Month: July 2017

Decrypt The Table Einstein Wore

Albert Einstein’s name is too thunderbolt. It is always associated with relativity, light quantum theory, Nobel prize, atomic bomb, etc., and has always been admired by the world. Interestingly, Einstein himself did not worship idols, and he did not want future generations to worship him. But how is that possible? He has such a great mind. Everything about him will always cause us great interest, such as what watch he wears. This curiosity is not without reason. Einstein and time have a long history. The reason why 1905 was called ‘the year of miracles’ was precisely because he proposed the relativity formula ‘E = mc2’, which has since changed our previous concepts of cognitive space and time. However, depending on how great you are, you still have to rely on accurate timepieces to control time in your daily life. The Longines gold watch worn by Einstein was auctioned for $ 596,000 in 2008. The back of this Longines watch is engraved with the words ‘Professor Albert Einstein, Los Angeles, February 16, 1931’
的 The intersection of Einstein and Longines began in 1931. That year, he added an elegant Longines watch to his wrist. Manufactured in 1929, this watch has a barrel-shaped elegant case and slim hollow hands, with a pure white surface and 12 concise Arabic numerals. The chronograph is designed at the number 6 and is equipped with a black leather strap. The whole watch is elegant and noble, which is very commensurate with Einstein himself. The back of this watch is also engraved with the words ‘Professor Albert Einstein, Los Angeles, February 16, 1931’, which is particularly precious. On October 16, 2008, this wrist showed itself in the Antigourn auction house in New York. It attracted a lot of attention for a while, and finally sold for $ 596,000, which at that time became the highest price of all Longines auctions. For the new owner, no matter how much it is worth it, he has a watch worn by Einstein.
A Longines pocket watch owned by Einstein The great scientist Einstein loved Longines throughout his life. In the picture, he wore that Longines gold watch.
In addition to this watch, Einstein also has a Longines pocket watch. This pocket watch was manufactured on September 6, 1943, and Einstein gave it to his eldest son Hans Einstein in his will. On June 1, 2010, in the exhibition ‘Albert Einstein (1879-1955)’, we found that Einstein was no longer just a big scientist with messy white hair, he was also a Loving father, gentle husband, humorous man. He likes playing the violin, he is obsessed with sailing … Surprisingly, this Longines pocket watch has also appeared, and the time is still accurate, as if continuing Einstein’s wisdom.


Montblanc Montblanc’s Hand Yongzhi Is In The ‘star’

Maternal love is the most selfless dedication in the world. How can I say everything in gratitude to my mother? When Mother’s Day is approaching, express your filial piety with a carefully selected gift from Montblanc Montblanc. Of course, as the head of the family, don’t forget to take this opportunity to buy a classic classic watch or a stylish and durable small leather goods, and reward the other half who has been promoted to mother, because you know These two most important women in life are worth pampering with all the beautiful things in the world!

 MONTBLANC Star Classique Women’s Automatic Watch with Rose Gold and Diamonds, Elegant White Design

‘Hold your hands, and grow old with your son.’ How long haven’t you held your wife’s hands and whispered endless gratitude and love? Wear a Montblanc classic watch for her, treasure the past memories and work together to create more warm times in the future. The MONTBLANC women’s watch series uses the elegant body and surface to interpret the classic chronological aesthetics. Its low-key and restrained design is suitable for attending any occasion and matching various clothing shapes. Take the popular MONTBLANC Star series watch as an example, this design exudes retro feeling, classic round design, slender case, narrow and straight protruding lugs slightly downward, making the watch’s radian Close to the wrist, it brings excellent comfort to the wearer, and the surface design that can clearly read the time, meets all the expectations of ladies for a good watch. A good watch can withstand the test of time, just as the husband and wife are deep and persistent.

 MONTBLANC Star Classique Women’s Rose Gold Automatic White Dial with Brown Alligator Belt Elegant and Classic