Nowadays, the use of emerging scientific and technological achievements has become a major highlight in the creation of timepieces. They often interpret the charm of the timepieces in square inches with cutting-edge craftsmanship. This is how Panerai was born. The combination of the inexhaustible power of the creation of timepieces and the extraordinary achievements of advanced watchmaking craftsmanship has created many extraordinary works that make watch lovers refreshing. The Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch launched by the brand at the Geneva Fine Watch Salon in 2017 is one of them. It features new cutting-edge features such as extraordinary cases, a new extremely black dial and a movement that guarantees no lubrication for 50 years. , Showing the innovative achievements of contemporary Panerai watches (watch model: PAM00700), limited edition of 50 watches.

Innovation concept, innovation achievement

    In 2017, the Swiss haute horlogerie brand Panerai brought us a sense of freshness. The creative direction of the watch case was extended to the high-tech field again. From the international scientific research results, the carbon material with unlimited potential was selected as the material for the new watch, showing the charm of science and technology from the inside to the outside: the brand has high recognition The ‘pillow’ -shaped case is made of carbon fiber-based composite materials, covering the dial of carbon nanotubes and so on. Fully incorporates the superior mechanical characteristics of carbon composite materials, allowing the movement to run smoothly without lubrication. New technology has brought a new direction to the development of watches and clocks, and brought more outstanding wristwatch works to watch enthusiasts.

Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 Carbon Fiber Watch

Carbotech carbon fiber case
   Compared with the traditional case, the thin Carbotech sheet is not only lighter and more flexible, but also more able to withstand external pressure. It also has low sensitization and anti-corrosion characteristics and excellent performance.

Crown and bridge

   In addition, Carbotech’s structure can improve the appearance and performance of the material. Casting the case, crown bridge and its lock lever can better ensure the tightness of the watch and make the movement more secure.

Brilliant blue light makes the black dial more beautiful
   Classic sandwich-structured dial. The ‘small three-hand’ hands and hour markers are coated with blue Super-LumiNova®, which penetrates the hollows on the dial and the corresponding positions of the small seconds dial, making the reading clear and easy. . In addition, the watch and the case are full of tension, and the viewing is full, which brings an unprecedented feast for the watch wearer.
High-tech material extends to the movement

Movement display
   Through the blue crystal glass cover, the movement of the movement is unobstructed at a glance. Equipped with the Panerai P.3001 / C movement, the brand new semi-hollow design can make you shine. The unique characteristics of carbon make the plywood, bridge, spring barrel, escapement and shock-proof device self-lubricating And dry material composition, can run smoothly without any lubricant. The balance wheel stops when the time is adjusted, and the watch’s travel time when the second hand is reset to zero (resetting the second hand) perfectly matches the time of the adjustment. Different from previous Panerai watches, the 3-day moving storage display device was placed at the back of the watch, adding another eye-catching blue light to the charm of the movement.

Black belt
   Equipped with a black belt and stitched with blue thread, it shows the overall charm of the watch. Connected with a black pin buckle, it can protect the wristwatch securely and reliably.

Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 Carbon Fiber Watch

Summary: The combination of brand-new and reliable carbon fiber materials with the atmosphere’s traditional pillow-shaped case demonstrates the combination of modern watchmaking technology and traditional classic elements, resulting in a unique outstanding work. The Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch on the tablecloth shows the brand’s unique technological charm with brilliant blue light, which is fascinating.