Month: December 2017

Dance Of The Universe 2017 Sihh Girard Perregaux Three-axis Tourbillon Watch

The prestigious Girard-Perregaux high-speed three-axis tourbillon ushered in two attractive and sophisticated parts, which were carefully drawn with miniature painting techniques: a rotating globe showing the day and night and an accurate moon Phase display device. This watch inherits the representative technology and aesthetics of GP Girard-Perregaux watches, presenting its complex structure in the iconic classic design.

   For 150 years, Girard-Perregaux has been dedicated to challenging gravity, and now it has once again demonstrated its ability to control high-precision movements. This three-dimensional ‘astronomical’ watch combines a three-axis tourbillon, a sphere that rotates for 24 hours and a astronomical moon phase. It combines professional watchmaking technology, iconic design and traditional craftsmanship, and draws the essence of Girard Perregaux’s DNA: an arrow-shaped golden bridge, a seven-string tourbillon frame, and a sapphire arch lens. The side holes make the light completely transparent Into this extraordinary and delicate mechanism.

Stellar trio
   The tourbillon is a delicate device that can offset the effect of gravity on the watch. Girard Perregaux is the leader in manufacturing tourbillons. In addition to the wonderful interpretations of the previous two-axis tourbillon, a more advanced A sophisticated and sophisticated version-a three-axis tourbillon. As the name suggests, this high-speed tourbillon is equipped with a speed-regulating mechanism that acts on three rotating axes. This light-weight movement weighs only 1.24 grams and consists of 140 parts. Its inner frame features the GP Girard Perregaux’s iconic lyre since 1880. One rotation per minute, perfectly fits the second frame that rotates around the second axis and rotates every 30 seconds. Finally, the two are integrated into a third frame that rotates in two minutes. The three-axis rotation rotates like a dreamlike dance performance, only to present the most accurate timing.

Nine days on the moon
   Two astronomical instruments also joined the dance. A globe with a 24-hour rotation reads the time around the world instantly. The arrow pointer at the bottom of the 13mm-diameter aluminum sphere points to 12 noon, which is used to display day and night. The front of the dial shows where it is during the day and the back shows where it is at night. The globe is drawn by hand using miniature painting techniques. The map shows the world in 1791, which is the year when the brand was established. The moon phase disk, which is also drawn in miniature, shows the moon phase map when the telescope was invented in the 17th century. It intersects with the rotating blue globe and reproduces the moon in our eyes. With a high-precision mechanism, this astronomical moon phase indicator only needs to be calibrated once every 122 years and can be adjusted by a dedicated corrector at 2 o’clock.

Fantastic dial
   Girard Perregaux gives all of its watchmaking qualities to this 48-mm-diameter rose gold case: an atmospheric curved case, beveled bezel and arched lugs. This watch is water-resistant to 30 meters, and the sapphire crystal cover includes two convex lenses, which provides ample space for the rotation of the three-axis tourbillon and the globe. Light enters through the transparent case back and side holes, and the wearer can intuitively appreciate its complex structure. The manual-winding movement GP09310-0001 guarantees a power reserve of 70 hours. The ‘horoscope’ equipped with a three-axis tourbillon is responsible for displaying the hours, minutes, moon phases and day / night. These functions are displayed on the silver guilloché dial. The pattern in the dial outlines the earth’s meridians, decorated with rose gold numbers and hour markers, and the princess-style hands rotate rhythmically. Through the transparent case-back structure, the movement is clearly visible. It has been carefully hand-finished and decorated with GP Girard-Perregaux’s signature characteristics: the arrow-shaped bridge, and the engraved eagle logo with the brand’s logo. The back chassis is sandblasted and black PVD treated to highlight the ‘night’ side of the day / night display, in contrast to the silver guilloché dial. This planetarium three-axis tourbillon watch comes with a black alligator strap and a rose gold triple buckle.
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This Is The High-profile Moment Liu Yifei’s Interpretation Of The Tissot Women’s Moment

Over the course of more than a century, Tissot has always believed in and praised the beauty’s contribution to the times. The spirit of self-confidence, independence, humility and beauty, which women shine for, is also the modern female attitude that Tissot has always advocated. Its new global image ambassador Liu Yifei’s perfect interpretation of the brand’s new proposition ‘THIS IS YOUR TIME is your moment’ is a perfect interpretation of these spirits. It is worth mentioning that the watch duluer worn by Liu Yifei in the new image is also an interpretation of the confident and independent side of modern urban women. The centuries-old relationship between Tissot watches and women can be traced back to 1878. In the crevice of each time, it leaves a deep mark on each of the traditional timepieces based on tradition, as if scattered in the history of female style and even the development of women’s sports. The precious stones in the accompany every woman’s legendary life.

Liu Yifei’s interpretation of Tissot women’s moments
Liu Yifei’s interpretation of the female spirit in Tissot watches
   Liu Yifei, who officially entered the entertainment circle from ‘The Family of Gold Fans’, has created many classic images in the past ten years, from ‘Sister Fairy’ in ‘Tianlong Babu’ to Zhao Linger in ‘The Legend of Fairy Sword’. The characters have become the model of the goddess in the eyes of fans. She has perfected herself in the constant challenge and pursued excellence. Tissot has always been adhering to the brand spirit of ‘innovation and tradition’, and has always applied its innate innovation spirit to the design and production of women’s watches, conveying the modernity of ‘smart and smart, pioneering and innovative’. Female spirit. Along the way, Liu Yifei has taken every step in a state of ‘confidence, independence, humility, and beauty’, which coincides with the modern female spirit that Tissot has always advocated.

Tissot’s new advertising image shooting scene
   Tissot’s ‘THIS IS YOUR TIME This Is Your Moment’ brand new advertising image film by the internationally renowned photographer Peggy Sirota. At the shooting scene, Liu Yifei was wearing a simple white shirt, a smart black suit jacket, and a Tissot Durul series white diamond leather watch. The sharp lines and soft beauty, coupled with the eternal response between black and white, beautifully interpreted modern urban women. Simple and capable image.

Tissot’s new advertising image shooting scene
   Tissot’s brand-new stand for ‘THIS IS YOUR TIME is your moment’, this is a slogan, but also an attitude that inspires people to be proactive and dare to challenge, and calls on people to dare to open a new chapter in life. Behind the visual design is a story that unfolds around a watch or brand ambassador, revealing the unparalleled personality of every Tissot watch.
The Perfect Chronometer records women’s shining moments of the era
   Concentrating on Swiss classic watchmaking technology, the new advertising image Liu Yifei’s interpretation of the Tissot watch-the Duluer series, is also of great significance. The name of the watch is derived from the street where Tissot’s brand was born, Durul Street. It is retro and elegant, but unique in modern women. The arched sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating helps the wearer to read the time more accurately and clearly with this exquisite craftsmanship that details the intention and taste of the Tissot watch in the details. One cannot refuse. The elegant Roman numerals on the dial echo the ring scales on the inner bezel. The exquisite Parisian studs are engraved with extraordinary love, and the elegant Roman scales are a time-proven love. The lines of the watch body are round and smooth, with the richness of golden brown and bright white elegance, showing the romantic tenderness.

Tissot Duluer Women’s Diamond Watch
   This series of watches is equipped with a mechanical power 80-hour movement. The white mother-of-pearl dial on the dial’s inner ring is matched with bar markers inlaid with 24 natural Westelton diamonds. It shines endless femininity, and is elegant and gorgeous. . With the enlarged single-calendar display at 6 o’clock, the time and date can be read more easily and clearly; through the beautifully carved transparent case back, the gorgeous movement of the Swiss professional movement can be seen at a glance, the gears are precisely engaged, and the craftsmanship is carefully crafted Watch craftsmanship condenses the excellence of the Tissot watch brand. The presentation of classic aesthetics makes the watch exquisite and extraordinary, inadvertently exuding elegant and fashionable style charm.

Tissot Durul Women’s Watch with Diamonds
Tissot watches and women’s 100-year relationship
   According to Tissot, each woman is a distinct and independent individual. Tissot has applied its innate innovation spirit to the design and production of women’s timepieces, drawing inspiration from the ever-changing style of women’s clothing, and achieving outstanding timepieces that reflect the focus and care of women. The extraordinary significance of the history of women’s clothing and accessories.
   In 1878, Tissot launched an extraordinary product specially for Russia-18K gold necklace hanging watch that can be opened on both sides, helping Tissot to open the door to overseas markets. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the rapid development of the feminist movement inspired the awakening of feminist consciousness. In this context, Tissot created the first women’s watch in 1911, foretelling and interpreting the long-term impact of women’s watches on the world. . Today, this innovation dedicated to traditional timepieces has prompted Tissot watches to constantly break through and explore. Tissot watches accompany more modern women’s wearers to accurately record minutes and seconds, while also recording Tissot watches and everyone Female immortal legend.

In 1878, the Tissot necklace watch specially for the Tsarist Russian market became a classic of the era

In 1911, Tissot’s first ladies’ watch