried watches, boils down to the phrase ‘things are rare and expensive.’ Because of its high positioning, Patek Philippe cannot supply too many steel watches in order to maintain its positioning. , Destined to stir up the world. To be honest, just like in the movie ‘I’m Not the Medicine God’, ‘There is only one disease in the world, which is poverty.’ Working hard to make money is the only way to buy watches.