Month: October 2018

L.U.C Xps Twist Qf Watch Has A Unique Masterpiece Of Advanced Timepieces

Chopard, while respecting the rules, combines eclectic and elegant design to create the elegant style of modern gentlemen. LUC XPS Twist QF watch is made of ethical ethically-approved ‘fair mining’ certified platinum, with a limited edition of 250 pieces. Its eccentric small seconds dial is located at 7 o’clock, showing a clever and well-balanced eccentric layout and elegant asymmetry design. This watch is exquisite and thin, with excellent quality, showing rich and diverse textures, and also contains ethical concepts, without exaggeration, it can be described as the masterpiece of Chopard.

Chopard L.UC XPS Twist QF

The design of haute horlogerie is based on human instincts in visual aesthetic perception: symmetry. The L.UC XPS Twist QF watch takes a different approach. Like a woven cashmere tie showing a subtle texture, the crown and small seconds of this watch are off-centered and interesting, while adhering to the consistent quality benchmark of the L.U.C series. The L.UC XPS Twist QF watch follows Chopard’s cherished certification process, showing multiple elegant charms. The watch is awarded the Qualité Fleurier and Precision Chronometer certification. It is equipped with a ‘fair mining’ certified gold case that meets ethical standards, transcends the aesthetic boundaries, and incorporates the quality connotation of precision.

Bright L.U.C elements

Chopard L.UC XPS Twist QF

The dial texture is centered on the L.U.Chopard logo at 12 o’clock, which is the consistent aesthetic style of the L.U.C series. This watch moves the visual intersection to the small seconds at 7 o’clock. The ring-shaped satin diffuses outward from the small seconds dial, covering the entire blue-gray dial of the L.UC XPS Twist QF watch, further enhancing the visual appeal. Another different conventional design is that this watch is the only model in the L.U.C series that does not use Arabic numerals at 12 o’clock, and has a double faceted timescale indicating ’12’.

The traditional inscription ‘Chronometer’ under the L.U.C name was replaced by ‘Qualité Fleurier’. As a founding member of the Fondation Qualité Fleurier, Chopard has once again injected new vitality into the foundation through this limited edition of 250 new timepieces.

Fleurier quality certification requirements

 Chopard L.UC XPS Twist QF watch details

With its strict standards and rigorous execution processes, the Fleurier Quality Foundation occupies an important position in the field of watch certification. This certification is for the entire watch and requires five tests. Its difficulty is the highest in the current Swiss watch industry. Each watch must be tested by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), giving it the title of a precision chronometer. Its reliability has been certified by Chronofiable: it has been subjected to three weeks of aging test under high temperature, cold and humidity environment, tension and pressure test on the winding shaft, magnetic field test and repeated impact test. The finished watch is run-tested on the Fleuritest analog wearer. This instrument was specially developed by the Fleurier Quality Certification Foundation and can simulate the real situation of a watch being worn on a wrist for 24 hours. Watches must also pass decorative standards that meet the requirements of Haute Horlogerie to ensure superior quality. Finally, the watch must be 100% made in Switzerland.

Precision machinery

 96.26-L movement

A limited edition of 250 pieces of the 96.26-L movement on the L.U.C XPS Twist QF watch is a variation of the 96.01-L movement offset by 30 degrees. As with the prototype movement, it is only 3.3 mm thick, which enables a significant reduction in the thickness of the case of this new timepiece. The movement is automatically wound by a miniature oscillating weight carved in 22K gold. The powerful inertia of the oscillating weight optimizes the winding performance. The 96.26-L movement drives two stacked barrels arranged by Chopard’s patented Twin architecture. Thanks to the above-mentioned mechanical device, the movement has a 65-hour power reserve, which is an extraordinary innovation for ultra-thin watches, and at the same time can achieve the accuracy of precision timing certification. The retouching of this movement is also very delicate and exquisite, its aesthetic accomplishments complement the technical specifications of Fleurier quality certification.


God Superstar Feng Shanshan Becomes Omega’s New Celebrity Ambassador

Omega Glory announced that Chinese high-profile golfer Feng Shanshan has officially become a brand celebrity ambassador. The addition of this star has allowed the Omega golf celebrity ambassador family that already has top players such as Greg Norman, Garcia, and Wei Shengmei More starlight shines.

   The young superstar will officially debut as the Omega Celebrity Ambassador at the OMEGA Dubai Ladies Masters on December 5.
   Feng Shanshan is one of the most exciting professional golfers in the world. She is the first Chinese player to win a full card on the LPGA Tour, and in just a few years she has become one of the most competitive players on the tour. In 2012, the 23-year-old genius won the LPGA Championship with two strokes and became the first Chinese player to win the LPGA Grand Slam. In fact, she is also the first China to win a Grand Slam championship. Mainland players.
   With this victory, Feng Shanshan has been at the forefront of the world’s women’s golf rankings-in addition to winning four other championships in 2012-Feng Shanshan is currently ranked sixth in the world with a very impressive record.
   Feng Shanshan started her extraordinary golf career as a teenager. Her father worked for the Golf Association in her hometown of Guangzhou. When she was ten, her father led her on the golf course. In every game, Feng Shanshan lit the field with a confident smile. Now this outstanding champion player has officially joined the Omega Celebrity Ambassador family, and she is very proud of it. Feng Shanshan has an outstanding record in golf, and her extraordinary achievements are impressive. Omega is looking forward to working with her to witness every glorious moment in the future.
   Golf is extremely popular in China and continues to develop rapidly. Omega is looking forward to celebrating her every victory with Feng Shanshan’s fans in China. Omega has entered China more than a century ago and has long been a leader in the high-end watch market in China. As an Omega celebrity ambassador, Feng Shanshan will definitely make Chinese consumers, especially millions of Chinese golf fans, better understand the quality and profound connotation of Omega.
Omega and golf-a tradition of global collaboration between watchmaking experts and aristocratic sports
Sponsoring golf events has long been an integral part of Omega’s brand strategy. The name of this famous Swiss watchmaker has always been closely linked to some important golf events. Omega has teamed up with The PGA of America to designate timing for all PGA events, including the PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup in the United States.
   In addition, Omega also sponsored the annual European Masters in Switzerland and the two most prestigious sports events in the Middle East-The Dubai Desert Classic and Dubai Women’s Open ( The Dubai Ladies Open).
   In 2016, golf will return to the Olympics for the first time after leaving the Olympic stage for more than 100 years, at which time Omega will continue to be the designated timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Golf is officially re-accepted as the world’s top sporting event, and it is precisely that it has truly become a significant manifestation of an international event.