On March 8, 2012, the world-renowned watch brand Citizen brought two Eco-Drive Luna and Eco-Drive Nova women’s watches at the 40th Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Fair. The concept new product not only opens a new era of light kinetic energy with the unprecedented concept of ‘light breathing’, but also conveys the confidence of Citizen to further expand the mid-to-high-end women’s watch market to the industry and consumers.

Eco-Drive Nova White

Eco-Drive Luna White

Eco-Drive Nova Black

Eco-Drive Luna Black

Mr. Sumikawa Ryuo, General Manager of Citizen (China) Watch & Clock Co., Ltd., said that in the past 30 years, Citizen has never stopped the pace of exploration and breakthroughs around the futuristic light kinetic energy technology. Every advancement of light kinetic energy technology also brings unlimited possibilities for more perfect designs. Designers are constantly trying to elevate line-filled technology from reality to surreal aesthetic realm, deducing the aesthetic value of technology. From this perspective, every concept product launched by Citizen is the crystallization of ‘technical aesthetics’.
Concerned with Basel, the concept sheet brought by Citizen each time carries the brand’s latest thinking and innovation achievements in exploring the infinite possibilities of light and kinetic energy. In 2009, the futuristic Eco-Drive DOME allowed people to appreciate the innovative design that can only be achieved with light kinetic energy technology; Eco-Drive RING uses its breakthrough bezel light absorption mode to allow the perfect design of details ; In 2011, Eco-Drive WAVE brought light kinetic energy into a new era of connecting humans and outer space with satellite time signals. Today, these three concept watches have been successfully mass-produced and listed on the market. Citizen’s strong ability to turn dreams into reality is fully revealed.

Citizen participates in Basel concept models over the years

的 The two women’s watches with light kinetic energy concept exhibited this year can not only absorb any visible light source to drive the watch, but also emit light from inside to outside. As each second elapses, the 60 diamonds set on the Eco-Drive Luna ceramic bezel will light up one by one, making this watch look like a full moon. Eco-Drive Nova uses Citizen’s unique new materials. The ‘light’ that dances freely is like an elf jumping on the dial, weaving a beautiful scene. In the end, these dazzling lights converge into two clusters of beam pointers, where the flow of time is fixed. This not only blends light kinetic energy technology with breathtaking watch design, but also opens up a wider area for Citizen in the future generation of women’s watch markets.
‘Great innovation comes from insistence on faith’, which profoundly outlines Citizen’s innovative attitude and corporate philosophy. It is always the watchmaking concept of ‘fusion of technology and beauty’ that Citizen can continuously launch high value-added solar-powered watches to lead people to touch the future. The highlights of time flowed through the sixty precise scales inlaid with diamonds, and Citizen’s endless exploration of light kinetic energy continued.